Mantric Miyakodori

Alex went to the collection depot on Friday morning to retrieve my latest toy. The Rammer™ had attempted to deliver the parcel but I wasn’t around to sign for it. So I had to wait an extra day to be able to see it because the sorting office closes around lunchtime and I was at work. Another day of anticipation.

I met Alex at the door as he arrived back clutching it in his hand. Smiling he gave it up so that I could check out my latest naughty delivery.

I tore off the top of the envelope and pulled out my Mantric Miyakodori Remote Control (Whoopeeee!) Vibrator.

I read the packaging before taking out the little gem:

  • It has a 20ft range
  • Six pre-programmed functions
  • The receiving unit can be used independently and because it has a jack plug it can be used to operate many other toys (make mental note to check out the others…)
  • The Miyakodori is the most powerful and best-featured remote control on the market.
  • It has been featured on over here in the UK
  • The receiver unit takes 3 x 1.5v AAA batteries
  • The remote unit takes one 23AE 12V battery

Just reading the packaging was making me excited but I decided to wait to test drive this understated fanny bomb. I can’t believe I just said that. Lol It deserved to be tested in public, somewhere people are too busy getting on with things to notice the look of ecstasy on my little face. ;)

Only one place it could be used…the pub. We decided to give it a test drive at our favourite country retreat and have a meal at the same time.

The following morning I prepared myself for some fun and naughty games. I removed my toy from the packaging, Alex had already loaded up the vibe and remote with the batteries supplied the night before. I placed the vibe between my pussy lips, ensuring that the wire was protruding from the front. I plugged the jack in to the side of the remote and pulled on my black Lycra girl shorts.

I needed to ensure that there would be no embarrassing accidents at the pub, large clingy panties and to be doubly sure blue jeans. :) I attached the receiver to the waistband of my jeans using the handy clip on the back of the unit. This works well because the on/off slider is on the top edge of the unit and there are two buttons on the front to cycle through the functions, one for up and the other down.

The receiver is so discreet that you can quite easily conceal it under a long top, I wore a black rugby shirt and you couldn’t even tell that I was now geared up with own self entertainment centre. The remote had disappeared…I wonder who had that! However you don’t need the remote to have fun with this toy as the wearer has their own set of controls on the receiver/controller to whiz through the six vibro settings.

Alex walked in to the bedroom at that point and asked if I wanted to do a quick test to see if it was working. I switched on the receiver and he quickly cycled through the functions. My pussy began to resonate with the powerful vibes it was sending through my lips and into my pubic bone. Wow, it was bloody powerful. My giggles confirmed my enjoyment although only briefly, we had to go.

The pub wasn’t very busy and I must admit I was slightly disappointed, I wanted more hustle and bustle for obvious reasons. We sat on the back wall of the main public room and waited for the appropriate moment. I was concerned about the low noise level in the pub and waited for the crowd noise to increase. Shuffling around excitedly in my big girls pants. I pushed the control over to the “On” setting.

Just in case I asked Alex to place his mobile phone on the table. If the vibrations were audible, perhaps the onlooker would think the noise was the phone vibrating. Good thinking um? The thought of sitting in a public area and having Alex control my toy was proving to be a great turn on for me. I could feel that familiar pulsing in my pussy before we even started. ;)

I sat gripped in my seat excitedly awaiting the first buzz of pleasure to hit my swollen clit. My crotch began to buzz and fuck me, it could be heard over the conversations in the room. Shit! I looked to the table to the left of me and guy at the end was looking my way but trying not to, if you know what I mean.

