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Boobs Turn And Turn Around

I was reading back through some of our archives from a couple of years ago. I do so occasionally because it gives me an insight into our disposition at that point in time. It’s something I’ve never been able to do before this blog because although I started many diaries I’ve never been interested in […]

Katie Jerking Off Peter

I’ve watched the Katie (aka Jordan) and Peter saga since they got together. At first I was of the opinion that it was a publicity stunt for them both. I mean who gets together with their partner on a reality TV show? Then I softened and decided that Katie Price had finally settled down and […]

Big Boobs – No Problem

I have to admit to never having been a fan of Katie Price aka Jordan but the exposure she has received over here in her television show and her behind the scenes documentary about their home lives, I have warmed to her. But most surprising of all I have found myself liking Peter even more. […]