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Having A Woman’s Hour Of Masturbation

I always miss those little gems of naughtiness, television programs with lots of innuendo, programs with adult references and as I have just learned radio shows based upon female masturbation. Yes, I did say radio show about women’s masturbation…and I missed it.  Will have to look it up later.  The Radio 4 show Woman’s Hour […]

Robo Wank

I was just finishing off my lunch at my desk when I felt the urge to search Google images for “strange wanking”. My search discovered this wonderful piece of machinery.  It looks like you insert your cock in to the palm of the hand and the machine takes care of the rest. One for the lazy wanker […]

Frig Me Silly

I have some strange thoughts I know, don’t remind me but can frigging be bad for your health. I was reading an article last night about vibration white finger or as it is medically known, Raynaud’s Disease. The symptoms can be range from tingling which continues after the machinery is switched off (Oh, bugger that […]

Titty Wankage!

It’s one of the things I most like to do to Alex, creating that cavern between my breasts for him to stab his cock in and out of. I enjoy wanking him with my hands but it just doesn’t give me the same viewpoint that I get when his shiny pink helmet emerges from between […]

Watching Guys Masturbate

In my humble opinion and experience of the opposite sex, they don’t need telling twice to masturbate. Lol I once went out with a bloke who must have feared that someone would try and attack his cock because he constantly had his hand down the front of his trousers, even when driving. I can only […]

Cum Every Which Way

I remember watching Suze pleasure herself to clitoral orgasm for the first time and it was something quite special. I said it in a recent post, there’s always something new to be experienced, always a new facet of sex that presents itself. Until that night I’ve been the one administering the clitoral orgasms as it […]

Rub My Panties!

I can hear you all shouting “Suze if off again”. Well yes I am. Lol I think I watch enough porn now to be able to comment with regard to sexual techniques which work in on film but not in real life. You know what I mean, the one fingered, finger fuck for example. I […]

Enjoying Masturbation With A Friend

Does this tickle your fancy? “Her skirt had ridden up and he could see the white panties underneath, just a glimpse. He knew they would be soaking wet from her orgasm and slowly let his eyes trek across her body. She was a beautiful mature woman sensuously cursed, breast to die for and now he […]

My Secret Wet Pussy

Don’t tell Alex but I have been watching porn this afternoon and masturbating.  Shhhh.  😉 Do you think he’ll mind me sliding between the sheets and slipping my hand and a succession of toys between my legs for my own pleasure?

Does She Masturbate For You?

How do you feel about your girlfriend masturbating? Now if you’re a bloke then I know for a fact that you masturbate but I hope you realise that your partner does too. Everyone has sexual desires and enjoys sexual release, even if it’s on their own. But coming to terms with that as a guy […]

Hand Jobs And Handbags

I don’t know it was a colloquial saying but where I came from the word furtling described looking for something, rummaging, possibly in a drawer. To me that is exactly what I believed until today, when I found out it means something completely different. The Victorians participated in furtling as a pastime. It involved images […]

Filthy Girl Milked My Cock

We are really taking advantage of the summer fruit this year and indulging in every variety we can get our hands on. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, if we can get it we’ll indulge ourselves at the moment. Last night around eleven thirty I went downstairs to prepare a couple of bowls with a nice dollop of […]

Dirty, Filthy Masturbation

My response to that question is “what would you say is too much?” Personally I wank most days once or twice, I know it’s usually for work, being a sex toy tester and reviewer.  But even if I’m not reviewing I still like to have a little personal release during the day. I find orgasms […]

I Love To Watch Him Wank, And More

Last night was hot and sticky, even after the rain so before doing anything else this morning I stepped in to the shower to freshen up. Leaving Alex dozing in bed. I love the cleansing feeling you get from taking a shower after a steamy night of sex. It creates the feeling of…virginalisation, is that […]

Milking His Cock Dry

I’m a huge fan of wanking on a voyeuristic level so I suppose it’s really good that my partner tests toys just like me.  I get to see him wanking with all the latest products and it’s a huge turn on but I still don’t think you can beat watching a guy beating his meat.  […]