Alex fumbled discretely with his control and I picked up the mobile quickly pretending it had gone off. After several pulsing cycles Alex managed to turn off the bullet. I sat back against the seat and breathed in a sigh of relief that nobody seemed to have picked up on what we were up to. I also felt very dirty and aroused. ;)

It’s a shame that the Miyakodori is so audible but on the other hand it’s because it is so powerful, who would believe that something so small could deliver such pulsating pleasure. So not all is lost and I need to find a venue with more background noise next time. ;)

We ate our food and finished our drinks and headed back home to give the silver bullet a could working out. As soon as we entered the house we were pulling at each others clothing. I ended up walking up the stairs in just my black panties and a plunge bra, whilst Alex was completely naked, he doesn’t mess around. Lol

I clipped the receiver to my waistband and climbed on to the bed. Alex was already hard and his cock bobbed up and down as he moved in next to me, control in hand and a smile on his face. I must admit the bullet is so easy to wear and discreet.

We lay on our sides facing each other. I turned my receiver on again and Alex tried the first setting, a continuous buzzing between my closed legs, the intensity increased by my thighs being closed. He found the second setting and now my clit was really buzzing! The third made my squirm and giggle as it delivered direct streams of vibration to my eager clit. Then he hit the fourth setting and I nearly came, the strong pulses being emitted were enough to bring me off.

Not yet! He increased the intensity with the final continual vibrating setting. I wanted to savour the unique experience of having your partner control your orgasm. The next felt like a strong tongue was flicking over my clit. He pushed the button again, a huge bee was now in my pants and buzzing my clit. Then the steady increase of speed with the last setting as it wound up and then petered out. Jesus, I was so close to coming.

I asked Alex to turn the setting to the forth, pulsating setting and lay back against the mattress. He leaned over me and sucked my right nipple in to his mouth and began to play with it roughly in his mouth, biting, flicking and sucking.

It was all too much for me and my hips rose off the bed as I came with my legs braced together around the pulsating bullet. Alex continued to suck on my nipple as I twitched through my final wave of orgasm.

As I began to return to reality I looked down between Alex’s legs and could see that he was more than ready to take me…

…next time I will be trying this out in public again! This a great toy whether you have a partner to play with or not. It’s powerful, the remote has a great range and the interaction it affords the wearer and the partner holding the remote really adds to the sense of fun and excitement. You can have a great time with this toy on your own, but it’s so much fun to share.

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Toy Joy Cherry Blossom Nibbler

Now what can I say about this little baby…fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkk!

End of review.

No seriously. When I first opened the packet for the Chrerry Blossom Nibbler I must say it didn’t impress. It reminded me of a small torch without a light. Lol But, Oh boy, was I wrong. Lesson learned…never underestimate the power of sex toy again before trying it. That is now noted and I will never assume again.

The Nibbler is a clit stimulator and I must admit to having my doubts that a toy could possibly replicate the close relationship I have with my finger. ;) All I will say for now is I was wrong.

The Nibbler is a slim vibrator for the clitoris with removable latex head containing 6 soft latex tentacles to tease your little nub.


  • Removable latex head for cleaning
  • Easy load screw tight battery compartment, taking 2 x AAA batteries
  • Push button speed/vibration control. A marvellous idea, how many times have we tried to turn up the speed of a vibe and had the battery cover unscrew!
  • 7 x vibrating sensa functions

Not sure if I would need lube to try this out, Alex wet the vibe with saliva and I thoroughly wet my clit but we had some lube on standby should it be required.

I tried the three speeds (non-pulsing) and then the first pulse, the vibrations were reverberating throughout my pelvis and clit. The pulse seemed to be doing it for me for a while then I switched back to speed setting 2 and started to move the head around just like I would my finger. We know that the sensitive spot moves when rubbing one out, doesn’t it girls?

I love the feeling of my finger on my clit but this was something else and easier to manipulate. No RSI with this one. ;) I found the extension to my reach far more comfortable than with just my hand alone.

My hips started to buck and Alex was watching me eagerly, stroking his cock and enjoying the floor display. I was now starting to moan and to my surprise didn’t require any lube to get the desired effect with no chaffing.

Before long I was tilting my hips and pushing my back against the bed and I felt the most enrapturing orgasm washing over me. This little toy was hiding it’s light under a bushel. I could not believe that a toy could do more for my clit than I could!

