The Doc Johnson, Vac-U-Lock E-Z Rider Rocker Review

Doc Johnson E-Z Rider RockerWow! That was a mouthful. This toy is unlike any other I have seen or tried and I just couldn’t wait to well…ride it. The image on box made me smile but I could tell it had great potential. ;)

Everything is included in the neatly packaged box:

One inflatable ball, colour flesh tone
A talc dispenser (got you guessing haven’t I?)
The Vac-U-Lock plug
And finally, last but not least…a wonderful realistic fell UR3 cock to fit on to the locking system. A whole 6” of insertable orgasmic pleasure for him or her. But I’m having the first go. :P

The great thing about this toy is that the Vac-U-Lock system is interchangeable with other pleasure givers, such as their strap-on harness, so one cock fits all. And many cocks fit one. What could be better! ;) There is also a great choice of dongs in all shapes, sizes and colours, they even have one with hair at the base for that extra authentic touch. And for the connoisseur they also supply a double penetrator for that bit of DP action.

Now down to some preparation, I went off to the bathroom to give my cock a good wash before I used it. It feels slightly strange but horny at the same time, washing your cock in the bathroom. Oh, to be a man! After a good wash, which I enjoyed, just like giving a soapy cock wank the composite is so flesh like. I really lathered it up and paid a lot of attention to the area just under the head like a good girl.

When it was clean I left it to drain on the side of the sink. This freaked the cat out. He sat next to it on the vanity unit, just staring. Once drained I took it in a warm fluffy towel and dried it. One cock now ready for action.

I sat on the edge of the bed and opened out the flesh coloured ball and located the hole I needed to insert the plug in to. The best method for this is to insert the corner of the smaller end of the trapezium in to the opening in the ball and then turn the plug to fully insert the plug.

Next I used the clever little talk dispenser to coat the inside of the dong to ensure that it didn’t stick to the plastic plug insert. Then I firmly pushed the realistic dong on to the plug. I started to blow in to the valve to inflate the ball and I blew and I blew but nothing happened the ball remained the same size. Then Alex who had been laying behind me on the bed, unbeknown to me laughing. Suggested that I pinch the valve when I blow to allow the air to travel through to the ball. Bloody hell, he is such a smartie pants sometimes. :)

Once inflated I was ready to go and Alex was eager to watch me. Unlike normal dongs with a suction cup base this one can be used on any surface, including carpets, upholstered chairs and beds. I decided to try cowgirl on the bed, much easier on the knees. Lol

Alex loves to watch me bring myself off but I also feel a little guilty when I’m indulging in a little self love and find it difficult not to include him. Not hat he complains. ;) I reached over to the bedside draws and took hold of the lube I had placed there earlier. Then I applied a generous amount to the tip and worked it around the cock head.

I straddled the ball on bended knees and guided the tip inside me. It was just the right size for my pussy, enough to be able to feel it and not too much to make sex with it difficult. Alex stood at the side of the bed in his bathrobe which hung open exposing his growing member.

I lowered myself down on to the soft ball beneath, taking in the cock inch by inch and it felt very real inside me. Once I had devoured it’s length I raised myself back off the phallus slowly to ensure good coverage of the erection with the lube. It felt so close to the real thing, I even felt the underside hit my fleshy opening as I lifted my pussy off the cock.

I took hold of the ball and made my way over to Alex’s side of the bed where he was now proudly standing, stroking his cock. Still on my knees I lowered back down over that wonderful firm cock and I began to fuck the cock cowgirl. To aid my speed and g-spot stimulation a top tip is to grab the ball firmly between your calves and this secures the cock to aid optimum angling.

This was perfect. My g-spot was getting a good workout as I bounced up and down on the ball which acts as the perfect buffer. Better than grounding on a hard chair on the down stroke. I also added a bit of rolling between my thrusts which moved the cock around inside me to increase the intensity of the fuck. Something you can’t do with a normal dong. It even feels good to do a bit of “stirring”.

Within a few minutes I was climaxing and no further lube was necessary, that cock was all shiny and wet. ;) I hold totally forgotten about Alex who was standing before me wanking. Reaching forward I took a firm hold of his erection and began to stroke it in time with my movements on the Ezrider. He bucked his hips, fucking my hand just like a pussy.

