Rocks Off 4US Cock Ring Review

4Us Cock Ring4Us Cock Ring review

Whenever you get a cock ring for a new sex toy review you have to ask the question “Exactly how does this differ from the ones I’ve reviewed before?” A cock ring is a cock ring, right?

Wrong. They are all different, in construction, shape and quality. The 4Us cock ring from Rocks-Off is made from their own Intramed silicone material. This makes it firm, yet soft and easy to clean. The ring is moulded in one piece and shaped to present its RO80 bullet against the female partner’s clitoris during sex.

Yes that’s right as always the 4Us cock ring is powered by an RO-80mm bullet. Rocks off point out that you can remove the bullet and leave it for your partner to play with while you’re out. Alternatively she can use it in her Rock Chick, another RO-80 powered sex toy.

The Intramed material means you do need to use a little lube to get the 4Us cock ring on your erect penis. It’s not as stretchy as the jelly style plastics used in most other cock rings. The means that it is more supportive of your cock, your erection and the RO80 bullet which has a not insubstantial mass. The firmer Intramed also conducts vibrations from the bullet better than soft jelly plastics.

Using the 4Us cock ring is an altogether different experience form using any other cock ring. You can feel the weight of the device on your erect member. The vibrations seem to encircle your penis and when you thrust inside your partner and press the cock ring between you both there’s an intense and shared increase in the stimulation.

To accommodate different sizes of penis the cock ring has a thinner section of Intramed at the opposite side of the ring from the vibrating bullet. This means that it’s comfortable (I sometimes have problems with cock rings being too tight), and means the corpus cavernosum (the ridge under your cock containing the urethra through which the semen travels when you reach orgasm) is unrestricted. This has the effect of giving you the erection maintaining benefits of a cock ring without the feeling of constriction that you can get when you orgasm when wearing one.

We had fun trying to work out which way round to wear the cock ring. Vibe up or down, vibe tilted forward of back? The two best ways we found were upright with the bullet tilting against me. That gave us both a buzz, literally, when our bodies came together. The other way, which worked for sex and for masturbation was with the bullet down and again pointing back at me. It gives your balls the shaking of their lives!

This is altogether a different sex toy, a rare departure from the run-of-the-mill designs available. It you like a nice soft jelly cock ring then this isn’t for you. But if you want something different, exciting and good for you both you should by a 4Us.

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Fleshlight Girls – Brooke Skye

Brooke Skye FleshlightThe Fleshlight Girls

Let me introduce you to the Fleshlight Girls; They are Tera Patrick, Paris Lia19, Raven Riley, Puma Swede, Brooke Skye, Kat Young, Sandee Westgate and Vanilla DeVille.

The people at Fleshlight have obviously realised that there’s a market out there for something a little more personal than their original range of masturbators. Each of the “Fleshlight Girls” is moulded, on the outside at least, from a real porn star. Internally it’s a different matter, the Girls range incorporates what Fleshlight describe as “Lotus Texture”, a series of regular ribs along the inside of the soft sleeve.

I’ve tested a couple of Fleshlights before, from the original design with its whistling cap, through the redesigned casing and now with the porn star moulded inserts. Fleshlight appear to be steadily developing their products in the face of competition from manufacturers of other, similar products.

For the uninitiated a Fleshlight consists of a hard plastic case with a cap at each end. The end where you insert your cock is the wider one, where the bulb and lens would be on a flashlight. At the other end (where the batteries would be inserted) is a screw cap and vent holes. This allows you to vary the suction when using the Fleshlight. This hard case serves to house the soft inner part of the toy when in use and keep it safe and clean when in storage.

The Fleshlight can be completely disassembled and each part washed individually. So there are no fiddling around with awkward constructions or worries about if the toy is clean when you use it.

Because you can take the toy apart you can, if you wish, buy a variety of inserts for it and experience different sensations without having to buy a whole new toy each time.

Aside from the improved case design (which I think has been around for about 18 months) the Fleshlight Girls have a much thicker outer section around the vaginal opening. Older models skimped a bit on the material here and you often found yourself pressed against the hard plastic of the case instead of the soft insert. This change in design has made the toy much more comfortable to use, especially when you’re buried deep inside it, if you know what I mean.

Using a Fleshlight requires a lube. I suggest a good quality water based lube. Armed with a tube of lube and the Fleshlight Suze was tasked with assisting my test.

She slipped in a porn DVD, and with me propped up against the bedhead she coaxed me to erection. I didn’t take much coaxing. With Suze semi-naked next to me and the TV showing hardcore porn the thought of having her jack me off with a porn star’s pussy had obvious stimulating appeal.

When I was hard I grasped the base of my cock to allow Suze to dribble lube over it and the opening of the Fleshlight. Brooke Skye’s pussy was now wet and ready. Or so I thought.

