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Kinky Panties

I love this image it says so much and leaves me feeling quite breathless as I imagine the lady in the shot and just how kinky she is. Suze has a weakness for latex and isn’t afraid to show it. The way it hugs the flesh leaving nothing to the imagination, the smoothness, shine and […]

Xtreme Latex Fetish

You don’t get much more extreme than this. And wow! the effort and dedication to a fetish required to design, make, buy and put on this sort of thing. I’ve seen bigger rubber suits, more highly inflated but this is getting all Giger on my ass and I love it.

Christa Ackroyd’s Rubber Fetish

We were watching the local news this evening, specifically an article about a rich Yorkshire businessman who is giving money to various local charities and trying to encourage others to do the same by not spending on unnecessary things this Christmas and giving the money you save to good causes. He was dressed as Batman, […]