I came again and for a moment stopped stroking his cock, lost in the orgasmic pleasure. Alex’s hand embraced mine and he moved both our hands up and down his hard shaft. This prompted me and I took over once again. The tip of his cock was now glistening with pre cum and I leaned over to lick his dick clean. Alex moaned and took hold of my hair, guiding me down to him.

Still bouncing on my cock I started to fuck his erection with my mouth. It was becoming difficult to breath and I lifted my head off his hardon enough to be able to pull in some much needed air. A couple of breaths later I started to bob up and down on him and my dong. Another orgasm hit me but I managed to keep my mind on the task in hand mouth.

I came up for air once more and began working his cock with my hand again. I felt so horny, bringing myself off and Alex at the same time. I was just about to lean over and blow him again when Alex exclaimed “Fuck! I’m coming”. No time to take him in my mouth I instinctively opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

From previous experience I closed my eyes, that bloody stuff stings if you get it in your eyes. ;) the first spurt of cum hit my left cheek, quickly followed by a globule landing squarely on my top lip. Alex was now balancing himself on the top of my head with his right hand as he quaked before me. Then a warm stream of cum landed on my tongue, it felt warm after waiting so long.

With a twitching convulsion he shot the last of his load in to my mouth.

I looked up at him and smiled as I licked my lips and swallowed him down. When I stopped rolling on the ball I realised that I had coated the top of it with my cum, all around the base of the cock and balls was wet. Good job the whole thing is fully washable.

This toy surprised me in more ways than one. When I first saw this and right up to the point of actually using it, I though the cock on a ball concept was just too outlandish to be effective, now how wrong could I have been. It is such a versatile toy, every girl should have one in their toy box. ;)

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, Vac-U-Lock

Doc Johnson’s UR3 Cock And Anus

I was asked via email by one of our readers, Alicia, if I would consider reviewing this sex toy. I must admit when I followed the link in her email I was slightly taken aback. After all wasn’t thing a sex toy for the “gay” guy or the “bisexual” guy?

As I sat pondering upon the image on the toys site it occurred to me that this could be a good toy for a couple. I get to sit on that nice hard dick and Alex can fuck the ass until he explodes inside it. Then I got slightly carried away and visualised me fucking it with my strap-on. ;)

Let me just say one thing about this toy, it will not post through your letter box no matter how hard The Rammer™ may try. :D There is a very thoughtful addition to the packaging, you can remove a sticker from the top corner of it and feel a sample of the realistic skin before you purchase your toy (if you were to buy it from a retail store) or open it in my case. I can’t resist poking holes you know what I’m like. Though why would you buy it from a shop when you can buy online from Twisted Miss.

I removed the toy from it’s packaging and was surprised just how flesh like it feels, the small sample really doesn’t do it justice. It’s both heavy and sturdy and the cock needs no encouragement to stay hard. ;) It also comes with a talc applicator and some soluble lube so you are ready to get started straight away.

The cock is very lifelike with good veining and penis head shape and the balls are uneven in size…very life like indeed! I gave it a good wash in the bath before much to the amusement of the cat who couldn’t take his eyes off the cock as it bobbed up and down. Lol

It felt strange washing a cock and arse but it left me feeling horny. I just had to try a finger in that tight little ass. I pushed one finger in to discover it’s hidden secret. It’s textured in there. I shouted out to Alex who was in the bedroom and he sounded quite excited.

One thing that did spring to mind as I washed this wonderfully crafted toy was that it would be best used when it is at room temperature. I had hidden it away in a box in the garage because Alex’s parents came over during the day and when I retrieved it, it felt too cold to sit on…or was it?

The anus is fully flushable for the big clean up afterwards as it has an opening at the other end. You can simply run it through under the tap or alternatively stick a straw in the other end whilst your guy is pumping away at it. Ok…I know…too much information. I’m such a dirty bitch at times. ;)

For the specialists out there the dimensions of the cock and anus are:

  • The solid base is 26cm long x 28cm (at it’s widest point)
  • The erect penis is 16cm in length from the scrotum and from the abdomen it is 19cm (Oooh errr!)
  • The penis girth is 13cm round (Even more Oooh errr!)
  • And it weighs approximately 2.8 kg/6lbs 2.5ozs (You don’t realise how weird that looked. Having a cock and arse on my weighing scales. I just made Delia Smith blush. Lol)

Just returning to the cock detail once more, not that I’m obsessed with cock! But it has a lovely upward curve just like the real thing and the underside has the prominent corpus spongiosum too. Now you didn’t know I knew the name for that did you.

