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From Feta To Pastrami

The title of this post adequately describes my foray in to booking a Summer vacation.  It’s a while since Alex and I went on holiday, it was in fact Tuscany in 2010.  So although we are very careful about how we spend our money we both felt the need for a break somewhere nice this […]

Incredible Erections In Italy

And finally the last part of the account of our holiday in Italy … Wednesday San Gamignano We were flicking through the guides and information we had been left at the villa last week along with those we had brought with us to decide where to go the next day. More accurately we were drinking […]

Lust for the Italian Stallion

Agghhh! Found this from our holiday in Italy that I didn’t publish. Monday, Sienna I was woken this morning for the second day in a row by the bloody cockrels.  Only the previous evening had I joked with the owners of the villa at a party we were invited to that I hoped there were […]

Pool Sex

Alex and I returned from a very satisfying visit to the shopping mall a couple of weeks ago.  Not often you will hear me saying that.  Lol Apart from our jaunts to Berlin for the Venus Sexpo last year and again this October we haven’t taken a good holiday in years.  We have had the […]

Amo l’Italia

We went out this morning with the intention of buying some new trainers for Suze and came back having booked a holiday in Italy. It counts as a) possibly the most random shopping trip ever and b) one of the most expensive. Actually discounting the cars and houses we’ve bought, the most expensive shopping trip. […]