Mantric Miyakodori

Alex went to the collection depot on Friday morning to retrieve my latest toy. The Rammer™ had attempted to deliver the parcel but I wasn’t around to sign for it. So I had to wait an extra day to be able to see it because the sorting office closes around lunchtime and I was at work. Another day of anticipation.

I met Alex at the door as he arrived back clutching it in his hand. Smiling he gave it up so that I could check out my latest naughty delivery.

I tore off the top of the envelope and pulled out my Mantric Miyakodori Remote Control (Whoopeeee!) Vibrator.

I read the packaging before taking out the little gem:

  • It has a 20ft range
  • Six pre-programmed functions
  • The receiving unit can be used independently and because it has a jack plug it can be used to operate many other toys (make mental note to check out the others…)
  • The Miyakodori is the most powerful and best-featured remote control on the market.
  • It has been featured on over here in the UK
  • The receiver unit takes 3 x 1.5v AAA batteries
  • The remote unit takes one 23AE 12V battery

Just reading the packaging was making me excited but I decided to wait to test drive this understated fanny bomb. I can’t believe I just said that. Lol It deserved to be tested in public, somewhere people are too busy getting on with things to notice the look of ecstasy on my little face. ;)

Only one place it could be used…the pub. We decided to give it a test drive at our favourite country retreat and have a meal at the same time.

The following morning I prepared myself for some fun and naughty games. I removed my toy from the packaging, Alex had already loaded up the vibe and remote with the batteries supplied the night before. I placed the vibe between my pussy lips, ensuring that the wire was protruding from the front. I plugged the jack in to the side of the remote and pulled on my black Lycra girl shorts.

I needed to ensure that there would be no embarrassing accidents at the pub, large clingy panties and to be doubly sure blue jeans. :) I attached the receiver to the waistband of my jeans using the handy clip on the back of the unit. This works well because the on/off slider is on the top edge of the unit and there are two buttons on the front to cycle through the functions, one for up and the other down.

The receiver is so discreet that you can quite easily conceal it under a long top, I wore a black rugby shirt and you couldn’t even tell that I was now geared up with own self entertainment centre. The remote had disappeared…I wonder who had that! However you don’t need the remote to have fun with this toy as the wearer has their own set of controls on the receiver/controller to whiz through the six vibro settings.

Alex walked in to the bedroom at that point and asked if I wanted to do a quick test to see if it was working. I switched on the receiver and he quickly cycled through the functions. My pussy began to resonate with the powerful vibes it was sending through my lips and into my pubic bone. Wow, it was bloody powerful. My giggles confirmed my enjoyment although only briefly, we had to go.

The pub wasn’t very busy and I must admit I was slightly disappointed, I wanted more hustle and bustle for obvious reasons. We sat on the back wall of the main public room and waited for the appropriate moment. I was concerned about the low noise level in the pub and waited for the crowd noise to increase. Shuffling around excitedly in my big girls pants. I pushed the control over to the “On” setting.

Just in case I asked Alex to place his mobile phone on the table. If the vibrations were audible, perhaps the onlooker would think the noise was the phone vibrating. Good thinking um? The thought of sitting in a public area and having Alex control my toy was proving to be a great turn on for me. I could feel that familiar pulsing in my pussy before we even started. ;)

I sat gripped in my seat excitedly awaiting the first buzz of pleasure to hit my swollen clit. My crotch began to buzz and fuck me, it could be heard over the conversations in the room. Shit! I looked to the table to the left of me and guy at the end was looking my way but trying not to, if you know what I mean.

Alex fumbled discretely with his control and I picked up the mobile quickly pretending it had gone off. After several pulsing cycles Alex managed to turn off the bullet. I sat back against the seat and breathed in a sigh of relief that nobody seemed to have picked up on what we were up to. I also felt very dirty and aroused. ;)

It’s a shame that the Miyakodori is so audible but on the other hand it’s because it is so powerful, who would believe that something so small could deliver such pulsating pleasure. So not all is lost and I need to find a venue with more background noise next time. ;)

We ate our food and finished our drinks and headed back home to give the silver bullet a could working out. As soon as we entered the house we were pulling at each others clothing. I ended up walking up the stairs in just my black panties and a plunge bra, whilst Alex was completely naked, he doesn’t mess around. Lol

I clipped the receiver to my waistband and climbed on to the bed. Alex was already hard and his cock bobbed up and down as he moved in next to me, control in hand and a smile on his face. I must admit the bullet is so easy to wear and discreet.

We lay on our sides facing each other. I turned my receiver on again and Alex tried the first setting, a continuous buzzing between my closed legs, the intensity increased by my thighs being closed. He found the second setting and now my clit was really buzzing! The third made my squirm and giggle as it delivered direct streams of vibration to my eager clit. Then he hit the fourth setting and I nearly came, the strong pulses being emitted were enough to bring me off.

Not yet! He increased the intensity with the final continual vibrating setting. I wanted to savour the unique experience of having your partner control your orgasm. The next felt like a strong tongue was flicking over my clit. He pushed the button again, a huge bee was now in my pants and buzzing my clit. Then the steady increase of speed with the last setting as it wound up and then petered out. Jesus, I was so close to coming.

I asked Alex to turn the setting to the forth, pulsating setting and lay back against the mattress. He leaned over me and sucked my right nipple in to his mouth and began to play with it roughly in his mouth, biting, flicking and sucking.

It was all too much for me and my hips rose off the bed as I came with my legs braced together around the pulsating bullet. Alex continued to suck on my nipple as I twitched through my final wave of orgasm.

As I began to return to reality I looked down between Alex’s legs and could see that he was more than ready to take me…

…next time I will be trying this out in public again! This a great toy whether you have a partner to play with or not. It’s powerful, the remote has a great range and the interaction it affords the wearer and the partner holding the remote really adds to the sense of fun and excitement. You can have a great time with this toy on your own, but it’s so much fun to share.

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Toy Joy Cherry Blossom Nibbler

Now what can I say about this little baby…fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkk!

End of review.

No seriously. When I first opened the packet for the Chrerry Blossom Nibbler I must say it didn’t impress. It reminded me of a small torch without a light. Lol But, Oh boy, was I wrong. Lesson learned…never underestimate the power of sex toy again before trying it. That is now noted and I will never assume again.

The Nibbler is a clit stimulator and I must admit to having my doubts that a toy could possibly replicate the close relationship I have with my finger. ;) All I will say for now is I was wrong.

The Nibbler is a slim vibrator for the clitoris with removable latex head containing 6 soft latex tentacles to tease your little nub.


  • Removable latex head for cleaning
  • Easy load screw tight battery compartment, taking 2 x AAA batteries
  • Push button speed/vibration control. A marvellous idea, how many times have we tried to turn up the speed of a vibe and had the battery cover unscrew!
  • 7 x vibrating sensa functions

Not sure if I would need lube to try this out, Alex wet the vibe with saliva and I thoroughly wet my clit but we had some lube on standby should it be required.

I tried the three speeds (non-pulsing) and then the first pulse, the vibrations were reverberating throughout my pelvis and clit. The pulse seemed to be doing it for me for a while then I switched back to speed setting 2 and started to move the head around just like I would my finger. We know that the sensitive spot moves when rubbing one out, doesn’t it girls?

I love the feeling of my finger on my clit but this was something else and easier to manipulate. No RSI with this one. ;) I found the extension to my reach far more comfortable than with just my hand alone.

My hips started to buck and Alex was watching me eagerly, stroking his cock and enjoying the floor display. I was now starting to moan and to my surprise didn’t require any lube to get the desired effect with no chaffing.

Before long I was tilting my hips and pushing my back against the bed and I felt the most enrapturing orgasm washing over me. This little toy was hiding it’s light under a bushel. I could not believe that a toy could do more for my clit than I could!

I came rather violently, thrashing and moaning like a possessed whore. The clitoral stimulation that this toy provides is unequalled by anything I have ever tried before. Do I sound as if I am hooked? Yes I do, this has to be one of the best toys I have tried out so far because the effects were so intense. And for such a low cost, not that I put a price on pleasure but this one is worth it’s weight in gold.

I asked Alex how long I had taken to climax, normally it takes me anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes to come with finger stimulation. Alex informed me that it took…guess how long…

…just about 5 minutes. So next time you want a quick orgasm, perhaps before work, this is the one for you.

