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Licking Me Better

Since Alex wrote his post about cock sucking the other day I thought I should write one about cunnilingus. Seems only fair, right? Cunnilingus is something that I enjoy receiving and where possible giving too, but that’s another post altogether 😉 The problem is that not every partner you have is into licking pussy, fortunately […]

Loving Those Pussy Lips

Is there anyone out there who thinks that having your pussy lips trimmed on cosmetic grounds is a good idea? I can understand it if you have lips that are so big as to be uncomfortable, but why would you want to get a porn star labiaplasty unless, well, you’re a porn star? And even […]

Pussy Lips

This week at work has been fantastic, as I mentioned last weekend Horny has been on holiday all week which has left us alone in the department. So, we have had plenty of naughty cosy little chats and I must admit I’m smitten, not that I wasn’t already. She is such a really caring, sweet […]