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Liquid Lunch

I used to work in an office where there was a strict no fraternisation policy. Not official of course as that would have been discriminatory but it was understood by everyone that you didn’t get into relationships with co-workers. Anyone who did lasted a few weeks and was then asked to leave and fired if […]

More Than The Kama Sutra

India is known to everyone for the famous Kama Sutra, but like all art and the book is a beautiful piece of art there is more to the Kama Sutra than just what it depicts. Any sex manual can show you a myriad number of sexual positions but where the Kama Sutra is concerned the […]

Breaking Balls

I just returned from a week’s trip over to Cyprus.  It was part work and part holiday, fortunately more pleasure than business. Alex and I had gone over with my stepmother to oversee some business relating to my late father and to tie up a few ends.  It also gave me the opportunity to see […]

Blogging For Sex’s Sake

When we set up this blog in 2005 we blogged for the sake of sex, well about sex, with the aim of expanding our sexuality and our awareness of sexual experiences those that we might want to experience. It’s been a long journey with many unexpected twists and turns along the way. It’s also been […]

Hot Sex For Me Please

He pulled off my t-shirt and pushed me on to the bed.  With legs still hanging over the side he parted me and pushed between me his breath hot against my neck as he leaned in to say “you want it?”.  I love it when he talks this way, it makes the hairs stand up […]

Sex And Selling

Marketing could be the most cynical profession on the planet. I know there will be those of you who would contend that lawyers, estate agents and a few other professions are in with a shot at this particular title, but I’d have to disagree. While lawyers may charge ridiculous fees to pick up their solid […]

69 to Doggy

I like to share my sexual experiences and I know from the emails I receive that you like to read about them too. Tonight Alex and I watched a little porn this evening and before we knew it were were kissing and fondling each other.  We 69’d briefly and then went straight for missionary as […]

A Virgin Every Day Of Your Life

Even when your life is a helter-skelter sexual fairground there are times when it just gets better. As you’ll all know we enjoy a healthy and vigorous sex life and aren’t averse to trying out a few new things from time to time. That you might think is an ideal state of affairs and for […]

Public Sexuality

Becoming What You Want Me To Be Alex and I have been writing here now for almost five years. During that time we hope that you have felt inclusive in our relationship because that is what we intended right from the start. We will continue to write as long as we enjoy writing. That said, […]

Screwing Every Way You Can Think Of

When I start off writing a piece, either for this blog or for other places I usually have a plan of what I’m going to write. Sometimes it’s a very rough plan and other times I know, step by  step, the way in which the writing will flow out onto the page to have the […]

Sex And More Sex

Suze and I are in a long term relationship. That is pretty obvious from our understanding of each other and the longevity of this blog if nothing else. Even so we don’t have a prescriptive sex life. We try and keep I varied and certainly keep it alive. Although we might not be trying something […]

Ready, Willing And Able For A Good Fucking

Prior to getting down and dirty tonight I was quite organised, grabbing a handful of “may come in handy” toys and depositing them between the pillows before we started to get down and dirty. I can’t count how many times we have been mid fuck and I fancied a vibratory accompaniment or a butt plug […]

Sex In The Morning

OK before you read this here are some ground rules. I don’t do poetry, I’m crap at it, so if this sucks, you have been warned. It doesn’t rhyme, it doesn’t scan as well as I’d like but Suze likes it. Please let me know what you think. Be brutally honest and with any luck […]

Long And Hard Or Fast And Furious Sex

Sexual sophistication increases with age. Well it does if you are doing it right. Just getting all the plumbing to work together when you start out is a challenge but we all get the hang of it, more or less, after a while. It’s then that you start to realise that all those things that […]

Sex, Porn And Erotica

One question that often bothers me is what differentiates porn from the erotic. Porn in itself is not erotic. It serves a purpose but can not provide the depth of feeling that truly erotic cinema, literature or art can evoke. Regardless of its form of expression erotica has richness that sets it apart. That’s probably […]