I came rather violently, thrashing and moaning like a possessed whore. The clitoral stimulation that this toy provides is unequalled by anything I have ever tried before. Do I sound as if I am hooked? Yes I do, this has to be one of the best toys I have tried out so far because the effects were so intense. And for such a low cost, not that I put a price on pleasure but this one is worth it’s weight in gold.

I asked Alex how long I had taken to climax, normally it takes me anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes to come with finger stimulation. Alex informed me that it took…guess how long…

…just about 5 minutes. So next time you want a quick orgasm, perhaps before work, this is the one for you.

This is a very simple toy, it does the one job it was designed for very, very well. It’s without doubt the best toy for clitoral stimulation I have ever tried … and I still have to try out the other settings … and then experiment on Alex.

I am one very happy bunny.

Finger Fun Phantasy Kit Review

Berman Alethia Clitoral StimulatorGirls do you remember as a child spending pounds on those vending machines which carried little plastic eggs containing treats? I spent most of my spending money on them, trying to get a plastic ring to wear. As a child you can forget precious metals, there is nothing to equal a nice chunky plastic ring with a faux gem mounted on it. Lol

You may be asking…”has she gone mad?”. Well, no…this is what came to mind when I opened the box to reveal my Berman Center Alethia.It looks just like one of those rings but gives a girl much more pleasure. I now refer to it as “My Precious!” ;)

Inside the neat little package was:

An expandable ring with integral twist on/off control
3 soft textured interchangeable tips
1 beautiful lilac gossamer drawstring pouch to keep your toy safe and clean inside your bag/purse
And most important of all 4 x lithium batteries. Enough for using now and an additional spare set. Very thoughtful!

The device is so simple and easy to use, no fiddling around when you need to get started. ;)

I was home from work early on Friday and after slipping out of my work clothes I decided to give it a quick try. I was going to wait until later when Alex got back but I felt a little tense, it had been a hard week at work and I just wanted to relax. And I find an orgasm one of the most enjoyable ways to unwind. That coupled with the fact that I’m a horny bitch. Lol

Panties were dispensed of and bra too. Naked I slipped between the crisp white sheets and opened the Alethia box. I had already placed the batteries in the clit vibe the day before when examining my latest toy, or should I say regarding it impatiently as I sat at my desk giggling next to Alex.

So eager was I to get started that I didn’t even put any porn on or even the television. I placed the tapered sleeve over the tip of the vibe and it was ready to go. Suze was even more so, hehehe. I placed the ring on my middle finger with the pointed end facing inwards instead of outwards.

No need for lube, I was more than ready but just in case I spat on my left fingers and spread my saliva over my well tuned clit. I was right, it was moist there already. With one turn of the clit vibe tip the toy buzzed in to action and relative to the power it delivered it was quite discreetly quiet.

I placed the tip of the vibe on my labia and pushed inwards between the folds where my clit was waiting all swollen and pink. Then stage left the bloody cat walked in to the bedroom, saw me fiddling under the covers and jumped up on to me. He seemed eager to find that bumble been he could hear. Needless to say I despatched him quite quickly, there is a time and a place for pussies and I was taking care of mine first. ;)

As soon as the vibe head touched my clit it sent sparks of electricity throughout my lower body and down my legs. I started to move the noduled head from side to side over my clit using a light touch. Perfect. I started to do the Suze buttock clench and within moments I was reaching orgasm. Within less than a minute I had cum. This vibe is absolutely wonderful. No…essential is the word I was looking for.

Every woman should own one. The speed in which it brought me off is unprecedented. I couldn’t believe just how fast it worked. It had to be tried again with the other two heads! Each time it was the same, a gripping, toe curling orgasm with seconds of me applying the head to my clitoris.

For well over an hour afterwards my clit was tingling and I felt good, better than any pick me up known to man and no drugs required. ;)

I’m thinking about having a rerun during lunchtime next week as this little beauty fits so discreetly in your bag.