This is a very simple toy, it does the one job it was designed for very, very well. It’s without doubt the best toy for clitoral stimulation I have ever tried … and I still have to try out the other settings … and then experiment on Alex.

I am one very happy bunny.

Cupid’s Couch Review

I took receipt of two parcels the other day. Today we unpacked the second much larger parcel and removed a large poly covered lozenge, a piece of A4 paper and a…no, I don’t think I’m going to tell you…Oh, go on then. A foot pump. I can hear the cogs turning in your heads as you try to think of the reason for the foot pump. Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any more. The package contained a Cupids Couch, courtesy of our toy supplier an early Christmas present and what could be more apt for us than a couch for fucking on. Did I mention it’s wipe clean too?

Alex unfurled the couch attached the pump and began to pump away. I just love how that sounds. Meanwhile I looked at the usage diagram sheet and memorised them for later. Lol

The couch needs a reasonable amount of space to inflate and use, so we decided to blow it up in the living room. Praying that neither of our parents popped round to see us. I had my excuse at the ready, “It’s an ergonomic bed for your friends to use if they need to crash out at your house”, would be my response to the inevitable question. I’m so good, aren’t I? Almost a pro.

We did wait until nightfall to inflate the couch so that we could close the curtains or all the neighbours would be wanting one too. It didn’t take Alex long, when he first laid it out I thought by the time he had finished inflating it he would be so out of breath that he wouldn’t want to use it. Lol

One thing I do advise is that you allow it to warm to the ambient room temperature before you start. That’s me ever practical. Another thing to watch for is your cat taking a keen interest, especially with it’s claws! Mine just had a quick sniff, looked at me as if to say “Dirty Cow” and walked off.

First position, and I’m not talking ballet! Lol over the backrest, being fucked from behind. Postion was wonderfully aligned, unlike in the past when there have been differences in height to contend with. This was a perfect position with added bounce. Each stroke could be accompanied by an upward bounce from me, something which normally doesn’t occur unless you have rubber knees. It felt just like wearing air soles must feel to an athlete. Yes, I said air soles, don’t be so rude. LOL

I noticed later that the position we used was not on the diagram. ;) Do you think I could earn some commission for submitting it to their creative department?

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage another position on the first run because we were enjoying ourselves too much. Pity! We had to try again. I can just hear you all saying “ahhh”. Another thing which did cross my mind in the throws of passion is that I wanted to pee on Alex and it is possible without worry of staining on this pvc love couch providing that you have it placed on a vinyl floor or something equally water resistant. Right, I am leaving this section to jump back in bed with Alex if you will excuse me!

The following morning we picked up where we left off. We’re so dedicated to this job. I must mention at this point before I forget, that the PVC compound this couch is constructed from is not at all slippery. In fact it tends to aide your grip and therefore increase your leverage. It also smells nice, I may have to include this as my second favourite smell after leather.

I decided to take control and got Alex to lay with his back on the couch whilst I straggled him, reverse cowgirl. This position can often be a tricky one for the girl, if practiced on a chair you either find you require high heels to gain the height required for good movement or that you are squatting so low to reach your cock target that your thighs have only limited use before you collapse.

I found neither of these to be a problem, my legs quite comfortably stretched over the width of the couch allowing me to place my heels soundly on the floor. This is where the added bounce I mentioned earlier comes back in to play. For every downward thrust I gave, Alex met me with an energetic upward thrust. This made for a very deep, very satisfying fuck. I lost count of the orgasms, it was a truly mind blowing experience.

I have only good things to say about this couch. It fits both Alex and I perfectly and aids sexual stamina in some of the most demanding positions and that has to be a good thing. Don’t you agree? ;) Anything which enables me to fuck for longer gets a vote in my book.

The only criticism I do have is it’s overall stability when you are giving it your all. I found myself either leaning to one side or the other and having to straighten up but it didn’t present too much of a problem. To counteract this we added more air to the top portion of the couch and that reduced the movement.

So a top tip is, keep your couch fully inflated at all times and if you are going at it like porn stars you may need to jump off and give it a quick pump now and again. I suppose this could be called “couch fluffing”. :D

Something which made me smile whilst I was being take from behind whilst leaning over the backrest was one of the usage notes on the base, “Intended for novelty use only”. For some reason this made me chuckle. Perhaps it would have been more apt to have put “This couch is going to make you fuck like a teenager”…

Oooh, still got another 12 positions to try out and some of my own, this weekend is passing too quickly!

This couch is a revelation. It allows you to try out positions you’d never considered before. It also allows you to enjoy those awkward positions you may have tried without the risk of physical injury, and for longer, thus increasing your enjoyment.

Its design is strong, practical and because of its gently curving shape, will suit any couple’s stature.

One great feature is that the inflation takes place in two main sections and two very small side bars which run the length of the couch. From box to use it’s fifteen minutes of pumping. If you store with just the top section deflated and slid discretely under you bed it’s less than four minutes before the couch is ready for action.

The only gripe we do have is that it has to be fully inflated before use. Even a slight deflation, as we experienced overnight between uses, makes the couch unstable,. But a few stokes with the supplied pump and you’re ready to go again.


Rude Boy Review

Rude BoyThere comes a time in every sex toy tester’s career when he is able to say with authority “In comparison with other prostate massagers and anal toys I have tried …”. The fact is I have tried quite a number of anal toys from small vibes, through metal and jelly butt plugs to highly specialised prostate massagers such as the Nexus range. They all have their good points and not-so good aspects like all male masturbators and masturbation aids.

So when I came to try the Rude Boy by Rocks-Off, I wasn’t expecting to be able to say much that I hadn’t already said before. The fact it it’s been around for a while and I can’t say that I was impressed by it’s appearance. The insertable part of the toy is smooth, unlike say the Nexus range whose form is carefully sculpted to match the male anatomy. Nor is the bullet a cutting edge design – on or off that’s the only choice you have.

But the Rude Boy delivers, it really delivers. You see the fact that the toy is made of soft medical grade silicone, and has a smooth shaft makes it easy to insert. With a more shaped toy like the Nexus Gyro you get a more intense sensation from the opening of your rectum right up to your P-Spot. That’s great if you’re a) not an anal virgin and b) have the time to let the Gyro rest in your ass for a while and relax. The Rude Boy however is a much easier toy to use and provides stimulation of a less intense nature.

Unless you’ve experienced both I would say you would have difficulty understanding the difference between a Gyro and a Rude Boy. I suppose a metaphor is in order. The Gyro is a double espresso with a Pro-Plus on the side, the Rude Boy is a nice strong Nescafé with a little sugar to take the edge of the bitterness.

Suze assisted as normal, always eager to grab a handful of cock even if she’s only able to play with it. I applied lots of water based lube to the rude boy and my backside, working it slowly inside with the tip of the toy.

The toy is extremely easy to insert, no complex shape to navigate, no ridges or “neck” to ease past your anal sphincter. Apart from making insertion of the Rude Boy less challenging it also makes it easier to position the toy to give you the level of stimulation you desire. With a highly shaped toy you find the insertable portion locks into one position. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we all have subtly different internal anatomythis can lead to a stimulation that’s either too intense or just doesn’t hit the spot. The Rude Boy’s smooth shaft does provide a gentler sensation, and means you feel more in control than with some other toys.

There is some satisfaction however in getting the perineal stimulating bobbles next to the vibrating bullet to press firmly against your perineaum and feel the tip of the Rude Boy resting firmly on the anterior wall of your colon and squeezing your prostate. For me the Rude Boy is the perfect size when fully inserted.

By the time I had got to this stage I was almost had, cock full of blood, with Suze gently sucking the tip. Because prostate stimulation tends to generate a lot of pre-cum she was probing my urethra teasing out every drop of clear fluid.

Rude BoyWhen I was finally hard I knelt up and pushed her away. Despite the claims that the toys is “hands-free” I found that because of the amount of lube I had used it would slip out if I didn’t position myself squatting, with the Rude Boy resting on the towel I’ had placed on the bed. With that small practicality resolved I proceeded to indulge my exhibitionist side and wank for the entertainment of Suze. She lay back and gently rubbed her clit with a moist finger and watched me pump my cock in my fist.

The clear fluid oozing from the end of my penis was lubrication enough to ensure my foreskin slid up and down turning my swollen glans into a glistening bisected hemisphere.