The initial cool wet sensation of the lube and the un-warmed insert was very exciting, unfortunately Suze hadn’t got the lube very far into the toy so as she pressed it down onto my cock my frenulum started to drag on the insert and I winced. I explained the problem and it was easily resolved by sliding the Fleshlight up and down slowly getting deeper with each stroke thus spreading the lube further inside Brooke Skye’s Lotus textured pussy.

The lotus texture inside the masturbator insert is very effective. At first I thought it was a little too subtle to distinguish it from the original smooth inserts. However it soon became apparent it was just right …

Suze was finding that using the Fleshlight on me was a little difficult. This was because she has smaller hands than me and the Fleshlight is quite bulky and heavy. The other problem was that she hadn’t opened the vent at the top of the Fleshlight and the suction was at maximum so to speak.

With me now in control and the vent slightly open I enjoyed the tight Lotus texture of Brooke Skye’s pussy to the full. And so did Suze watching avidly. I found myself really enjoying this Fleshlight, more than any I’ve had before. The small refinements that have been made since its launch have really made a difference to its effectiveness as a toy.

I bought myself off after a couple of minutes with long deep strokes. When my eyes began to roll and it was obvious I was cumming Suze grabbed hold of the Fleshlight and unscrewed the cap at the base. She was too late to see me squirting, but said “Oooh, you’re still oozing cum.”

Why not buy the Fleshlight moulded on your favourite porn star’s own anatomy, slip in that old-faithful DVD of theirs and enjoy yourself?

Lexi’s Pocket Pussy Review

Lexie Pocket PussyIt’s not many guys that get to try out another woman’s vagina with the help of their partner. But I am one of those guys. This time it was the Lexi Pocket Pussy from Doc Johnson. Doc Johnson produce a range of compact and not so compact masturbators almost all of which are made from their famous UR3 material.

If you’re not familiar with UR3 it’s a soft, pliable yet firm plastic that feels very close to real skin. It’s also quite hardwearing and elastic. This means that you can give a doc Johnson pocket pussy a real pounding without fear of it fail on you. Personally though I wouldn’t opt for a quicky-wank with Lexi’s Pocket Pussy for reasons I’ll expand upon below.

The Lexi is, like all of Doc Johnson’s named products, modelled on a real person. If the casting is anywhere near faithful to the original then Lexi has very neat labia and a very tight opening to her vagina. Before use, perhaps while you’re cleaning the toy in preparation for its first use, you should slip two or three fingers into the opening of the toy to, well, break it in. If you don’t inserting your lubed penis into the pocket pussy can be fun later. Cleaning the toy also removes most of the colour from the labia minora of the toy. Doc Johnson seem to think that all women have bright pink lipstick on their pussies as all Doc Johnson sex toys seem to come with this colouration. LOL

The pussy is tubular in shape with a slight waist two thirds away from the vulva end with three light grooves on it, more to indicate the best position to hold the toy than to aid grip. Unless you go completely mad with the lube you’ll find UR3 is very easy to hold. Inside the vaginal walls you find that “Lexi” is gently bobbled rather than deeply ribbed.

Suze didn’t think she’d get to have a fiddle with this toy, but she was very wrong. I lay in bed in my customary 45 degree angled position (half propped up against the bed head) and let Suze twiddle with me until I was erect. She then dribbled water based lube (we use Pjur Aqua at the moment) onto my cock, then passed the lube to me and continued to stroke my penis while I applied a little more lube to the opening of the pocket pussy.

Even having stretched it while I was cleaning it earlier it was quite tricky to push myself inside. This is normal for UR3 toys and is great because it means they retain their satisfying tightness over time.

I slid in slowly, at first just pushing the tip of my cock inside, then deeper with each stroke as the lube worked its way up and around the inside of the toy. Applying pressure to the outer wall of the Pocket Pussy allows you to give extra stimulation to your cock as you masturbate, while leaving you pleasantly detached and giving you that “somebody else’s hand” feeling.

I suggested to Suze that I really did try someone else’s hand and let her take over. She really enjoyed herself, first trying on hand then two, squeezing and tugging. She especially liked the way in which she was able to press the toy down far enough that the tip of my cock popped out of the end. She said she liked to see the end of my penis, glistening with lube.

Anyway, she really enjoyed herself, which was fine by me because her milking of my cock – or was it Lexi milking my cock, was a real winner. The internal contours of the toy meant a long slow action was best and she soon realised this as my eyes rolled and I squirmed in response to her pumping my cock with Lexi’s pussy.

The Pocket Pussy is quiet too. Some masturbators slurp and suck, which can be a pleasant accompaniment to your wank but this one is quiet and therefore discrete.

The ejaculation was a sizzling bubbling one that erupted from the end of the pocket pussy like a white lava flow, a mixture of lube and cum.

We both enjoyed the toys for different reasons. It’s very pleasant to hold, not too big and very lifelike, at least externally. The Lexi Pocket Pussy is very easy to clean after use too. For the price you really can’t go wrong, this is a good quality toy, simple and effective. What more could you ask for?

