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Sex In The Morning

OK before you read this here are some ground rules. I don’t do poetry, I’m crap at it, so if this sucks, you have been warned. It doesn’t rhyme, it doesn’t scan as well as I’d like but Suze likes it. Please let me know what you think. Be brutally honest and with any luck […]

Hand Jobs and Fucks

Last night was hot and sticky so before doing anything else this morning I stepped in to the shower to freshen up. Leaving Alex dozing in bed. I love the cleansing feeling you get from taking a shower after a steamy night of sex. It creates the feeling of…virginalisation, is that a word? You know […]

Sex In The Morning

What do you think of when you wake up? For most men, even I they aren’t consciously thinking about it their body’s natural state on waking is to be in possession of an erection. It’s therefore difficult to avoid thoughts of sex when that happens. You don’t have to be having a naughty dream for […]