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Would You Be A Male Prostitute?

Following on from my post the other day about prostitution I have been reading this article on the BBC about male prostitutes. Have a butchers and then we’ll all be on the same page. I don’t think it’s just me but the tone with which that article is imbued is rather different from the normal […]

Ethical Prostitution

I just read on the BBC news site that Berlin’s Maison d’Envie are offering their customers a discount if they cycle over. Customers who make their way the Brother via bicycle will get a five euro discount or £4.30 of the usual fee of 70 euros. Owner Thomas Goetz added, “It’s good for business, it’s […]

In Paris With A Hooker

I found this article on the BBC’s magazine this morning. Have a read then come back here. It reminded me of school. Whereas the author here had gone to Paris, had experienced the sexual buffet on order, and hadn’t claimed to have sampled the delights of the parisien prostitutes he was like me and my […]

Selling Sex To You

My jaw just dropped, I knew there was money to be made in the sex trade just not quite so much. I read an article in the paper about Michell Braun from Florida who is accused of making…wait for it…$8.5 million through her online prostitution business. Her clients were paying $50,000 or more for the […]