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Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Strap-On Review

Suze has developed a fascination with shoving things up my arse. You can see her video of this strap-on here. So the chance to try a Beginner’s Strap-On was an opportunity that she wasn’t about to pass up.

The Beginner’s Strap-on from Pipedream is just the sort of toy that works for those couples wanting to try a bit of strap-on action and those guys who might be a bit unsure about the idea.

Whether it’s about power exchange or the woman wanting to do a bit of thrusting this is a toy that ticks all the boxes for beginners in anal play. And I mean any sort of anal play. The harness is made from webbing with plastic adjusters, the pad behind the dildo/probe section is velvet and the retaining ring for the dildo is soft plastic.

The dildo itself is a soft, blue jelly plastic (don’t worry, it’s pthalate free) with a gently rounded tip and slender tapering length. It’s 12 centimetres long and at its widest 3 centimetres in diameter.

Seeing Suze with a cock, albeit an artificial one, is to say the least a bit odd. I’m not just talking about from my perspective. It made her a bit giggly and she couldn’t help but twang her new appendage as it stuck out in front of her. I laid out a towel and had the lube ready.

We tried three positions. First traditional doggy, that was good but getting the height right meant that the dildo kept falling out. Or more accurately springing out. At only 12 centimetres good hip control is needed to keep it inserted in your partner.

Next we tried with me on my side. Again the length of the dildo prevented Suze from making more than a few thrusts before it popped out of my ass.

Finally we tried with me on my back with my knees tucked up. This worked best and despite the slight awkwardness caused by Suze’s inexperience as the possessor of a cock worked best, both because the dildo stayed in as she thrust, but also because she could see the expression on my face.

The dildo’s smooth shape and relatively small size is great because it stimulates rather than overwhelms you. It’s soft, but just rigid enough to allow penetration.

I didn’t get hard and cum buckets while she fucked me but Suze derived a great deal of satisfaction from learning how to thrust and watching me react to her efforts. We haven’t finished with this toy and will be trying it again to get Suze’s technique just right. Practice makes perfect.

The following night we adjusted the harness and found that by moving it up towards Suze’s tummy by only a few centimetres we were able to give her more control and allow her to fuck me doggy style. The slim, slowly tapering shape of the dildo allowed her to slowly increase the depth of her thrusts until she was able to grind her pelvis against my buttocks.

Suze found the harness comfortable to wear. The main issue was not the strap-on, but the fact that she, like all women, is not a natural when it comes to swinging her pelvis and fucking someone. That is something that can be addressed with practice and careful adjustment of the harness. Like all such toys learning how to use it is part of the fun.

So if you want to experiment beyond a lubed finger up the ass, or a butt plug the Beginner’s Strap-on from Pipedream could be the one for you.

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Nexus Gyro Review

Nexus GyroThe Nexus Gyro is a prostate stimulator from the same people who brought you (amongst other toys) the Nexus Vibro that I have reviewed previously. Nexus obviously recognise that as with all sex toys, what works and what doesn’t is very specific to each and every one of us. They produce a range of toys each with a different character.

The Gyro is constructed from soft silicone, is entirely smooth and has no vibrating bullet. Completely different from the Vibro with its hard plastic construction, ribbing, ball bearing perineal stimulator and stainless steel bullet.

So that’s what the Gyro isn’t, here’s what it is.

Very, very intense.

For me the Gyro is at the limit of what I can accept. It’s not particularly large, but its shape means that inserting it into my rectal cavity took a little experimentation. Suze tried first with me on all fours. This simply didn’t work despite copious amounts of lube. I flipped over and let her try and insert the Gyro while I lifted my knees to my chest. Again I had to ask her to stop.

I found the best way of inserting the Gyro is by your own hand. Laying on my back with a little more lube I was able to ease the Gyro inside. When in place the Gyro is comfortable and very effective. I was sporting a very firm semi by the time it had settled into place and dribbling prostate fluid more copiously than with any other stimulator I’ve tried. Suze helped herself to the clear nectar, while squatting beside me twiddling absent mindedly with her clitoris. She raised a huge drop of it to her mouth and licked it from her finger with evident glee.

I repositioned myself into a kneeling position, the hemispherical bottom of the toy just touching the towel covering my side of the bed. Suze grasped my cock and played with it while I experimented with the Gyro.

Each movement of my hips, clenching of my buttocks and rolling of the base of the Gyro on the bed brought new sensations. At rest the toy fills you, pressing against your prostate from within your colon. Small movements allow you to stroke the prostate with the toy. Frankly it put a lump in my throat as I was pushed to the limit. As I mentioned above, not by the toy’s size, but by its shape.

