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Suck My Cock You Bitch

Once the blow job pictures had been taken by Joby we all made our way to the back of the room.  Situated to the left side near the wall was an adjustable shagging table long enough for a naughty cock whore to lay down on. But before the action could take place Tanya insisted in […]

February Month Of F*****g

February Sex Toy Roundup January was an interesting month in terms was an interesting month in terms of toy testing with a wide range of products to suit every pocket.  It also saw the release of a brand new toy from Fun Factory which I managed to receive before most of the stores.  Thanks Steph. […]

And Let The Fucking Begin

The guys were now dressed in black leggings and shall I say some really, really kinky stuff which you will find out about when we review this production.  Spooky! Shay was now dressed and looking hot to trot.  The room was now littered with floor lighting covered in pink and blue acetate to give an […]

Having A Wanking Lunch

Alex decided to go and get lunch whilst I booted up the laptop and logged on to Facebook to update the readers there with regular bulletins. As I typed away on the keyboard there was a knock on the door and Omar walked in to the room.  I said hello as he made his way […]

The House Of Porn

They continued to set up downstairs Alex and I decided to explore the first floor.  I now had the opportunity to tread the stone stairs that have featured in several porn productions.  As I led  the way upstairs I couldn’t resist turning around and running my hands up my inner thighs whilst pouting at Alex […]

Showing Me The Way In Porn

Tanya took me out of the room in to the main entrance hallway which was rather Spartan with stone floor and table complete with ornate wine cooler.  Then through a panelled door to the lift/stairs and another door which led to the very room Helen Bonham Carter waited patiently for her husband as he underwent […]

The House Of Porn

Before I start may I say a big thank you to Harmony Films for making this trip possible… It was 8.50am and we were only just leaving the hotel after a bad night’s sleep, feeling kind of jet lagged from lack of rest.  We had to be on set for 9am and I’m such a […]

Such A Capacious Ass

I was looking back through some of our earliest porn purchases, long before we had any preferences or had a favourite producer.  It was quite a refreshing foray through porn I’ve not watched for years, mainly because we have new releases coming through the door every week now for review. As you know we are […]

Original Sinners, Filthy Fuckers

Continuing our theme of Tanya Hyde productions may I suggest you watch Original Sinners, I didn’t do the review for this one but it certainly stimulated my mind and other things. It features all manner of kind from a ballerina to a hot and sweaty dungeon scene with the accompanying smell of leather and latex.  […]

Aphrodiziac Induced Fuckery

As you are probably well aware by now if you read regularly, we are off to London next week to be on set of a Tanya Hyde shoot.  And in celebration of this we are running a feature all week on Tanya Hyde productions we have previously seen and reviewed. Aphrodiziac was my first introduction […]

Sex Trek, The Journey Begins

The Tanya Hyde Shoot On the run to our trip to London to Join Tanya Hyde on the latest shoot for Harmony films we thought we would recap a few of the Tanya Hyde DVD reviews we have done over the years. I’ve been a fan since I saw my first production, The Wicked Ones.  […]