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When SEXting Goes Too Far

When the story of the page 3 girl Rhian Sugden and Vernon Kay first broke I was sceptical as to who broke the story and if there was any truth in the story.  For those of you not reading the UK press, Vernon Kay model now turned television presenter has been linked to Rhian Sugden […]

Filthy Talk Leads To…

Nobody is safe from the malicious side of the press and they just love digging up dirt on the nicest of people.  I’ve just read their latest attempt to part a very nice showbiz couple, in fact there aren’t many couples in the spotlight who appear to be so genuinely nice. It appears that Venon […]

Wife Swapping

I think I’m going to apply to the programme “Wife Swap”. Why? Well I just realised the perfect couple we could swap with. Tess Daly and Vernon Kay. Suze gets a week of Vernon. She’s salivating already … And I get seven days of Tess, giggidy. Then there’s the post-swap four-way session in the king […]