If I moved in the correct way the sensation was almost overwhelming, but without being uncomfortable. This has to be due to the soft, but firm construction of the Gyro. Nexus must have worked on the shape and size of the moulding for a long time because unlike some other anal toys it never felt like it was about to fall out, despite the copious lube I had needed to use during its insertion. Even Suze suggested I screw her doggy style by presenting her upturned buttocks to me and I rose to my knees the Gyro stayed in place. Neither did the Gyro feel too large.

I managed a few strokes before the intensity of the stimulation from the Gyro made me stop. The thrusting of my hips caused sensations that sent my synaesthesia into overdrive. I had to stop.

A disappointed Suze turned round to face my cock, glistening with her juices and took matters in hand. She took the tip of my erection in her mouth and cruelly ran her lower incisors across my frenulum, sending white sparks through my groin and up my spine. She then sat up and smiled at me cruelly. “I’ll have mine later then”.

Her hand was still holding my cock. She began to give me a brisk and punishing wank. The swift pumping of her hand causing me to press the base of the Gyro into the bed, sending waves of sensation across my back and up to my neck. I felt a bright, white-blue orgasm detonate in my stomach and cover me as I came. Her hand and wrist were covered, my foreskin now glistening with my own fluids. Her hand continued pumping until she was satisfied there was no more seed to be pumped from my aching balls.

Quite an orgasm.

The Gyro is not a beginner’s toy, but despite the care needed to insert it is easy to use for someone with a little experience of anal toys. I’m determined to actually be able to fuck Suze with the toy in, but because it is so effective I think I’ll have to try it a few times before that’s practical.

If you’re a man who likes anal stimulation and wants a simple, easy to clean, quality toy then the Gyro is a toy you should seriously consider.

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Rude Boy Review

Rude BoyThere comes a time in every sex toy tester’s career when he is able to say with authority “In comparison with other prostate massagers and anal toys I have tried …”. The fact is I have tried quite a number of anal toys from small vibes, through metal and jelly butt plugs to highly specialised prostate massagers such as the Nexus range. They all have their good points and not-so good aspects like all male masturbators and masturbation aids.

So when I came to try the Rude Boy by Rocks-Off, I wasn’t expecting to be able to say much that I hadn’t already said before. The fact it it’s been around for a while and I can’t say that I was impressed by it’s appearance. The insertable part of the toy is smooth, unlike say the Nexus range whose form is carefully sculpted to match the male anatomy. Nor is the bullet a cutting edge design – on or off that’s the only choice you have.

But the Rude Boy delivers, it really delivers. You see the fact that the toy is made of soft medical grade silicone, and has a smooth shaft makes it easy to insert. With a more shaped toy like the Nexus Gyro you get a more intense sensation from the opening of your rectum right up to your P-Spot. That’s great if you’re a) not an anal virgin and b) have the time to let the Gyro rest in your ass for a while and relax. The Rude Boy however is a much easier toy to use and provides stimulation of a less intense nature.

Unless you’ve experienced both I would say you would have difficulty understanding the difference between a Gyro and a Rude Boy. I suppose a metaphor is in order. The Gyro is a double espresso with a Pro-Plus on the side, the Rude Boy is a nice strong Nescafé with a little sugar to take the edge of the bitterness.

Suze assisted as normal, always eager to grab a handful of cock even if she’s only able to play with it. I applied lots of water based lube to the rude boy and my backside, working it slowly inside with the tip of the toy.

The toy is extremely easy to insert, no complex shape to navigate, no ridges or “neck” to ease past your anal sphincter. Apart from making insertion of the Rude Boy less challenging it also makes it easier to position the toy to give you the level of stimulation you desire. With a highly shaped toy you find the insertable portion locks into one position. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we all have subtly different internal anatomythis can lead to a stimulation that’s either too intense or just doesn’t hit the spot. The Rude Boy’s smooth shaft does provide a gentler sensation, and means you feel more in control than with some other toys.

There is some satisfaction however in getting the perineal stimulating bobbles next to the vibrating bullet to press firmly against your perineaum and feel the tip of the Rude Boy resting firmly on the anterior wall of your colon and squeezing your prostate. For me the Rude Boy is the perfect size when fully inserted.

By the time I had got to this stage I was almost had, cock full of blood, with Suze gently sucking the tip. Because prostate stimulation tends to generate a lot of pre-cum she was probing my urethra teasing out every drop of clear fluid.

Rude BoyWhen I was finally hard I knelt up and pushed her away. Despite the claims that the toys is “hands-free” I found that because of the amount of lube I had used it would slip out if I didn’t position myself squatting, with the Rude Boy resting on the towel I’ had placed on the bed. With that small practicality resolved I proceeded to indulge my exhibitionist side and wank for the entertainment of Suze. She lay back and gently rubbed her clit with a moist finger and watched me pump my cock in my fist.

The clear fluid oozing from the end of my penis was lubrication enough to ensure my foreskin slid up and down turning my swollen glans into a glistening bisected hemisphere.

