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Promiscuity In The Good Old Days

There was a time when promiscuity was somewhat dangerous. No barrier contraception meant unwanted pregnancy was a constant risk. The transmission of STDs between you and your partner, especially partners whose sex lives might have been more active than average meant everyone outside a monogamous relationship could be touched by disease. This was especially serious […]

Screwing With Your Mates

The time came for Alex to apply one of the condoms I bought earlier in the day and I hoped that they would feel better than the last ones we used.  They hadn’t cost the earth, I think just a little over £5 for a pack of 12 which was certainly better value than the […]

French Porn

I just finished watching the last scene of a very good DVD by Marc Dorcel, one of his Hardmaster range called the Story Of Sophia. It had an undertone of BDSM but only a light suggestion as apposed to a deep, dark one. The girls wore collars, jodpurs with riding crops and some great boots. […]