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A Mirror To Our Sexual Lives

English situation comedy is a mirror that reflects the British attitude to, amongst other things, sex. It’s a distorted mirror, but a mirror nonetheless. If fact I’d go so far as to say that it isn’t as distorted as some of the publicly expressed views about sex that are heard from public figures and earnest […]

Bukkake Alert

It seems these days that you cannot purchase a porn DVD without it featuring two key elements, the first being fellatio and the second bukkake. I don’t know who decided that we women get off on having a guy shoot his cum all over our faces but they certainly had an imagination. Lol If you […]

Who`s Watching You Fuck?

There was a time not so long ago when blogs didn’t exist and your diary was the place that most people wrote their inner most thoughts and feelings. It would never have occurred to anyone to publish their inner most thoughts, desires and naughty secrets on a medium which allowed anyone in the world to […]

Filthy Kinky Girl

Where Does the Kink Come From? Does a relationship suddenly become kinky or does the kink slip into it slowly, over time? I think that depends on the relationship. Suze and I have always been honest about our feelings and desires. Though not always kinky. We’re not that kinky now. So if you’re expecting to […]

Wanking Until It Hurts

Up until now most of us thought that RSI stood for repetitive strain injury which can be contracted by excessive computer use or working of machinery.  Now there is repetitive sex injury which has all the same symptoms including pain and numbness. It is being attributed to the repetitive movements made during sex coupled with […]

Virgin Swinger

I had a conversation with a younger colleague a while ago about swinging. And no, before you jump to conclusions, he doesn’t swing. How we got to the conversation in the first place is both circuitous and irrelevant, but what struck me was his lack of understanding of the swinging scene and his lack of […]