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Bukkake Alert

It seems these days that you cannot purchase a porn DVD without it featuring two key elements, the first being fellatio and the second bukkake. I don’t know who decided that we women get off on having a guy shoot his cum all over our faces but they certainly had an imagination. Lol If you […]

Wanking Until It Hurts

Up until now most of us thought that RSI stood for repetitive strain injury which can be contracted by excessive computer use or working of machinery.  Now there is repetitive sex injury which has all the same symptoms including pain and numbness. It is being attributed to the repetitive movements made during sex coupled with […]

Sex With Your Waitress Service

“A pleasure to see you again Mr De Marco.”, oozed the matre’d. “Miguel”, replied Marco with a nod. Marco was “A list”, no “A+ list”. The Spaniard knew this and tolerated the obnoxious star because of the photographers loitering outside his doors. On leaving a dozen shutters would chatter capturing “Marc De Marco leaving the […]