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Feeling It With Megan Coxxx, Part 1

We were recently invited on set to watch the filming of TelevisionX/PureXXX’s production “Feel Or No Deal” a parody of a certain gameshow that you might be familiar with. We got to interview several of the girls, the first being Megan Coxxx Alex: Megan Coxxx, is that three x’s? Megan: Yes of course…giggle. Megan’s giggle […]

R18 Porn Pleasure

I announced in early February that I was disappointed to hear that my favourite male porn star Jay Snake was leaving the industry.  You can read the post here. Aka Jason Richard James Romer stands 6’ 5” and I’m reliably informed that he is in perfect proportion, how lucky is Claudia Rossi.  Lol Now I’m […]

Cheating On Alex

…but only in my head. I consider myself to be quite a level headed individual. The girlish naivety left a while ago, I’m now a woman and I feel comfortable with who I am. I no longer feel the need to comply or be someone I’m not. It’s good to get to this place after […]

All I Want Is A REAL 9.5″ Cock

I’m talking about the famous pornstar Ron Jeremy. He claims to have that amount of cock hidden away in his trousers. I can’t pass comment because I have made every effort not to watch any of his productions. To be blunt there is no way that I am ever gonna be able to frig myself […]