I was breathless because of the stimulation created by the Rude Boy and wanted to cum almost as quickly as I could. I say almost because as I approached orgasm I found myself wanting to hold back and increase the final intensity as much as I could. I teetered on the edge for a few strokes but eventually the sight of Suze, smiling with her hand between her thighs and the now incredibly intense involuntary spamsing of my anus gave me no option but to allow myself to erupt, squirting semen up several inches into the air and landing on my hand and thighs.

I can definitely recommend the Rube Boy as a great toy for any man wanting to experiment with prostate stimulation, even absolute beginners. You may not be able to use the toy to its full potential the first time you try. But with patience and plenty of lube you’ll be able use this toy over and over again. I think this sort of toy is often categorised as a gay sex toy, but this is about stimulation not orientation and gay, bi or straight any man can enjoy the Rude Boy.

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Doc Johnson Squirmy G-Spot Vibrator Review

It’s quite an unassuming vibrator, the Japanese Squirmy from Doc Johnson and again the design and functionality did intrigue me.

Now for the technical rundown on this rabbit vibrator:

The Squirmy has 9cm of insertable length with a girth at its widest point of 12cm.
It takes 3 x AAA batteries
There are 3 speed settings for the clitoral rabbit but believe me you won’t need to turn it up to full ;)
And there are 3 G-Spot massaging speeds
In addition, the G-Spot function can be set to reverse action too
It’s Phthalate free and waterproof, I can see bathtime just getting better and better ;)

Squirmy VibratorI love this vibe!

This toy is ideal for a first timer, it’s not designed to be challenging size-wise and it certainly hits the spot. Further more it fits neatly in to most bags or purses as you may know them, not many vibes will do that.

After all the beauty of this vibe is not it’s size but just how well it does what it is designed to do. Let me explain…

…I decided to take the Squirmy to bed on my own to warm myself up for a good fucking. ;) I’m a multiple orgasmer, I always say why stop at one when you can have two, three, four…

It was still light outside so I drew the bedroom curtains and closed the small window, so that the neighbours didn’t get a chance to join in the fun. Lol I pulled back the duvet and slipped out of my jeans and shirt. I kicked my socks off and pulled my panties down and cast them to one side with my other clothes. No need for the bra so that went too.

Completely naked I slid between the duvet and mattress. It was cold but I was anticipating it wouldn’t be for long. ;) I turned on the television to help mask any outbursts I may have during my onanism.

Alex was downstairs washing up the dishes from lunch and I could periodically hear him opening cupboards and putting dishes away. This soon faded from my reality as I took hold of the vibrator.

I reached between my legs to carry out a moisture test. Conclusion, I was wet. The television had nothing interesting on so I switched to DVD. On screen came Lex Steele, my does he have a huge cock! I digress.

Lex is busy fucking Monica Sweetheart on top a glass table and I’m running the vibe up and down my slit, picking up the available moisture which had gathered there. I then push it up between my lips and press the massage button once. The vibe slipped nicely in to place without any lube, which is why it would be a good one for a first time toy user. The key to this toy is in its clever massaging properties and not it’s ability to fill your pussy.

At first the massaging tip made no impact on me as I sat with it placed between my legs. I lay back against the mattress and pulled my PC muscles tight and gave the button one more click. That’s when the action got to work on my G-Spot. I could feel the sensation I normally get from Alex’s cock or fingers as they run over my vaginal wall. I knew it was hitting the spot because I began to want to pee, which is a sure sign that my G-Spot is being stimulated.

Squirmy VibratorIt was warm, or I was, and I pushed the duvet back on to the top of my thighs. I pressed the rabbit button just once and FUCK ME! That rabbit is one of the most powerful I have had the pleasure to test on my clit.

One more press on the rabbit button and I was pulsing away, my clit was enlivened immediately. A word of caution, this vibe isn’t quiet but that is a trade I’m willing to make for the stimulation provided by this pink sensation.

Lex was ball deep in Monica as I opened my eyes briefly to get some visual stimuli to help me on my way. I was so close now. My pussy was resonating with the powerful beating of the rabbit on my clit and my G-Spot was being massaged in to submission.

I started to gently rotate the vibe from side to side, only slightly. This had the effect of rubbing over my clitoral hood and making my pussy ache. I placed my right foot over my left ankle and grasped my buttocks together as sparks climbed up my spinal column and I twitched as my climax took me over.

My whole body almost lifted off the bed as I had the most powerful orgasm. And I think I let the world know too as I moaned out loud. I felt the orgasm dissipate and I powered down the vibe, eyes still shut to enjoy the moment.

A kiss pressed upon my lips as I felt Alex leaning over me, I breathed in his aroma deeply and opened my eyes. I could make out the firmness of his cock pressing against the denim groin of his jeans.

He moved round the bed and I heard the familiar sound of his zipper being lowered as I placed the wet vibe on my bedside drawers…

Rabbit vibrators don’t have to be big to hit the spot ;)

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The Doc Johnson, Vac-U-Lock E-Z Rider Rocker Review

Doc Johnson E-Z Rider RockerWow! That was a mouthful. This toy is unlike any other I have seen or tried and I just couldn’t wait to well…ride it. The image on box made me smile but I could tell it had great potential. ;)

Everything is included in the neatly packaged box:

One inflatable ball, colour flesh tone
A talc dispenser (got you guessing haven’t I?)
The Vac-U-Lock plug
And finally, last but not least…a wonderful realistic fell UR3 cock to fit on to the locking system. A whole 6” of insertable orgasmic pleasure for him or her. But I’m having the first go. :P

The great thing about this toy is that the Vac-U-Lock system is interchangeable with other pleasure givers, such as their strap-on harness, so one cock fits all. And many cocks fit one. What could be better! ;) There is also a great choice of dongs in all shapes, sizes and colours, they even have one with hair at the base for that extra authentic touch. And for the connoisseur they also supply a double penetrator for that bit of DP action.

Now down to some preparation, I went off to the bathroom to give my cock a good wash before I used it. It feels slightly strange but horny at the same time, washing your cock in the bathroom. Oh, to be a man! After a good wash, which I enjoyed, just like giving a soapy cock wank the composite is so flesh like. I really lathered it up and paid a lot of attention to the area just under the head like a good girl.

When it was clean I left it to drain on the side of the sink. This freaked the cat out. He sat next to it on the vanity unit, just staring. Once drained I took it in a warm fluffy towel and dried it. One cock now ready for action.

I sat on the edge of the bed and opened out the flesh coloured ball and located the hole I needed to insert the plug in to. The best method for this is to insert the corner of the smaller end of the trapezium in to the opening in the ball and then turn the plug to fully insert the plug.

Next I used the clever little talk dispenser to coat the inside of the dong to ensure that it didn’t stick to the plastic plug insert. Then I firmly pushed the realistic dong on to the plug. I started to blow in to the valve to inflate the ball and I blew and I blew but nothing happened the ball remained the same size. Then Alex who had been laying behind me on the bed, unbeknown to me laughing. Suggested that I pinch the valve when I blow to allow the air to travel through to the ball. Bloody hell, he is such a smartie pants sometimes. :)

Once inflated I was ready to go and Alex was eager to watch me. Unlike normal dongs with a suction cup base this one can be used on any surface, including carpets, upholstered chairs and beds. I decided to try cowgirl on the bed, much easier on the knees. Lol

Alex loves to watch me bring myself off but I also feel a little guilty when I’m indulging in a little self love and find it difficult not to include him. Not hat he complains. ;) I reached over to the bedside draws and took hold of the lube I had placed there earlier. Then I applied a generous amount to the tip and worked it around the cock head.

I straddled the ball on bended knees and guided the tip inside me. It was just the right size for my pussy, enough to be able to feel it and not too much to make sex with it difficult. Alex stood at the side of the bed in his bathrobe which hung open exposing his growing member.

I lowered myself down on to the soft ball beneath, taking in the cock inch by inch and it felt very real inside me. Once I had devoured it’s length I raised myself back off the phallus slowly to ensure good coverage of the erection with the lube. It felt so close to the real thing, I even felt the underside hit my fleshy opening as I lifted my pussy off the cock.

