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Trans Global Orgasms

It’s only last Friday that I first saw it and immediately knew I wanted one of my very own.  Brand new toys to the market attract my attention like shoes and handbags do for other girls. I made contact with the manufacturer of the product and she informed me that they had already despatched one […]

Anal Ecstasy

Tonight seemed like a good time to try out our new anal lube. I was a little dry I believe because we didn’t drink much fluid yesterday whilst roaming around the adult show. I think I only went for a pee a couple of times, it’s amazing how so much networking and walking can suck […]

The Game Of Lust

We tested out a new board game on Sex Toys Buzz yesterday. It’s difficult to get board games right, they have to get you in the right mood, hold your attention and not get in the way of the thing that they are supposed to be doing – in this case making you feel horny. […]

Watching Her Pump My Cock

I do enjoy a good sex toy review. Especially when it involves a bit of especially naughty testing. Even when I’m testing a male masturbator Suze gets involved so an enhanced hand job is not something I’m a stranger to. My latest review is over at Sex Toys Buzz if you’re interested. And of course […]

Suze, DP’d With Intense Anal Sensations

Every Now And Then I Like A Little Something Up My Ass I did try to be more concise with the header but this really does sum me up. Sometimes when Alex is fucking away at me I feel like a little bit of DP. It’s the time when I am most receptive to anal […]

Suze, With A Vibe, With a Twist

Suze has found a fantastic vibrator which she reviews over on Sex Toys Buzz. She’s really raving about this one, it’s from fun factory, one or favourite adult toy makers. “Just the feeling of being entered at this point is arousing me. One by one I take in each ridge. I place the soles of […]