Rocks Off 4US Cock Ring Review

4Us Cock Ring4Us Cock Ring review

Whenever you get a cock ring for a new sex toy review you have to ask the question “Exactly how does this differ from the ones I’ve reviewed before?” A cock ring is a cock ring, right?

Wrong. They are all different, in construction, shape and quality. The 4Us cock ring from Rocks-Off is made from their own Intramed silicone material. This makes it firm, yet soft and easy to clean. The ring is moulded in one piece and shaped to present its RO80 bullet against the female partner’s clitoris during sex.

Yes that’s right as always the 4Us cock ring is powered by an RO-80mm bullet. Rocks off point out that you can remove the bullet and leave it for your partner to play with while you’re out. Alternatively she can use it in her Rock Chick, another RO-80 powered sex toy.

The Intramed material means you do need to use a little lube to get the 4Us cock ring on your erect penis. It’s not as stretchy as the jelly style plastics used in most other cock rings. The means that it is more supportive of your cock, your erection and the RO80 bullet which has a not insubstantial mass. The firmer Intramed also conducts vibrations from the bullet better than soft jelly plastics.

Using the 4Us cock ring is an altogether different experience form using any other cock ring. You can feel the weight of the device on your erect member. The vibrations seem to encircle your penis and when you thrust inside your partner and press the cock ring between you both there’s an intense and shared increase in the stimulation.

To accommodate different sizes of penis the cock ring has a thinner section of Intramed at the opposite side of the ring from the vibrating bullet. This means that it’s comfortable (I sometimes have problems with cock rings being too tight), and means the corpus cavernosum (the ridge under your cock containing the urethra through which the semen travels when you reach orgasm) is unrestricted. This has the effect of giving you the erection maintaining benefits of a cock ring without the feeling of constriction that you can get when you orgasm when wearing one.

We had fun trying to work out which way round to wear the cock ring. Vibe up or down, vibe tilted forward of back? The two best ways we found were upright with the bullet tilting against me. That gave us both a buzz, literally, when our bodies came together. The other way, which worked for sex and for masturbation was with the bullet down and again pointing back at me. It gives your balls the shaking of their lives!

This is altogether a different sex toy, a rare departure from the run-of-the-mill designs available. It you like a nice soft jelly cock ring then this isn’t for you. But if you want something different, exciting and good for you both you should by a 4Us.

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