I took hold of the ball and made my way over to Alex’s side of the bed where he was now proudly standing, stroking his cock. Still on my knees I lowered back down over that wonderful firm cock and I began to fuck the cock cowgirl. To aid my speed and g-spot stimulation a top tip is to grab the ball firmly between your calves and this secures the cock to aid optimum angling.

This was perfect. My g-spot was getting a good workout as I bounced up and down on the ball which acts as the perfect buffer. Better than grounding on a hard chair on the down stroke. I also added a bit of rolling between my thrusts which moved the cock around inside me to increase the intensity of the fuck. Something you can’t do with a normal dong. It even feels good to do a bit of “stirring”.

Within a few minutes I was climaxing and no further lube was necessary, that cock was all shiny and wet. ;) I hold totally forgotten about Alex who was standing before me wanking. Reaching forward I took a firm hold of his erection and began to stroke it in time with my movements on the Ezrider. He bucked his hips, fucking my hand just like a pussy.

I came again and for a moment stopped stroking his cock, lost in the orgasmic pleasure. Alex’s hand embraced mine and he moved both our hands up and down his hard shaft. This prompted me and I took over once again. The tip of his cock was now glistening with pre cum and I leaned over to lick his dick clean. Alex moaned and took hold of my hair, guiding me down to him.

Still bouncing on my cock I started to fuck his erection with my mouth. It was becoming difficult to breath and I lifted my head off his hardon enough to be able to pull in some much needed air. A couple of breaths later I started to bob up and down on him and my dong. Another orgasm hit me but I managed to keep my mind on the task in hand mouth.

I came up for air once more and began working his cock with my hand again. I felt so horny, bringing myself off and Alex at the same time. I was just about to lean over and blow him again when Alex exclaimed “Fuck! I’m coming”. No time to take him in my mouth I instinctively opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

From previous experience I closed my eyes, that bloody stuff stings if you get it in your eyes. ;) the first spurt of cum hit my left cheek, quickly followed by a globule landing squarely on my top lip. Alex was now balancing himself on the top of my head with his right hand as he quaked before me. Then a warm stream of cum landed on my tongue, it felt warm after waiting so long.

With a twitching convulsion he shot the last of his load in to my mouth.

I looked up at him and smiled as I licked my lips and swallowed him down. When I stopped rolling on the ball I realised that I had coated the top of it with my cum, all around the base of the cock and balls was wet. Good job the whole thing is fully washable.

This toy surprised me in more ways than one. When I first saw this and right up to the point of actually using it, I though the cock on a ball concept was just too outlandish to be effective, now how wrong could I have been. It is such a versatile toy, every girl should have one in their toy box. ;)

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, Vac-U-Lock

Doc Johnson’s UR3 Cock And Anus

I was asked via email by one of our readers, Alicia, if I would consider reviewing this sex toy. I must admit when I followed the link in her email I was slightly taken aback. After all wasn’t thing a sex toy for the “gay” guy or the “bisexual” guy?

As I sat pondering upon the image on the toys site it occurred to me that this could be a good toy for a couple. I get to sit on that nice hard dick and Alex can fuck the ass until he explodes inside it. Then I got slightly carried away and visualised me fucking it with my strap-on. ;)

Let me just say one thing about this toy, it will not post through your letter box no matter how hard The Rammer™ may try. :D There is a very thoughtful addition to the packaging, you can remove a sticker from the top corner of it and feel a sample of the realistic skin before you purchase your toy (if you were to buy it from a retail store) or open it in my case. I can’t resist poking holes you know what I’m like. Though why would you buy it from a shop when you can buy online from Twisted Miss.

I removed the toy from it’s packaging and was surprised just how flesh like it feels, the small sample really doesn’t do it justice. It’s both heavy and sturdy and the cock needs no encouragement to stay hard. ;) It also comes with a talc applicator and some soluble lube so you are ready to get started straight away.

The cock is very lifelike with good veining and penis head shape and the balls are uneven in size…very life like indeed! I gave it a good wash in the bath before much to the amusement of the cat who couldn’t take his eyes off the cock as it bobbed up and down. Lol

It felt strange washing a cock and arse but it left me feeling horny. I just had to try a finger in that tight little ass. I pushed one finger in to discover it’s hidden secret. It’s textured in there. I shouted out to Alex who was in the bedroom and he sounded quite excited.

One thing that did spring to mind as I washed this wonderfully crafted toy was that it would be best used when it is at room temperature. I had hidden it away in a box in the garage because Alex’s parents came over during the day and when I retrieved it, it felt too cold to sit on…or was it?

The anus is fully flushable for the big clean up afterwards as it has an opening at the other end. You can simply run it through under the tap or alternatively stick a straw in the other end whilst your guy is pumping away at it. Ok…I know…too much information. I’m such a dirty bitch at times. ;)

For the specialists out there the dimensions of the cock and anus are:

  • The solid base is 26cm long x 28cm (at it’s widest point)
  • The erect penis is 16cm in length from the scrotum and from the abdomen it is 19cm (Oooh errr!)
  • The penis girth is 13cm round (Even more Oooh errr!)
  • And it weighs approximately 2.8 kg/6lbs 2.5ozs (You don’t realise how weird that looked. Having a cock and arse on my weighing scales. I just made Delia Smith blush. Lol)

Just returning to the cock detail once more, not that I’m obsessed with cock! But it has a lovely upward curve just like the real thing and the underside has the prominent corpus spongiosum too. Now you didn’t know I knew the name for that did you.

I love to use toys but I’m also a bit of an exhibitionist I suppose and I love it even more if Alex is watching me or participating. So I decided to go for a bit of MFM. ;) Bloody greedy! *giggle*

I took my new toy off to the bedroom and being a practical kind of girl placed it upon a towel on the edge of the bed, so if any lube dripped it would be on the towel. Taking the water soluble lube I drizzled some over the head and then worked it down the shaft with my fingers.

Now ready and glistening I removed my dress and panties, leaving my black lace bra on. It would keep my boobs from too much movement if I got a little frantic whilst riding my cock. ;) I parted my legs wide and reversed towards the toy.

Taking the cock in my right hand I held it up towards my eager pussy and started to lower myself on to it. It was still a little cold but I was too ready to stop. Lol I could feel it’s entry inside me as I lowered my pussy over it. The head and the veining stimulating my vaginal walls as I sank down further.

I bottomed out on to the fleshy base and it felt good to be sat upon what felt like a body rather than a hard chair. Angling my hips helped me to get to that all important g-spot and I began to work up and down the cock.

Alex was in the room with me and walked around from the other side of the bed where he had been laying, watching me engulf the erection. He was only wearing a kahki t-shirt and already quite hard having watched me bouncing up and down on this life like cock. He walked towards me as I bobbed up and down and waggled his erection at me provocatively.

He was being less than subtle about the fact that he wanted a little attention too. I took hold of him whilst sitting on the full length of that cock. I began to twirl my hips moving the cock around my inner walls. It felt good and as I gyrated I took Alex in my mouth. I must admit to being totally turned on at the thought of being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time. A dream of mine…

I pushed my tongue along the underside of his cock, pursed my lips around his hard flesh and began to fuck him with my mouth. You should have heard his cries. I fucked sucked and squeezed his balls for all I was worth whilst moving that cock around on my g-spot.

Alex took hold of two large ponytails of my hair and pulled me down deeper on to his throbbing erection. Saliva was now running down my chin, preoccupied I only noticed as it dripped and cooled on my knees.

“Fuck … I’m close”, he grunted. I withdrew from his cock and started to bounce up and down on that cock for all it was worth and it stayed right there whilst I fucked it’s balls off. I grabbed hold of that cock in front of me and began to wank it in time with my movements. We were in perfect synchronicity.

I was close to orgasm and my fingers and toes began to tingle as my orgasm gripped me. Despite this I hung on for bare life and continued to hand wank Alex. He leant backwards with a strained look about his face and thrust his cock in to my hand. The perfect action…

“aghhh!”, I heard him say as he fired cum in to my face. I opened my moth and a string of cum landed on it then the next him my cheek, then my forehead. At that point I closed my eyes (I know just how much cum stings the eyes if it gets in there). I let go of his erection and he took over, slowly pumping the last of his seed on to me.

