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What’s The Kink U Like?

Life in general and the adult biz in particular taught me one thing – you can never think you’ve seen it all because as soon as you think that something will pop up to surprise you. Everyone has a kink, a fetish a predilection if you will and don’t let them tell you otherwise. So, […]


Sometimes your kinkiest desires can be difficult, impractical or just plain messy. Baby oil is one such bit of naughtiness. Beyond a few squirts and a bit of erotic massage you enter into a scenario that requires a huge sheet of polythene, towels and a carefully planned root to the shower. Without such careful preparation […]

Kinky Nurses

Role play is a fun and diverting part of many people’s sex lives, but others take it very seriously indeed. There can’t be many people who haven’t (in a long-term relationship) spiced it up with a little role play. I know we have on a number of occasions. It’s at the very least fun, often […]

PVC Kinkathon Continues

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as kinky, just different. If you want to think of yourself as kinky to differentiate you from the people with no imagination and spark then be my guest. In my book kinky is normal, just normal without the inhibitions. It’s the state that we all […]

Kinky And Getting Kinkier

Kink like most aspects of sexuality is a relative thing. What’s kinky to some is normal to others and what some individuals take as a natural part of their sexual relationships can leave less adventurous people aghast at the perceived extremity of the kink involved. What is and is not seen as part of the […]

Kinky And Proud Of It

Where Does the Kink Come From? Does a relationship suddenly become kinky or does the kink slip into it slowly, over time? I think that depends on the relationship. Suze and I have always been honest about our feelings and desires. Though not always kinky. We’re not that kinky now. So if you’re expecting to […]