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CGI Porn

A friend of mine once described the original Transformers movie as CGI porn because of the richness and complexity of the rendering. Well compared with Revenge Of The Fallen which opens this week I’d have to say that the original Transformers film is softcore 18 certificate and ROTF is pure R18. You can see the […]

Fuck Megan Fox

I’m Bisexual And Get The Best Of Both Worlds: Am I being cynical or is it currently fashionable to be bisexual? It seems that some personality or other comes out every day and makes it in to the papers of course. Only this week have we have seen Megan Fox openly admit that she has […]

Lucy Pinder Lezzes It Up

I’ve gone and done it again, got myself hooked on the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother. I keep hearing myself saying “I’m not going to watch BB this year” and if you look through the archives you will find that I always end up blogging that I got hooked. Lol I must admit that […]