I licked my lips and savoured that sweet musky taste of Alex and he collapsed on to the bed bedside me. I started to bounce up and down on that cock once more…

I told you I can never get enough and this guy is always ready! ;)

As you can tell I had a great time using a toy that you would think is designed exclusively for a gay male. Well thanks to Alicia I’ve tried it out and I can tell you that it works for women too. Solo it’s unique in my experience, the sensation of bouncing on a very realistic cock and feeling a “body” under your thighs is very satisfying. The weight and construction of the toy means it will not move and there are possibilities for some very kinky action afforded by the waiting anus.

And this is Alex’s take on the toy …

The Doc Johnson’s Cock And Anus presents double the opportunity for enjoyment, whether you’re a man or a couple. As Suze mentioned in the first part of this review the toy was obviously designed with gay men in mind. So when the toy arrived we decided that to ensure the toy was tested fully it required a man, and as I was the nearest thing to a man Suze had to hand that job fell to me. LOL

There are of course two sides to this toy where a man is concerned. A giver and a receiver so to speak.

I first of all tested the cock. As always, in preparation for any sort of anal play I lubed up, or should I say that Suze lubed me up, far more pleasurable and much less awkward than doing it yourself. The feeling of cool lube being dribbled onto your anus and then gently worked inside by your partner’s finger is something that I do enjoy. When she was satisfied that I was prepared Suze coated the head of the cock with lube (water based BTW and supplied with the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus).

The toy was resting on a towel, on one of our pine chairs. I reached round and guided the cock towards my ass. Suze meanwhile grabbed my semi-hard cock and began to lick it. The Doc Johnson’s Cock is not totally rigid it has quite a lot of flexibility. This is obviously to make it more comfortable when inserted and along with the UR3 “Real Skin” covering makes for a very realistic toy. The downside was that I had some difficulty inserting the toy.

This wasn’t just the toy’s characteristics of course. I don’t insert things into my own anus on a regular basis and therefore performing the insertion blind is not a skill I have developed. Suze was preoccupied, having moved on from licking to sucking and gently biting my cock. The other obstacle to the insertion was that my anal sphincters are very tight, even when I’m relaxed, again because I’m not used to receiving a cock up there.

When I did managed to slide the head and half the length inside me Suze tilted her head to one side and lowered herself so she could watch while still sucking on my dick. She increased her stimulation of me, obviously excited by seeing me penetrated.

A few stokes, me gently bobbing up and down were enough for me. The overall shape of the cock and the veining on the surface were very stimulating. As anal stimulation can be intense for me even with thin toys, the cock was literally breathtaking.

I raised myself from the cock, and pushed Suze back, turning her round. Her initial disappointment assuaged when she felt me bend her over the bed and the head of my penis nuzzle against her wet swollen pussy lips …

… some time later I returned, at Suze’s insistence to the toy and this time the anus. I have to say that only ever having indulged in anal sex once, very briefly with Suze, and then only entering her a few centimetres, I am no expert on the sensations it causes in the giver. What I can say is that the toy affords the user and their partner a novel experience.

A word of advice before using the toy’s anal opening. Out of the box the “anus” is tight, even thoroughly lubed I found it difficult to insert my penis. The answer is to insert a couple of lubed fingers, twisting and stretching the opening slightly. This and use itself means that the toy we have is now dilated about 6-8mm and easy to use.

Having worked out how to gently widen the opening I put the toy to use. Height was a problem, our bed is low and initially I though that using it knelt at the edge would be best. My thighs were pressing against the frame which was uncomfortable. However Suze solved this problem with some rolled up bedding to adjust the height of the toy and cushion my thighs. Finally she placed a towel underneath the toy to soak up, er, spillages. The toy was thoroughly lubed with water based lube so things were obviously going to leak out.

I positioned myself “behind” the toy, Suze lay face down on the bed watching, the toy’s cock pointing at her. I held my cock down, pressing my erection against the sphincter. Once pushed past the opening it slid into the textured interior with a satisfying friction. The contours of the inner surface are just enough to give stimulation without feeling as if they’ve been put there deliberately to stimulate.

I slowly slid back and forth, getting a feel for the right position, angling my hips for greatest stimulation, pressing different parts of my penis against the inner walls.

After a few moments I began long slow thrusts, much to Suzes delight and despite the size of the toy the tip of my cock emerged from the opening nearest her, covered in lube.

A number of other things became apparent. Thrusting as I was, the feeling of the “skin” of the toy against my own body was very pleasant. Although not like the real thing exactly it does give you the feeling you’re actually fucking something other than a toy.

The cock bobs as you move inside the toy. Obvious when you think about it, but to see it waving at me while I slid in and out was quite a surprise. As was the feeling of a pair of balls in a tight scrotum pressing against my lower abdomen on my deepest strokes.

Suze really enjoyed the show grinning like a Chesire Cat as my cock appeared and disappeared within the toy. I found that the subtle contouring and yielding construction of the Doc Johnson Cock and Anus meant I wanted to thrust into it and burry myself deep inside it.

When I did cum the weight of the toy helped too. It doesn’t shift around and althought it doesn’t implore you to “fuck me harder” or the like its stability is a real plus.

This is the bit that Suze loved. I felt the tension build and my orgasm hit. Suze yelped with excitement as I squirted cum out through the opening of the toy at the side facing her and on to the towel.

This toy is astonishing. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. It’s not just a toy for gay men, though I’m certain they’d love it, there are ways people of all sexual orientations can use it. As a couple we certainly enjoyed it. We just have to try the final combination, the F-M-M, or is it F-CA-M action Suze talked about in her review. We may even think of some more uses for it …

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Vibra Exciter Cock Ring Review

The Vibra Exciter vibrating cock ring is designed to be activated by the ringing of a mobile phone when it receives a text message or voice call. So it’s a toy that promises a great deal for naughty fun in public places, and yet there are so many potential pitfalls …

When a toy arrives for review it’s often the case that what comes out of the packet is not entirely what we expected. That is certainly true of the Vibra Exciter.

My experience of cock rings and some other male sex toys in the past has been that they rank OK to fair. With a vibrator/bullet attached they can be fun, but while many do the job and make for an interesting experience cock rings are not at the top of my Christmas list.

One of the reasons for that is that most of them are designed to be worn at the base of the penis, often primarily acting as an aid to maintaining an erection. If they vibrate they stimulate the least sensitive part of the penis and the scrotum. That is all well and good, but the most sensitive part of the penis, the glans at the tip of the penis gets left out.

When I knew that Vibra Exciter was on it’s way I envisaged it like all other cock rings, humming away on my scrotum. Thank goodness I was soooo wrong. Nestling with its soft jelly brushes just behind my glans and with twin bullets working those sensitive nerve endings I got a real treat.

We first tested the Vibra Exciter in the bedroom. Why? I hear you ask when this is a toy designed for use in less than private places would we do a thing like that? Simple, volume. Many bullets in sex toys are less than quiet. If you’re in the privacy of your own home that’s great, but outside that can lead to all sorts or trouble. Although the Vibra Exciter’s control unit does have a big “Cancel” button, just in case and would pass as a pager if spotted on your waistband.

There was another reason too, the Exciter is made of a jelly-like plastic that I thought might pull on my sensitive glans and make them sore.

Neither of my fear we justified. The soft plastic hugs your cock, stopping the cock ring falling off and holding the brushes on the twin bullets firmly in place. And as for the bullets, they are as powerful as one I have twice their size and although not silent they are very quiet.

Quiet enough so that tucked inside your trousers they are almost inaudible. Off to the supermarket then.

Having proved that the Vibra Exciter worked when my mobile phone rang we set off to the supermarket. The instructions for the toy mention that not only can it be triggered by phones, but by other electrical equipment so I was waiting for some surprises. Hehehe.

About half way to the supermarket the cock ring went off. I’d set it on the lowest setting just in case it could be heard by other shoppers, but even on that setting it put an immediate smile on my face. Suze noticed asked “It’s working then?”. “Ooooh yes!” I replied. Someone in a passing car must have taken a call.

BTW I’ll go on to describe the settings later.

At the supermarket I stood next to the ATM, refrigerators, cash tills and even a floor polisher, but the Exciter didn’t activate. Then just as I was about to give up hope of a surprise stimulation, it went off. I turned round and saw a woman, brunette, about 45, taking a call. I tried not to smile, I think I managed it.

Suze wasn’t so controlled and again picked up on my clandestine cock ring action and started giggling. We hastened to finish the shopping and then off to the checkouts.

