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Steam Heat At The Gym

I told you about my recent issues with the gym and their staff’s attitude to my complaints regarding the temperature being too high.  Well, I did a little bit of asking around, well I asked a friend who works for the Health & Safety Executive to look in to temperature requirements in gyms. She sent […]

Gym Insights

I’ve decided due to popular demand to give you regular updates on the daily goings on at my local gym.  It’s a bit like visiting the local zoo as the behaviour in some cases resembles that displayed by animals but enough of that later.  Lol Nursing a hangover this morning, I decided it would be […]

Getting Hot And Sweaty

As if I haven’t got enough to do at this time of year.  I had to start looking for a new gym as the one I have been going to for years now has been closed down.  The chain is suffering the same problems as stores like Comet and are closing some of their less […]

Working Out With Sam

On my last visit to gym I asked to speak to a personal trainer about how I do my sit-ups.  I had started to get lower back ache lately, something I had improved with my regular trips to gym.  The reason I questioned how I was doing them was due to watching a guy on […]

Turning Myself On At Gym

I have a regular routine at gym now of ½ hour of rowing followed by some weights and finishing with some more cardio on the exercise cycles.  It gives me a good combination of cardio and muscle strengthening exercises. At the moment I do this routine between 3 and 4 times a week but I’m […]