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Looking For Porn?

It seems that hardly a day passes when either Jordan or Peter Andre are in the news for one thing or another and sometimes they both make an appearance on the same day.  But I suppose despite their protestations at the interference of the tabloid press in their daily lives they also can’t live without […]


I consider myself to be fairly well educated in sex and sexuality, I think the commonly used terminology for this is “sexpert” but I’ve never come across trisexual. Well according to Alex Reid who is currently participating in the annual pantomime which is Celebrity Big Brother believes he is a trisexual guy.  I’m not sure […]

Will Katie Price Eat Willy?

Kangaroo Willy that is. I just read a really funny story in the Sun newspaper, not highly regarded for its in depth reporting but a good laugh if you’re into smut. And I am. 😉 As the new program “I’m A Celebrity” is about to be launched she has reportedly said that she is not […]

Boobs Turn And Turn Around

I was reading back through some of our archives from a couple of years ago. I do so occasionally because it gives me an insight into our disposition at that point in time. It’s something I’ve never been able to do before this blog because although I started many diaries I’ve never been interested in […]

Jordan’s Big Boobs

Katie Price is not making life easy for her self at the moment. I want to believe that she will sort herself out but the more I see of her on TV and in the newspapers the more I think she’s heading for a suite in the priory and years of counselling. Fame is a […]

Katie Jerking Off Peter

I’ve watched the Katie (aka Jordan) and Peter saga since they got together. At first I was of the opinion that it was a publicity stunt for them both. I mean who gets together with their partner on a reality TV show? Then I softened and decided that Katie Price had finally settled down and […]

Big Boobs – No Problem

I have to admit to never having been a fan of Katie Price aka Jordan but the exposure she has received over here in her television show and her behind the scenes documentary about their home lives, I have warmed to her. But most surprising of all I have found myself liking Peter even more. […]