We then went on to the DIY store to pick up a new shower head. No stimulation there either. Amazing isn’t it, people are normally on their mobile phones all the time … apart from when you want them to be. LOL

Now all that was great fun despite the lack of non-mobile activations. Perhaps you should just make sure you spend a lot of time in mobile phone shops. Credit where it’s due the toy is totally reliable when your phone receives a call, so you and your lover can enjoy yourself even miles apart.

The Vibra Exciter has ten settings, all of which are very enjoyable due to the power of the bullets. This is made possible by the use of two AAA batteries in the control unit/receiver that clips to your waistband of belt when in outdoor use. Some bullets try to be self-contained, utilising button cells and sacrifice the raw power available to those using larger batteries. The slight inconvenience of a connecting wire is a small price to pay.

There are three steady settings of increasing power that you can step though with one of the two controls on the toy, six pulsing/sawtooth modes and then my favourite, random, which makes its merry way through an assortment of the other modes.

All those modes, particularly random, and the power of the thing means that it’s great to use solo. You obviously can’t masturbate with it on, but if you slip it over your cock you’ll be hard in minutes and ready for a little hand assisted action.

The Vibra Exciter exceeded pretty much all of my expectations. I simply didn’t expect it to be as comfortable to wear, as effective in use or as quiet in operation. It’s a revelation.


Californian Exotics Sensual Bender

Sensual Bender, AlexSuze.comIf you haven’t read it already Suze’s Review of the Sensual Bender by California Exotics it’s here.

Is it strange that a toy ordered primarily for me should first be reviewed by Suze? Not really she enjoyed the experience of using the Sensual Bender on me as much as I enjoyed being the recipient of the anal probe.

I think she summed the toy up well. Too well in fact as she pretty much covered every aspect of its construction and use. I told her off for that at the time she wrote the review. I mean what else is there to say?

From my point of view there are a few things to add.

Suze knows that I like to enjoy anal play slowly and with plenty of lube. We haven’t indulged lately, mainly because of lack of time, and you do need time to ensure that the experience is enjoyable. My anus is tight and needs to be relaxed to be penetrated. Then of course there needs to be a large amount of lube involved.

The Sensual Bender is perfect for the job for a number of reasons. As Suze mentioned, the plastic is soft, a jelly type material in fact, but with a jointed metal “spine” giving both rigidity for insertion and infinite flexibility allowing you to shape the toy to reach the areas you want to stimulate.

I really do love the prelude to anal play. Suze is so good at it, gentle, careful and sensual. She lubed up the bender on its tip and first few ridges, then teased my anus with it. At the same time she ran her nails gently across and around my upturned buttocks. This really relaxes me and builds up the feeling of anticipation before she inserts a toy. By the time she gently eased the first “bead” into my anal sphincter I was sporting a semi and aching for my ass to be penetrated.

The toy’s size is graduated but quite large from the tip so Suze was only able to get 6 of the beads inside me before the sensation was too intense. The smooth shape of the beads and their soft construction means you can push the boundaries without sudden and uncomfortable increases in size spoiling the moment.

The smooth shape also makes the toy easy to clean.

We didn’t fully explore the range of shapes that you can create with the Sensual Bender anal toy, though even with the limited experimentation we were able to carry out we found that the toy is very effective and promises more fun in the future.

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The Sensual Bender From Californian Exotics

Sensual Bender, AlexSuze.comWhen Alex selected this toy I thought it would be made of hard plastic. But I was pleased when I opened the packaging that it was made out of a very soft, warm to the touch jelly.

The sensual bender is lovely to hold it has the firmness afforded by it’s wonderful bendy internal spine offset by the soft and sensual feel of the pliable jelly outer. It comprises of 11 balls along it’s length with a circumference ranging from 11 cm at the base to 8 cm at it’s tip. The total length of the probe is 24 cm. I was eager to see just how many I could insert inside Alex’s tight little ass.

I placed the towel on the bed and he assumed the position in front of me, ass stuck in the air, anus pouting and tempting me to fuck it. Sitting cross legged behind him with a his legs stretching out either side of mine he was in the perfect position for entry.

The lube was already placed on the bed along with a roll of toilet tissue for mopping up excess lube which is a necessary piece of equipment for anal play. Lube, lube and more lube. ;)

It’s a while since Alex had any anal action (too long) and I intended to be gentle with him, despite the fact that I was as horny as hell. My primal urges were to fuck him hard whilst wanking at his cock.

I drizzled lube down between the groove in his ass cheeks and watched it descend towards his pink puckered hole. Then I took the bendy probe and worked the lube around his anus with the tip. He loves this. ;)

Then with a gentle push against the tension of his sphincter the end popped inside. I ran the lube around his anus and the sides of his ass cheeks with my index finger, ensuring no pulling on his flesh as the probe worked it’s way in to him.

The lube had now started to run down his perineum which is where the folded towel comes in handy to soak up and drips. With the probe in my right hand I grabbed his balls with my fee hand and rolled them as I added a little force to the end of the probe, easing it between his cheeks and in deeper.

Alex was now groaning and enjoying the full feeling he was sensing as his rectum was taken. I continued to massage his balls I he took in the 3rd jelly ball. I was getting quite excited sitting behind him watching his cock get bigger as I probed his ass. My pussy was quite moist and if my hands had not been covered in lube I would have reached over for my bullet vibe (next time).

As the third ball was snapped in to his anus, I could hear the pop and squelch as his sphincter enclosed around it. The wonderful thing about the shape of this toy is that it holds itself in position, as the anus locks in each ball and with the probe being bendable it makes a great angled handle.

The whole experience was now becoming very intense for Alex and he asked me to remove the anal probe as he panted with the overwhelming feedback from his anal muscles and prostate. His cock was now dribbling down on to the towel…was doing the trick and massaging his prostate.

Slowly each ball popped back out of his ass and Alex flipped himself over on to his back and asking me to push it back inside him. Who was I to say no. ;) I lubed him up once again and drizzled more lube on to the probe, then started to push it inside him.

Sensual bender,AlexSuze.comI watched in delight and sexual arousal as his ass swallowed up the balls one, two, three…more lube. “God I’m wet”. Four, then five…fuck this was turning me on. Then the sixth entered his ass. I took a firm grip of his semi stiff cock and began to work the foreskin up and down. I took a hold of his balls in my left hand and alternated between pulling and squeezing them. Another little trick he likes. His cock was getting very hard.

“I’ll come if you keep that up!”, he exclaimed and the immediately flopped back on to the bed. A sacrifice I would just have to make, him not fucking me that is.

My need right now was to see him shoot his load right there in front of me.

I speeded up the action on his cock, now with tightened grip I pumped away at him. He started to contort and groan, his orgasm wasn’t far away. Letting go of the grip on his balls I started to rub my clit whilst keeping up the unrelenting masturbation of his cock.

My clit was swollen and quite firm under my finger as I rolled it from side to side, I was close too. The visuals had brought me close to the edge before I started to play with myself. Alex started to buck against my strokes and with an almighty “Agghhhhh”, he lifted his shoulders of the bed several times and the first spurt of cum issued from the tip of his cock.

He came again and again, peppering his stomach with his white, glutaneous fluid. I was sat wide eyed rubbing my clit for all it was worth, my fingers were now skating over my clit with the wetness of my pussy. I twitched, once, twice and then…JESUS! I came all over my fingers, they were warm and wet.

I slumped back on to the pillows and raised my fingers to my mouth…

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California Exotic’s Vibrating Panties

AlexSuzeI just had to get a pair of these from the moment that I spotted them. Imagine having a tiger thong with a pocket especially for your powerful wireless vibrator. The range on the remote is stated at approx 12ft, so your partner can control your orgasm quite literally without having to be there. ;) However we found that the range was at least twice this and the remote works even if there’s a wall between it and the pants.

I’ve tried a remote bullet in the past which required I wear a receiver and it wasn’t wire free. The Tiger Pants are, no wires to have down your panties and no receiving units to wear. Total freedom…The remote control operates using a 12V battery and the vibe unit on 2 x AA. Oh, and another good thing, they provide the batteries so you don’t have to go looking for some. One word of warning, the thong is only about a (UK) size 14 max so be aware that you may have to make some adjustments if you’re larger or smaller than this.

