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Come On That Underwear Model!

?It’s the final tonight!. What of? Cry out all our non-UK readers. The final of Strictly Come Dancing that’s what. In the rest of the world it’s called “Dancing With The Stars”, but in the UK the BBC combined the name of an old and long-running dancing competition “Come Dancing” with the tremendously amusing Australian […]

Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis is out of Strictly Come Dancing and I’m in morning. She wasn’t the best dancer, but not the worst. I had my money on Linda Bellingham or Joe Calzaghe being chucked out but no. Martina and Rav were in the dance-off and gorgeous Martina was booted out. I can feel another John Sergeant […]

Hot For Christine

It’s funny how your opinion for someone can change quite dramatically when you are given an insight into a side of their personality that you had never seen before. In this case I’m talking about Christine Bleakley co-presenter of the BBC’s One Show. I’ve always thought she was a very nice young woman, a little […]