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All Day Sex

What do other people do with their days? I work and when I’m not doing the day job I think about sex, sex toys and porn. That’s when I’m not having sex. I just realised that this isn’t a normal state of affairs. Although I’m not what you’d call sex-obsessed the nature of what we […]

Continental Sexperience ;)

I can’t believe that Venus Sexpo in Berlin is so close, in just 8 days we will be flying out for 4 days of naughtiness. I’m hoping to see more going on in the Fetish Hall this year, stands were rather spartan last time we visited.  We did however get to see some wonderful human […]

German Kink Tourists

Off to Germany again in just a few weeks and how things have changed since last year! Just check out this article. Our itinerary is still in flux at the moment but the flights are booked and we are looking forward to an experience totally different from last year. If you want to know what […]

Sexual Sacrifices

As you know Alex and I attended the Erotic Trade Organisation in Birmingham in July and had a thoroughly good time meeting friends old and new. It’s a trade event which has a friendly atmosphere, tinged with kink of course. Lol Then we had a baron patch with nothing within our grasp until October and […]

Sexing You Up

The Estrel hotel which we stayed in during our trip to Berlin is a very large family hotel with an atrium at its heart, containing eateries and bars. There is a comfortable seating area too for guests to sit and chill out. Alex and I used to sit in the middle of the concourse drinking […]

Casual Sex

I was well prepared for Venus and everything that it could throw at me. Various people had expressly informed me that there would be lots of nudity and lewd behaviour and that I would probably never have encountered anything quite so in your face. Well all I can say is they were right. But on […]

International Orgasms

Remember I told you we booked to go to Venus Sexpo in Berlin. Well a few things have come to mind whilst I do my in head planning of what to pack etc. We will be over there at the largest show of its kind in Europe taking in everything sex and sexuality over the […]

Venus Rising

In a month’s time we’ll be packing to go to Venus in Berlin. It’s our first time and we’ll be trying to make the most of every moment of the trip. Flights and hotel rooms are booked but explaining to parents exactly why we’re going away and what we’ll be doing there is a little […]

Anyone Looking For A Bit Of German Hardcore Action? ;)

Well we are. We’ve bitten the bullet and decided we’re off to Berlin for a few days to Venus next month. Unlike the relatively sedate and reserved affairs in this country Venus is bigger and pretty unrestrained from what we’ve been told. We are really looking forward to it. We’re hoping it will be a […]