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Masturbating Until It Really Hurts

I have some strange thoughts I know, don’t remind me but can frigging be bad for your health. I was reading an article last night about vibration white finger or as it is medically known, Raynaud’s Disease. The symptoms can be range from tingling which continues after the machinery is switched off (Oh, bugger that […]

Wanking In The Office

null – Watch more free videos I make no secret of my extra office affairs. Is that the correct expression? Uhmm, well anyway. Suze has a high sex drive and quite often is to be found sitting in her car following lunch, playing with herself. But I have to hold my hands up and say, […]

Masturbation And All The Other Things That Make Me Wet

Masturbation is a very personal thing, LOL, well that should go without saying I suppose. However what I mean is that masturbation, or when and how you begin to masturbate is different for everyone. In my case I began to masturbate after I started getting wet dreams, which was of course after I started getting […]

Wank For Me

I think I just realised I have yet another fetish…wanking, jerking off what ever you call it in your corner of the globe. Not administering the pleasure, although I like that too but watching. Being the voyeur. Just the thought of watching Alex or another guy wank until they bring themselves off excites me immensely. […]

Masturbation Experimentation

I wrote a few months ago about walking in on a guy who has smoked too much dope and fallen asleep on the sofa. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem but he had his cock out. He had been wanking sat with his cock out on the sofa. But best of all he had left […]