Reading on the box that the thong is washable made me smile because I just knew there was no way mine was going to stay dry. ;)

We decided to go shopping I needed some new underwear and Alex wanted to play. Before setting out I tried the vibe and remote, they worked perfectly well but the power of the vibrator meant that it wasn’t silent but it would be OK in a noisy environment. So, girls if you are going to use this out in public ensure that you are not going to a library or church. Lol The slightly louder than expected volume is worth it for that additional power to be worth it. That vibe is very, very good.

To help subdue the noise even further and to push that little baby up against my clit I decided to wear jeans over my panties. This worked a treat the vibe snuggled nicely between my pussy lips and against my little pink bud.

On the way over to the mall Alex kept turning the vibrator on and off and I must say that it feels wonderful when you are sat directly on it. The vibration is more focused on your clit and the seat muffles the sound. I wonder if I could get away with wearing it whilst sitting at my desk…

Each time Alex turned on the control and vibe started to buzz against my clit I couldn’t help but smile and once or twice I actually had to release a giggle. I don’t think any of the shoppers particularly noticed they were too busy. Or at least I hope they didn’t.

He really enjoyed teasing me and got as much enjoyment out of it as I did. Alex taking possession of the control made the whole experience even more arousing for me as I didn’t know when he was going to turn me on again.

By the time I had bought three new bras with matching panties I was ready to go. No correction, I was so hot that I needed to fuck. Normally I would have been much longer but I just couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. I bet Alex wants me to wear these panties every time I shop. ;)

On the way home we ventured down a well known lovers lane and we got out and sat in the back seat. I slipped out of my jeans and vibrating panties and he pulled his jeans down the dirty sod had no boxers on! He was already rock hard and ready to go. Alex sat on the seat in the middle and I kissed him briefly before turning my back towards him and slowly guiding his erect cock in to me.

I just can’t explain how good it felt to finally have him there inside my pussy and I was wet, so wet. Teasing always does that to me. I pushed down on to him until he grounded on my cervix. I took a quick look around, no cars, no people, just farmers fields and cattle.

Placing my hands on both seat backs I started to raise myself up and down on his cock. It felt good and the situation was making me even more horny, it had been so long since we had sex in a car…I can’t remember when we last did!

Being so ready for it meant within moments I was coming. I fucked through my orgasm with Alex’s help, lifting me up and down on to his cock with his hands on my hips. When I come I go all wobbly and weak. I regained my composure and helped out bobbing up and down on his lap, being careful not to hit my head on the car roof. Alex was now panting and as I glanced back over my shoulder his head was back against the headrest with eyes shut.

I started to fuck him harder and he started to push his hips upwards to meet my downward thrust. The car started to rock slightly and the windows were now becoming steamed, it was quite cold out there but steam meant no onlookers. So that was a good thing.

His cock was now so slick with my juices and I was fucking him hard and fast, aided by the support of the seat backs it takes most of the work out of your legs and means you can fuck longer and harder. I didn’t need to…with a loud moan he quivered and grunted as he shot his hot seed in to my cunt.

I slowed down the rhythm and then came to a stop as he flopped back against the seat. My buttocks were sticky and moist from the combination of fluids. Carefully I lifted myself free of my impaler and sat on the seat next to him.

If anyone should ask what those white marks are on the back seat before I get chance to clean them I will have to say little nephew dropped his icecream. I’m such a bad auntie…

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Fukuoku Powerpack Review

AlexSuze.comWhen I first ordered the Fukuoku Power Pack, I thought it looked a bit gimmicky and was half expecting it to be all mouth and no trousers, as we say over here in the UK. But it surprised me and Alex in more ways than one, as I will reveal shortly. So, don’t be so impatient. Lol.

The Power Pack has three independent fingertip vibrators and is so versatile you can use just one or all three simultaneously. Giving you up to 25,000 vibrations per minute using the variable speed control.

Best of all the Fukuoku Power Pack is fully portable, with the power control unit being worn on the wrist, secured in place by an elastic wristband with Velcro fasteners. Each finger vibe is slipped on to the fingers and kept in place by an expanding plastic ring, so one size should fit all. ;)

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted to play with first…

…I loaded the batteries supplied. Very nice touch, no fumbling around for 3 AAA cells. Then grabbed Alex by the hand and lead him upstairs to the bedroom. He lay back on the bed as I removed his t-shirt and he wriggled out of his jeans.

I was too eager to wait for him to undress me and slipped off my black woolly dress, throwing it over the other side of the room. Now wearing only my lilac panties and plunge bra with the red bow I slid over to his side of the bed.

He was looking very relaxed and had his eyes closed. His cock was laying flacid against his left groin. I offered my wrist and the Power Pack to Alex and he attached it to my wrist as I slipped the finger vibes on to each of my 3 fingers.

Each one of the finger vibes has a different pattern embossed in to the rubber, the stippled one looked particularly interesting. ;)

It felt strange as I turned the dial on and the vibrations rippled through my fingertips. Even on the lowest setting there was a phenomenal amount of power harnessed in this small device. I couldn’t wait to begin.

Alex was laying to the side of me prostrate and expectant. I placed my middle finger gently over his nipple and turned up the speed control slightly. It wasn’t long before his nipple hardened under my finger. A strange sensation actually touching him and yet not feeling him, although he was reacting to my touch. It made me slightly aroused to see the effect I was having on him and I hadn’t even started yet. Lol

I played a while with the other nipple and couldn’t contain myself any longer, I wanted to touch his genitals but not give the full sensation to him, just tease him at first. I placed my middle finger on his perineum gently and deliberately dragging it upwards from between his thighs over his balls and up his already stiffening shaft.

Alex wriggled as my fingers did the walking and he moaned his pleasure as if encouraging me. ;) I pulled back his foreskin and placed my fingers over his frenulum. This sent him wild and he started to twitch with excitement as I increased the speed again.

I was feeling more than a little turned on at this point, my lips were certainly moist. Alex placed his hand between my legs as I knelt at his side, he knows my body so well and found my swollen clit straight away. He started to gently rub me, dispersing my lubrication around my pussy.

AlexSuze.comTo show my appreciation I slid back and forth a couple of times on his fingers, rubbing myself off. His cock was now almost fully hard and I took it in my hand and turned up the control once more. The vibrations were rippling though my fingers and up in to my hand, such a strange feeling, touching yet not feeling.

Alex continued his attentions on my clit and it was now becoming extremely sensitive to his ministrations. His hand was wet and I could smell myself the heady perfume suffusing the air. I started to push back his foreskin and slowly wank his erect cock. It was now almost pulsing with the sheer rush of blood trapped within it.

His cock head was shiny and purple with engourgement. I spat on the tip to lubricate him and started to give him a hand job in earnest. We were now in perfect synchronisation as he flicked my clit and I wanked his hard-on.

He was now under my power and starting to thrust into my grip. One last turn of the dial and I had him hooked. The vibration was so powerful that my fingers were almost beating a rhythm on his erection. I continued to pump away, he was going to come and I wasn’t going to stop.

I was close to coming myself but stayed with it and had the presence of mind to hold back difficult as it was because Alex know exactly how to bring me off. Bringing him off was my objective now and I pumped faster at his cock, watching him buck me and bounce back off the bed each time he grounded.

FUCK! I was close now, he better shoot his load soon.

The vibrations, the bucking, the rubbing…it was all becoming too intense.

Then he stopped…twitched and the first spurt of semen landed on his stomach…swiftly followed by a second. I slowed down my movements and once again he ejaculated. His attentions on my clit wained as he came and shuddered to a grinding halt. I turned off the Fukuoku, as Alex released his last vestige of oral delight.

Right Suze needs to try this sex toy now it looks like the perfect clit stimulator…I’ll let you know how I get on…you do want to know don’t you? ;)

BTW ( The video is here)

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Jenna’s Perfect Pair


Jenna Jamesons Perfect Pair

Jenna Jameson’s Perfect Pair


It’s not often that you get to tit fuck a porn star, but that’s what Jenna’s Perfect pair from Doc Johnson gives you the opportunity to do. We were sent this exact replica of Jenna’s famous breasts for me to test. And as an experienced sex toy tester I rose to the challenge. Yes, pun very much intended.