I was breathless because of the stimulation created by the Rude Boy and wanted to cum almost as quickly as I could. I say almost because as I approached orgasm I found myself wanting to hold back and increase the final intensity as much as I could. I teetered on the edge for a few strokes but eventually the sight of Suze, smiling with her hand between her thighs and the now incredibly intense involuntary spamsing of my anus gave me no option but to allow myself to erupt, squirting semen up several inches into the air and landing on my hand and thighs.

I can definitely recommend the Rube Boy as a great toy for any man wanting to experiment with prostate stimulation, even absolute beginners. You may not be able to use the toy to its full potential the first time you try. But with patience and plenty of lube you’ll be able use this toy over and over again. I think this sort of toy is often categorised as a gay sex toy, but this is about stimulation not orientation and gay, bi or straight any man can enjoy the Rude Boy.

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Vibra Exciter Cock Ring Review

The Vibra Exciter vibrating cock ring is designed to be activated by the ringing of a mobile phone when it receives a text message or voice call. So it’s a toy that promises a great deal for naughty fun in public places, and yet there are so many potential pitfalls …

When a toy arrives for review it’s often the case that what comes out of the packet is not entirely what we expected. That is certainly true of the Vibra Exciter.

My experience of cock rings and some other male sex toys in the past has been that they rank OK to fair. With a vibrator/bullet attached they can be fun, but while many do the job and make for an interesting experience cock rings are not at the top of my Christmas list.

One of the reasons for that is that most of them are designed to be worn at the base of the penis, often primarily acting as an aid to maintaining an erection. If they vibrate they stimulate the least sensitive part of the penis and the scrotum. That is all well and good, but the most sensitive part of the penis, the glans at the tip of the penis gets left out.

When I knew that Vibra Exciter was on it’s way I envisaged it like all other cock rings, humming away on my scrotum. Thank goodness I was soooo wrong. Nestling with its soft jelly brushes just behind my glans and with twin bullets working those sensitive nerve endings I got a real treat.

We first tested the Vibra Exciter in the bedroom. Why? I hear you ask when this is a toy designed for use in less than private places would we do a thing like that? Simple, volume. Many bullets in sex toys are less than quiet. If you’re in the privacy of your own home that’s great, but outside that can lead to all sorts or trouble. Although the Vibra Exciter’s control unit does have a big “Cancel” button, just in case and would pass as a pager if spotted on your waistband.

There was another reason too, the Exciter is made of a jelly-like plastic that I thought might pull on my sensitive glans and make them sore.

Neither of my fear we justified. The soft plastic hugs your cock, stopping the cock ring falling off and holding the brushes on the twin bullets firmly in place. And as for the bullets, they are as powerful as one I have twice their size and although not silent they are very quiet.

Quiet enough so that tucked inside your trousers they are almost inaudible. Off to the supermarket then.

Having proved that the Vibra Exciter worked when my mobile phone rang we set off to the supermarket. The instructions for the toy mention that not only can it be triggered by phones, but by other electrical equipment so I was waiting for some surprises. Hehehe.

About half way to the supermarket the cock ring went off. I’d set it on the lowest setting just in case it could be heard by other shoppers, but even on that setting it put an immediate smile on my face. Suze noticed asked “It’s working then?”. “Ooooh yes!” I replied. Someone in a passing car must have taken a call.

BTW I’ll go on to describe the settings later.

At the supermarket I stood next to the ATM, refrigerators, cash tills and even a floor polisher, but the Exciter didn’t activate. Then just as I was about to give up hope of a surprise stimulation, it went off. I turned round and saw a woman, brunette, about 45, taking a call. I tried not to smile, I think I managed it.

Suze wasn’t so controlled and again picked up on my clandestine cock ring action and started giggling. We hastened to finish the shopping and then off to the checkouts.

We then went on to the DIY store to pick up a new shower head. No stimulation there either. Amazing isn’t it, people are normally on their mobile phones all the time … apart from when you want them to be. LOL

Now all that was great fun despite the lack of non-mobile activations. Perhaps you should just make sure you spend a lot of time in mobile phone shops. Credit where it’s due the toy is totally reliable when your phone receives a call, so you and your lover can enjoy yourself even miles apart.

The Vibra Exciter has ten settings, all of which are very enjoyable due to the power of the bullets. This is made possible by the use of two AAA batteries in the control unit/receiver that clips to your waistband of belt when in outdoor use. Some bullets try to be self-contained, utilising button cells and sacrifice the raw power available to those using larger batteries. The slight inconvenience of a connecting wire is a small price to pay.

There are three steady settings of increasing power that you can step though with one of the two controls on the toy, six pulsing/sawtooth modes and then my favourite, random, which makes its merry way through an assortment of the other modes.

All those modes, particularly random, and the power of the thing means that it’s great to use solo. You obviously can’t masturbate with it on, but if you slip it over your cock you’ll be hard in minutes and ready for a little hand assisted action.

