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Twitter Tizwaz

A quick note for those of you following me on twitter I’m a bit quiet at the moment because Twitter has suspended the Ubertwitter client! Apparently it’s due to “terms of use violations” on behalf of Ubertwitter. Very mysterious.

Doggy Style Twitter Sex

I was going to re-tweet the tweet I saw today on  Über Twitter’s “Everyone near me” feature, but I thought better of it as it could embarrass. I found it amusing though. It was from a woman to her man and I quote: “Any chance of poodle action this evening then? You do deserve a […]

Quick Fucks And Packet Switched Passion

I find myself Twittering quite a lot at the moment. That is a bit of a revelation because it’s crept up on me without me realising how much I was doing it. I started on MySpace and got a bit fed up of the weird interface that seems to have been bolted together out of […]

Sex On Twitter

Twitter is a complete phenomenon. In the beginnings there were chat rooms and message boards. Then there was MySpace, then FaceBook, now Twitter. Each generation of social networking site increased the accessibility, ease of use and therefore popularity and reach of online communities. Somewhere in there was Blogging, continuing serenely on as these social networks […]

Sex On Your Phone

Blogging, and especially micro blogging in the form of Twitter is now a pervasive part of everyday life. Whether you love it or loathe it technology allows you to report on your activities to (potentially) millions of people, instantly. Well almost instantly because there are very few systems so convenient that you can use them […]