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Festive Fuckery

I said it earlier this month, I’m really looking forward to the Christmas break and being able to spend a little quality time with Suze. Like so many others we can have a frenetic lifestyle which leads to us spending less time doing things together. One of those things is of course playing with sex […]

Sex Toy Hysteria

Made in 2011 the “Hysteria” film is about to go on general release. Was it because the release schedule for the movie studios was so packed , was it that the studio thought the subject matter was so sensitive or was it just and administrative oversight that meant we have to wait until now to […]

Hysterical Orgasms

I just read that the history of the vibrator is to be made in to a Hollywood movie.  It is reported that Maggie Gyllenhaal is to play the love interest of the man who invented the vibrator. Originally invented to treat hysterical women, I bet he never envisaged just how popular it would become let […]