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Porn Next Door

A report I read in a daily newspaper just made me realise how fortunate I am to have a partner who is also a partner in my adult life and activities. For me leaving sex toys around and testing them at impromptu moments isn’t a problem, likewise if he wishes to take a new toy […]

Hot Hard Porn Review

I reviewed Gazzman’s “Wasted” over on Erotic Buzz a couple of weeks ago. At the time I was pleasantly surprised by the DVD because it was so different from anything else I’d seen. Obviously contrived but done with imagination and humour I found it to be entertaining as well as a horny adult DVD. The […]

Porn Girls And Boys

It can sometimes be very difficult to keep track of porn stars. For one reason or another they often use different on-screen names. It might be because they have a different persona for different genres, or when they film with a new studio but whatever the reason it becomes a feat of memory to keep […]

The Anal Gape Girls

I love porn, always have and now there is more variety than ever although I have to say that it is still rather formulaic and male orientated, even the stuff produced by the girls because at the end of the day who are they selling it to? I’m not a big fan of the stereotypical […]

Good Old Porn

There’s often something missing from modern porn. The apparent innocence. I know, I know, everything is not always as it seems in such pictures. Some of the girls knew exactly what they were doing and some aren’t even that old, staged for a modern audience who yearns for a simpler and predominantly unshaven age. Modern […]

Cum Covered Wet Bush

We get sent hours of porn to view and review on DVD. We make our way steadily through it. The only problem is that we have to stop part way through for a shag, which makes the DVDs last even longer. It’s a side effect of porn that watching it makes you want to take […]

Porn Banned By The Censors

The UK has always had an uneasy relationship with pornography. It’s always been around in one form or another, but never so readily available as today. A prime example of this is the availability of pornographic movies, first on film, then video tape and now DVD. Or to put it more accurately illegally available on […]

Porn With A Plot

I really do despair at some pornography. I mean I know it’s not going to be Oscar winning material but really the lack of imagination displayed in some productions is staggering. An endless stream of the same old positions, blow jobs, anal, ATM … yada yada yada. It isn’t erotic. I’d find it difficult to […]

Rub My Panties!

I can hear you all shouting “Suze if off again”. Well yes I am. Lol I think I watch enough porn now to be able to comment with regard to sexual techniques which work in on film but not in real life. You know what I mean, the one fingered, finger fuck for example. I […]