I love to use toys but I’m also a bit of an exhibitionist I suppose and I love it even more if Alex is watching me or participating. So I decided to go for a bit of MFM. ;) Bloody greedy! *giggle*

I took my new toy off to the bedroom and being a practical kind of girl placed it upon a towel on the edge of the bed, so if any lube dripped it would be on the towel. Taking the water soluble lube I drizzled some over the head and then worked it down the shaft with my fingers.

Now ready and glistening I removed my dress and panties, leaving my black lace bra on. It would keep my boobs from too much movement if I got a little frantic whilst riding my cock. ;) I parted my legs wide and reversed towards the toy.

Taking the cock in my right hand I held it up towards my eager pussy and started to lower myself on to it. It was still a little cold but I was too ready to stop. Lol I could feel it’s entry inside me as I lowered my pussy over it. The head and the veining stimulating my vaginal walls as I sank down further.

I bottomed out on to the fleshy base and it felt good to be sat upon what felt like a body rather than a hard chair. Angling my hips helped me to get to that all important g-spot and I began to work up and down the cock.

Alex was in the room with me and walked around from the other side of the bed where he had been laying, watching me engulf the erection. He was only wearing a kahki t-shirt and already quite hard having watched me bouncing up and down on this life like cock. He walked towards me as I bobbed up and down and waggled his erection at me provocatively.

He was being less than subtle about the fact that he wanted a little attention too. I took hold of him whilst sitting on the full length of that cock. I began to twirl my hips moving the cock around my inner walls. It felt good and as I gyrated I took Alex in my mouth. I must admit to being totally turned on at the thought of being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time. A dream of mine…

I pushed my tongue along the underside of his cock, pursed my lips around his hard flesh and began to fuck him with my mouth. You should have heard his cries. I fucked sucked and squeezed his balls for all I was worth whilst moving that cock around on my g-spot.

Alex took hold of two large ponytails of my hair and pulled me down deeper on to his throbbing erection. Saliva was now running down my chin, preoccupied I only noticed as it dripped and cooled on my knees.

“Fuck … I’m close”, he grunted. I withdrew from his cock and started to bounce up and down on that cock for all it was worth and it stayed right there whilst I fucked it’s balls off. I grabbed hold of that cock in front of me and began to wank it in time with my movements. We were in perfect synchronicity.

I was close to orgasm and my fingers and toes began to tingle as my orgasm gripped me. Despite this I hung on for bare life and continued to hand wank Alex. He leant backwards with a strained look about his face and thrust his cock in to my hand. The perfect action…

“aghhh!”, I heard him say as he fired cum in to my face. I opened my moth and a string of cum landed on it then the next him my cheek, then my forehead. At that point I closed my eyes (I know just how much cum stings the eyes if it gets in there). I let go of his erection and he took over, slowly pumping the last of his seed on to me.

I licked my lips and savoured that sweet musky taste of Alex and he collapsed on to the bed bedside me. I started to bounce up and down on that cock once more…

I told you I can never get enough and this guy is always ready! ;)

As you can tell I had a great time using a toy that you would think is designed exclusively for a gay male. Well thanks to Alicia I’ve tried it out and I can tell you that it works for women too. Solo it’s unique in my experience, the sensation of bouncing on a very realistic cock and feeling a “body” under your thighs is very satisfying. The weight and construction of the toy means it will not move and there are possibilities for some very kinky action afforded by the waiting anus.

And this is Alex’s take on the toy …

The Doc Johnson’s Cock And Anus presents double the opportunity for enjoyment, whether you’re a man or a couple. As Suze mentioned in the first part of this review the toy was obviously designed with gay men in mind. So when the toy arrived we decided that to ensure the toy was tested fully it required a man, and as I was the nearest thing to a man Suze had to hand that job fell to me. LOL

There are of course two sides to this toy where a man is concerned. A giver and a receiver so to speak.

I first of all tested the cock. As always, in preparation for any sort of anal play I lubed up, or should I say that Suze lubed me up, far more pleasurable and much less awkward than doing it yourself. The feeling of cool lube being dribbled onto your anus and then gently worked inside by your partner’s finger is something that I do enjoy. When she was satisfied that I was prepared Suze coated the head of the cock with lube (water based BTW and supplied with the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus).