The Vibra Exciter exceeded pretty much all of my expectations. I simply didn’t expect it to be as comfortable to wear, as effective in use or as quiet in operation. It’s a revelation.


Californian Exotics Sensual Bender

Sensual Bender, AlexSuze.comIf you haven’t read it already Suze’s Review of the Sensual Bender by California Exotics it’s here.

Is it strange that a toy ordered primarily for me should first be reviewed by Suze? Not really she enjoyed the experience of using the Sensual Bender on me as much as I enjoyed being the recipient of the anal probe.

I think she summed the toy up well. Too well in fact as she pretty much covered every aspect of its construction and use. I told her off for that at the time she wrote the review. I mean what else is there to say?

From my point of view there are a few things to add.

Suze knows that I like to enjoy anal play slowly and with plenty of lube. We haven’t indulged lately, mainly because of lack of time, and you do need time to ensure that the experience is enjoyable. My anus is tight and needs to be relaxed to be penetrated. Then of course there needs to be a large amount of lube involved.

The Sensual Bender is perfect for the job for a number of reasons. As Suze mentioned, the plastic is soft, a jelly type material in fact, but with a jointed metal “spine” giving both rigidity for insertion and infinite flexibility allowing you to shape the toy to reach the areas you want to stimulate.

I really do love the prelude to anal play. Suze is so good at it, gentle, careful and sensual. She lubed up the bender on its tip and first few ridges, then teased my anus with it. At the same time she ran her nails gently across and around my upturned buttocks. This really relaxes me and builds up the feeling of anticipation before she inserts a toy. By the time she gently eased the first “bead” into my anal sphincter I was sporting a semi and aching for my ass to be penetrated.

The toy’s size is graduated but quite large from the tip so Suze was only able to get 6 of the beads inside me before the sensation was too intense. The smooth shape of the beads and their soft construction means you can push the boundaries without sudden and uncomfortable increases in size spoiling the moment.

The smooth shape also makes the toy easy to clean.

We didn’t fully explore the range of shapes that you can create with the Sensual Bender anal toy, though even with the limited experimentation we were able to carry out we found that the toy is very effective and promises more fun in the future.

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Jenna’s Perfect Pair


Jenna Jamesons Perfect Pair

Jenna Jameson’s Perfect Pair


It’s not often that you get to tit fuck a porn star, but that’s what Jenna’s Perfect pair from Doc Johnson gives you the opportunity to do. We were sent this exact replica of Jenna’s famous breasts for me to test. And as an experienced sex toy tester I rose to the challenge. Yes, pun very much intended.

Now, obviously you’d have thought that using a toy like this, which is in essence a male masturbator, would be a solo affair. Well not in this house. While I might have slight exhibitionist tendencies, Suze is most definitely developing into a huge voyeur. Not for the first time she watched me from the very start of my test, slowly stroking myself to erection, until my climax.

Before I describe the use of the toy I ought to let you know a few things about Jenna’s Perfect Pair. As mentioned above they are formed from Doc Johnson’s UR3 material. It has a firmness, combined with pliability that allows the Doc Johnson people to make incredibly realistic toys that feel like human skin. As you can see from the video the breasts are of the ultra-pert silicone enhanced variety, being moulded from Jenna Jameson. This means there’s an inviting valley between them begging for your cock to be inserted.

Because they are modelled on the real thing the breasts are slightly asymmetrical and therefore much more acceptable as ersatz boobs. The nipples are a delicate pink and the skin the standard UR3 fleshy tone.

When you use Jenna’s boobs you have to ensure two things. First that they are lightly lubed with a water based lube and second that you have a nice hard stiffy. Without the lubrication your skin will drag and without a firm erection you may find it difficult to both enclose your cock between the boobs and penetrate the tight cavern that this creates.

With plenty of lube to hand and a towel underneath them to capture the ensuing spillages I was ready to rock; And get my rocks off.

Suitably aroused and with Jenna Jameson’s boobs lubed I knelt astride them while Suze watched. I lay my cock between her tits and felt the coolness of the UR3. I rather liked that sensation. While you can warm the toy in warm water to raise its temperature you’re advised not to put it in the oven or microwave – that could be an interesting one to explain to the fire service – but I digress. This was when I found that you need to be very firmly erect to use the toy as to fully enclose your cock you need to squeeze them together and this makes the opening between them very small.

I began to thrust in and out, my cock appearing and disappearing between them, mesmerising Suze who loves to watch me masturbate. I’m sure that on your own you could add a little porn to the experience, maybe some of Jenna herself, I mean, imagine watching a scene with Jenna Jameson being tit-fucked while you fucked her tits, that would be POV to the max. For now I had my own porn performer, Suze slowly rubbing her clit for my entertainment and her pleasure.

