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Animal Sexuality

I like to study human behaviour I find it extremely interesting, particularly that of the male.  He tends to be more primitive in his behaviour than the female.  What do I mean by that?  Well, most males whether they care to admit it or not do things to secure a sexual partner or in some […]

Man Your Pussy Is Tight!

The male genitalia are if you think about it the ultimate expression of the primitive male psyche. A rampant cock and the balls attached to it scream out the owner’s fertility and one of their primary functions as members of the species – to fertilise the female’s ovum and thus ensure the survival of the […]

Sex In Suits

Following on from my post about hats yesterday I did a bit of thinking and realised what the most un-sexy hat is. It’s the bowler hat. There was a time when every stock broker and jobber at the London Stock Exchange wore one. It was part of the uniform. In fact if you go back […]

Bitches In Charge Or Girls With Attitude

Women have for too long played the subordinate role in society. For reasons that are too obvious to discuss men took control of hunting, farming, physical trades, the making of laws and as a result became the dominant sex, tens of thousands of years ago. It’s only in the last couple of centuries that women […]