The toy was resting on a towel, on one of our pine chairs. I reached round and guided the cock towards my ass. Suze meanwhile grabbed my semi-hard cock and began to lick it. The Doc Johnson’s Cock is not totally rigid it has quite a lot of flexibility. This is obviously to make it more comfortable when inserted and along with the UR3 “Real Skin” covering makes for a very realistic toy. The downside was that I had some difficulty inserting the toy.

This wasn’t just the toy’s characteristics of course. I don’t insert things into my own anus on a regular basis and therefore performing the insertion blind is not a skill I have developed. Suze was preoccupied, having moved on from licking to sucking and gently biting my cock. The other obstacle to the insertion was that my anal sphincters are very tight, even when I’m relaxed, again because I’m not used to receiving a cock up there.

When I did managed to slide the head and half the length inside me Suze tilted her head to one side and lowered herself so she could watch while still sucking on my dick. She increased her stimulation of me, obviously excited by seeing me penetrated.

A few stokes, me gently bobbing up and down were enough for me. The overall shape of the cock and the veining on the surface were very stimulating. As anal stimulation can be intense for me even with thin toys, the cock was literally breathtaking.

I raised myself from the cock, and pushed Suze back, turning her round. Her initial disappointment assuaged when she felt me bend her over the bed and the head of my penis nuzzle against her wet swollen pussy lips …

… some time later I returned, at Suze’s insistence to the toy and this time the anus. I have to say that only ever having indulged in anal sex once, very briefly with Suze, and then only entering her a few centimetres, I am no expert on the sensations it causes in the giver. What I can say is that the toy affords the user and their partner a novel experience.

A word of advice before using the toy’s anal opening. Out of the box the “anus” is tight, even thoroughly lubed I found it difficult to insert my penis. The answer is to insert a couple of lubed fingers, twisting and stretching the opening slightly. This and use itself means that the toy we have is now dilated about 6-8mm and easy to use.

Having worked out how to gently widen the opening I put the toy to use. Height was a problem, our bed is low and initially I though that using it knelt at the edge would be best. My thighs were pressing against the frame which was uncomfortable. However Suze solved this problem with some rolled up bedding to adjust the height of the toy and cushion my thighs. Finally she placed a towel underneath the toy to soak up, er, spillages. The toy was thoroughly lubed with water based lube so things were obviously going to leak out.

I positioned myself “behind” the toy, Suze lay face down on the bed watching, the toy’s cock pointing at her. I held my cock down, pressing my erection against the sphincter. Once pushed past the opening it slid into the textured interior with a satisfying friction. The contours of the inner surface are just enough to give stimulation without feeling as if they’ve been put there deliberately to stimulate.

I slowly slid back and forth, getting a feel for the right position, angling my hips for greatest stimulation, pressing different parts of my penis against the inner walls.

After a few moments I began long slow thrusts, much to Suzes delight and despite the size of the toy the tip of my cock emerged from the opening nearest her, covered in lube.

A number of other things became apparent. Thrusting as I was, the feeling of the “skin” of the toy against my own body was very pleasant. Although not like the real thing exactly it does give you the feeling you’re actually fucking something other than a toy.

The cock bobs as you move inside the toy. Obvious when you think about it, but to see it waving at me while I slid in and out was quite a surprise. As was the feeling of a pair of balls in a tight scrotum pressing against my lower abdomen on my deepest strokes.

Suze really enjoyed the show grinning like a Chesire Cat as my cock appeared and disappeared within the toy. I found that the subtle contouring and yielding construction of the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus meant I wanted to thrust into it and burry myself deep inside it.

When I did cum the weight of the toy helped too. It doesn’t shift around and althought it doesn’t implore you to “fuck me harder” or the like its stability is a real plus.

This is the bit that Suze loved. I felt the tension build and my orgasm hit. Suze yelped with excitement as I squirted cum out through the opening of the toy at the side facing her and on to the towel.

This toy is astonishing. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. It’s not just a toy for gay men, though I’m certain they’d love it, there are ways people of all sexual orientations can use it. As a couple we certainly enjoyed it. We just have to try the final combination, the F-M-M, or is it F-CA-M action Suze talked about in her review. We may even think of some more uses for it …

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