I found that using the Perfect Pair I had to ensure just the right level of lubrication, occasionally adding just a drop of lube to easy the passage of my now raging hard-on between the pink mounds.

Suze was rolling about on the bed now, her hand between her legs. She moaned and only now did her eyes close, the orgasm interrupting the close-up view she had of my thrusting cock.

Suze’s eyes were sparkling as I began to feel the orgasm rising in my groin, looking at her while I was pumping into Jenna Jameson’s chest was surreal and arousing at the same time. I knew she wanted to see me come and wasn’t about to disappoint her. One final thrust and I buirried myself deep in between Jenna’s mounds, pulling the skin of my cock back and making the head of my penis shine.

Muscular contractions pumped semen towards a waiting Suze, once, twice, three times. I released the breasts and lifted my cock from between the twin mounds. I grasped my still rock hard member milking every drop from it, a trail of semen dribbling across Jenna’s left nipple. A blob of cum hit Suze on the tip of her nose as my muscular pumping subsided. Suze leant forward and licked Jenna’s nipple clean…

Jenna’s Perfect Pair are possibly the ultimate in male breast masturbators, They are made from top quality materials, and can take a serious pounding. I can vouch for that. The toy is heavy so it isn’t going to move around when you use it. They are a simple toy, in that you don’t have any vibrating function, but that’s the key to them. Since when did you meet a woman with a vibrating chest? If you love masturbation and would love to cum on a porn star’s chest then who better than Jenna Jameson?


Berman Juliet Review

If you were reading here earlier in the week you will know that Suze was naughty on Wednesday and took the day off to have a bit of recuperation. Don’t tell my boss. Lol

It’s good to indulge yourself once in a while and I decided to give my new toy the Juliet by Laura Berman a test drive. The Juliet is a “Clitoral Encaser” and you know how I love clit play. Lol

Berman JulietI slipped the clit vibe out of its packaging and out it popped complete with a lovely lilac gossamer bag to keep it in.

Here’s the techie stuff for you:

The Juliet is constructed from rose pink plastic with a satin finish so it doesn’t slip in your hand ;)
It measures approx 18.5cm from tip to base
The bottom unscrews to house 2 x AAA batteries
It is waterproof so you can use it anywhere
Is ergonomically designed
Adjustable speed control on base

The schoolgirl scene on the DVD featuring Alicia Rhodes started to play and so did I. ;) Alex was at work, the cat was asleep on his bed and now it was my time.

I reached over to my bedside drawers and took the Juliet from the top. Then I tested my moisture level by running my middle finger up between my pussy lips. Already horny I really didn’t need any lube but you can use both silicone and water based with this Clitoral Encaser.

The vibe felt good to hold and warm to the touch. I placed it on the bed as I wriggled out of my jeans and removed my red t-shirt. I slipped off my panties and cast them off on to the floor to join my other clothes discarded in a heap. Now naked I slipped between the sheets.

That dirty Alicia was guiding a guy in to the naughty brunette schoolgirl laying on the desk. She is one dirty bitch. ;) I turned the dial at the base of the vibe and guided it between my moist lips. Now, if only Alicia was here to help me out.

The vibration was good but I wanted more and turned the dial a little more. The combination of vibration and motion usually brings me off quite quickly. I located my clit with the head of the vibe and lay it over the top. Because of the length of the toy I was able to do this with ease, in fact I just laid my hand gently back on my right hip as I started to move the vibe over around my clit.

This toy is so easy to manipulate and feels very comfortable in your hand. The vibrations were now strumming around my clit, teasing it and the pulsing started. It’s not often that I stimulate any additional parts of my body but I felt like pinching my nipples.

I took hold of my pert left nipple between my thumb and index finger and squoze. Then I gently passed my palm over the top of it as it stood proud and to attention. This makes the nerve endings fire and Oooh, that felt good. ;)

I started to move the vibe around my clit, rolling it and letting the vibratory waves pulse through it. Within moments I could feel my orgasm building but I wanted to savour the moment and keep myself teetering on the edge.

This requires a fine balance between stimulation of my clit and backing off, giving chance for the pre orgasmic moment to subside. I feel the nerve endings in my feet and pelvic area, almost resonate with excitement…yes, that is exactly how it feels. Like my nerves are jangling, primed. It must be very much like a guy breaking off just before he come and then taking up his position again.

I find if I can manage to stave off my ejaculation a couple of times before I come, the intensity of the orgasm when it is finally allowed to build is so much more intense and can send you quite crazy. ;)

The tingling started in my feet and worked up through my pelvis and in to my pussy. FUCK!…I arched my back, pushing my shoulders and heels in to the mattress and held my breath as the orgasm swept over me.

I wanted to feel the intensity of orgasm again and I continued to slowly and carefully (you are quite sensitive post orgasm) stimulate my clit. One orgasm wasn’t enough. And moments later I was building for yet another and this time it was quicker arriving and just as powerful as the first.

