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Spank, Fuck, Squirt

Tonight I think I discovered a part of me that’s laid dormant for some time due to real life issues. I like to DOMINATE! Alex had some latex covered canes delivered through our door this weekend for test and review and boy did I under estimate just how much fun you can have with a […]

Suburban Sex Dungeon

I was intrigued to read a story on the Telegraph website about a detached house in the suburbs of a sleepy street in Preston, Lancashire. The bugalow is central to allegations that it is being used as a sex dungeon. Apparently neighbours thought that it was owned by a disabled man who ran a website […]

Anal Domination – Part Two

You can read part one of this post here. One thing I should have considered when binding Alex was how free he was to move in to certain positions whilst being teased and tormented. Although not tied tightly he was restricted to laying on his side slightly over on to his stomach. Because I had […]