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Super Sex Store Sunday

As we were in the area on Sunday we toddled off to the adult shop to check out the DVDs. It was only a flying visit but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we got in there. The place was packed. Normally it’s either empty or we share it with just a couple of other […]

Sex In The Street

If there’s one thing that I remember from my childhood it’s the department store. In the UK they still exist, predominantly in the centre of town but while some still flourish it becoming increasingly difficult for them to compete with cheap clothing stores and out of town supermarkets. What they offered is what the huge […]

Take Me To Porn City

There’s a district of Tokyo called Akihabara. It’s where all the Geeks go to find electronic goodies from complete computers and gadgets to individual components. It strikes me that there ought to be an equivalent adult gadget town somewhere. Preferably somewhere in the UK. Yes there are sex toy stores both online and in the […]

Sex Times Three

We went out this morning to do some necessary shopping today, food for us, food for the cat, food for the birds, food for the squirrels and food for the snake. The reptile shop is in the same area of town as the local sex shops, three of them, quite small and quaint in their […]

The Guy In The Sex Shop

We couldn’t stand to watch any more of the two porn DVD’s we bought last weekend from the sex shop. I think we managed to watch roughly three scenes from both and then gave up. There are some things that are just not worth pursuing. Lol As you may have gathered from reading my post […]

Filthy Pictures And Dirty Looks

When Suze and I first got together it wasn’t long before I realised how open-minded she is. It took a while before she came out and told me that she is bisexual but while it was a surprise it wasn’t such a great leap for me to make. She’s always been pretty frank and open […]