Twitching I fell back on to the bed and drew in another post orgasmic breath…

…when I opened my eyes I was greeted by my cat, sitting on the bed next to me looking slightly bemused and interested in the buzzing sound under the covers. I don’t think mice buzz do they? How is it that cats and dogs can look at you in such an accusing way. They try to make you feel guilty so that you give them treats. Lol

I’ll remind him of that the next time he has a good clean down there.

And if you missed it you can see my video of the Juliet here.

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Berman Adonis Vibrator Review

AlezSuze, Berman AdonisThis is a beautifully and ergonomically designed g-spot and clitoral stimulator. And let me just say, Laura knows her anatomy well! I also wouldn’t mind her becoming familiar with mine, she is one hot looking lady as the image on the box revealed. There I go again. Lol

I unpacked the Adonis from its box, which is cleverly designed with the aid of Velcro fastners to reveal the instructions and technical details of the toy contained within. There is just one thing I would love for all toy manufacturers to do and that is supply the batteries for use in their products.

It’s a little like Christmas and you open your toys as a child to find they all require batteries and your parents have forgotten to buy them. :( Please toy manufacturers include batteries in your packaging so eager girls can get to work without having to look for some. Right, that said.

I was pleased that the Adonis was constructed out of a soft jelly silicone, soft and warm to the touch rather than it being constructed from a more rigid material. It looked a little like a large purple prawn as I removed it from the packaging. It even had the prawn like antenna extending out from the body. Ok, so they are actually a pad of raised rubber Pleasure Dots on the underside of the stimulator, ideally positioned for clitoral stimulation.

The shape is cleverly constructed to stimulate both the g-spot and clit at the same time with a bullet in each end and a control unit which houses 4 x AA batteries. The bullets contained within the Adonis each have a separate jack point and depending on which side of the unit you plug in to you can have 3 levels of vibration and 7 functions on the other, ranging from low vibration through to Super Speed. How versatile!

A very clever design in deed. I opted to plug the g-spot in to the 3 x vibration jack point, leaving the 7 functions to work on my clit…perfect. ;)

Alex popped over to drop in some presents at his relatives on New Years Day and I started the preparation for the evening meal which his parents were invited to. I did some preparation and then decided to have a break.

For some reason I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the Adonis and how much fun it looked. Surely Alex wouldn’t mind if I tried this one out on my own. Of course not…

Then I disappeared off to the bedroom and drew the curtains together. It was a dull day anyway, so nobody would suspect that I had gone off to bed for a bit of a wank. Lol

I removed my clothing down to my bra and panties. And I wouldn’t need those so I slipped them off and climbed on top of the duvet. After applying a small blog of water based lube to the tip of the Adonis I pushed it between my lips.

It curled round perfectly inside my pussy, hitting that all important g-spot. Now time to try the settings. The vibe fits perfectly between the legs with the noduled end sitting nicely against your clit. The first setting on the internal vibe was nice, a gentle rumble. I must say the separate hand controls were so easy to hold and use compared to integral controls where you have to almost be a contortionist to use them. :)

I maxed up the control to the third setting and WOW that was powerful. I could feel the waves vibrate through my vaginal wall as I rested my hand on top of my abdomen. Then I tried the clit vibe, the first setting was a very nice steady vibration which tickled my clit into life.

Quickly I moved through the settings…Medium, High, Roller Coaster and then I found the one I needed so badly…Stair Stepper. This one resonates through your clit and sends you to…I go all funny just thinking about it. I didn’t even make it through to the seventh setting. That’s something I will have to try later.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the vibratory power of this little sex toy will bounce it straight out of your pussy if left to it’s own devices. I had to keep pushing it back inside me, what it requires is gentle manipulation to help achieve your Nirvana or at least it did for me.

For hands free g-spot and clit stimulation, I found that if you gripped the Adonis between your thighs move your hips as if using a hula hoop this worked everything wonderfully whilst your hands are free to do other things…like adjusting the setting for yet another orgasm. I came quickly when I started to gyrate, having both areas stimulated simultaneously was mind blowing, almost like having two guys at the same time.

No lube was required after that. ;) To increase the clitoral stimulation and sensation of being fucked at the same time, I found that letting it vibrate out and pushing it back in again came very close to being fucked with the added bonus of fantastic clit stimulation.

If you use your pelvic floor muscles too you can give yourself both a workout and a good fuck at the same time as you pull the Adonis back in.

Whichever method works for you, this is a perfect vibe for clit orgasmers, g-spot orgasmers or penetration orgasmers. Or if you are like me all three! And a first for me was the ability to have a dual orgasm, I came with g-spot and clitoral at the same time. It was an exhilarating feeling and took me a while to come down from.

There was no disguising what I had been up to when Alex returned, my washed vibe was drying on a piece of tissue in the bathroom. We have no secrets and he wants to watch next time I use it.

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