Now, obviously you’d have thought that using a toy like this, which is in essence a male masturbator, would be a solo affair. Well not in this house. While I might have slight exhibitionist tendencies, Suze is most definitely developing into a huge voyeur. Not for the first time she watched me from the very start of my test, slowly stroking myself to erection, until my climax.

Before I describe the use of the toy I ought to let you know a few things about Jenna’s Perfect Pair. As mentioned above they are formed from Doc Johnson’s UR3 material. It has a firmness, combined with pliability that allows the Doc Johnson people to make incredibly realistic toys that feel like human skin. As you can see from the video the breasts are of the ultra-pert silicone enhanced variety, being moulded from Jenna Jameson. This means there’s an inviting valley between them begging for your cock to be inserted.

Because they are modelled on the real thing the breasts are slightly asymmetrical and therefore much more acceptable as ersatz boobs. The nipples are a delicate pink and the skin the standard UR3 fleshy tone.

When you use Jenna’s boobs you have to ensure two things. First that they are lightly lubed with a water based lube and second that you have a nice hard stiffy. Without the lubrication your skin will drag and without a firm erection you may find it difficult to both enclose your cock between the boobs and penetrate the tight cavern that this creates.

With plenty of lube to hand and a towel underneath them to capture the ensuing spillages I was ready to rock; And get my rocks off.

Suitably aroused and with Jenna Jameson’s boobs lubed I knelt astride them while Suze watched. I lay my cock between her tits and felt the coolness of the UR3. I rather liked that sensation. While you can warm the toy in warm water to raise its temperature you’re advised not to put it in the oven or microwave – that could be an interesting one to explain to the fire service – but I digress. This was when I found that you need to be very firmly erect to use the toy as to fully enclose your cock you need to squeeze them together and this makes the opening between them very small.

I began to thrust in and out, my cock appearing and disappearing between them, mesmerising Suze who loves to watch me masturbate. I’m sure that on your own you could add a little porn to the experience, maybe some of Jenna herself, I mean, imagine watching a scene with Jenna Jameson being tit-fucked while you fucked her tits, that would be POV to the max. For now I had my own porn performer, Suze slowly rubbing her clit for my entertainment and her pleasure.

I found that using the Perfect Pair I had to ensure just the right level of lubrication, occasionally adding just a drop of lube to easy the passage of my now raging hard-on between the pink mounds.

Suze was rolling about on the bed now, her hand between her legs. She moaned and only now did her eyes close, the orgasm interrupting the close-up view she had of my thrusting cock.

Suze’s eyes were sparkling as I began to feel the orgasm rising in my groin, looking at her while I was pumping into Jenna Jameson’s chest was surreal and arousing at the same time. I knew she wanted to see me come and wasn’t about to disappoint her. One final thrust and I buirried myself deep in between Jenna’s mounds, pulling the skin of my cock back and making the head of my penis shine.

Muscular contractions pumped semen towards a waiting Suze, once, twice, three times. I released the breasts and lifted my cock from between the twin mounds. I grasped my still rock hard member milking every drop from it, a trail of semen dribbling across Jenna’s left nipple. A blob of cum hit Suze on the tip of her nose as my muscular pumping subsided. Suze leant forward and licked Jenna’s nipple clean…

Jenna’s Perfect Pair are possibly the ultimate in male breast masturbators, They are made from top quality materials, and can take a serious pounding. I can vouch for that. The toy is heavy so it isn’t going to move around when you use it. They are a simple toy, in that you don’t have any vibrating function, but that’s the key to them. Since when did you meet a woman with a vibrating chest? If you love masturbation and would love to cum on a porn star’s chest then who better than Jenna Jameson?


Allure Triple X Leather Whip

BDSM toys are an interesting area and one that we enjoy investigating when reviewing adult products. At the silly end are the fluffy handcuff restraints that are fine for a bit of fun but not good in the heights of passion as they are not versatile enough for real bondage play, and tend not to be very durable. At the other end of the scale are the very serious, very expensive and very scary instruments of BDSM play that are simply not for the beginner.

So we like to try toys that are somewhere in between. The Allure XXX Leather Whip certainly falls into that category.

The toy is made from very soft leather. Real leather too so you get the aroma of freshly tanned hide as soon as you open the packaging. The tails of the whip are only 30cm long, so the toy is compact and easy to store, or if you use the handy wrist strap, easy to hang on the bedpost as we do.

Yes this is one of those toys that since its arrival is kept close at hand in the AlexSuze boudoir. It’s the sign of a good toy that out of the vast array we’ve reviewed the whip has already joined the select band of bedroom essentials we have.

To understand why you have to know what the whip feels like in action.

I love playing with the whip we already have so when Suze lay on the bed and exposed her beautiful ass for a little flogging I was eager to oblige. I started by drawing the soft leather tales of the whip across her naked flesh, down her back from her shoulders and onto her buttocks. I let the tips of the whip dance a little in the cleft between her les, teasing her perineum. She likes that.

I kept this up for a while and then, when I thought she was at her ease I flicked my wrist and brought it down on her flesh with a cruel thwack. She moaned an appreciative moan.

That rather took me by surprise. Suze isn’t one to enjoy pain and that’s what I thought the swift flick of my wrist would have caused. Not the intense pain that would have signalled a bruise to come, but I did intend to send a stinging sensation across her skin.

I tried again, a little harder, then harder still. Despite the fact that I thwacked Suze as hard as I could she confirmed that the effect was still well on the pleasurable side of painful. She positively loved it when I stroked her cheek with the dangling ends of the whip too as she loves the smell of leather and drank in the aroma.

Roles reversed I experienced a similar set of sensations.

The light, almost tickling caress of the tips of the whip. Then the tingling, slightly stinging kiss of the whip as your partner brings it down hard across your skin, followed by a warm glow.

If you use the whip in a wrist-flicking figure of eight motion to flay one buttock, then the other, I’m sure you could (eventually) make your sub’s bum tender and sensitive, but it would take ages.

That’s the key to this toy. It’s virtually impossible to inflict serious pain with it. That’s not the point. It spans the gap between the cheap, effectively novelty items and full-on BDSM toys. It allows you to play and take stimulation to the edge of pain but no further.

It’s like being led to the door of a fully equipped dungeon but not being pushed through.

Allure Three Piece Neck And Wrist Restraint Set

It may come as no surprise to some of you readers out there, that this month’s toy review focuses on the subject of my latest HNT. And may I say what a wonderful choice our voting readers made. Go on if you didn’t see me wearing them, have a scroll down to Thursday I’ll wait for you……you’re back then. :) This month’s choice is the smaller of the two packages I took delivery of the other day. Alex and I have always enjoyed a little gentle restraint during sex. Usually using Alex’s ties to bind each other together or to the bed. To relinquish your control, your mobility and or senses to someone and allow them free reign can be very arousing.

We have never used purpose made collar and cuffs before and I was more than a little excited at the prospect of wearing them for the first time. Let me disclose a little secret here, I have a bit of a thing for leather. I love the smell, feel and look of it against my skin. So this cuff and collar set didn’t have to try too hard to impress me. If you know what I mean.

With HNT coming up and no idea what to do for this week’s, I decided to use the collar and cuff set. Genius! I hadn’t bargained on the reaction they would whip up. Alex prepared to take the picture and I disappeared in to our bedroom to slip in to my black PVC bra, panties and gloves.

I grabbed the package, still unopened and made my way to Alex who was busy setting in the lounge. He opened it and I was pleasantly surprised at the contents. Most of the sets I have looked at in the past had very flimsy restraints, I suppose you could say they were more decorative than functional.

These were made of good quality thick leather and both the chain and padlock are very robust. All the better for straining against, hey girls! Yes, I nearly forgot…and boys. Lol. Alex slipped the collar around my neck first. It felt good and…uhm…it smelt wonderful!

He then fastened the cuffs around my wrists, left then right. May I add at this point, there is plenty of adjustment to all three which means they can be worn by either sex and the cuffs can be worn around the ankles too if you like. A very versatile set.

As Alex was fastening the right cuff I looked down at his groin. There was something happening down there. A bulge was starting to take shape at the front of his jeans. He was enjoying this…Snap and the padlock was in place, leaving me unable to do anything except rest my chained hands upon my breasts.

With a swift tug of the chain Alex drew me to his mouth and started to kiss me with passion. He almost took my breath away, I was totally unprepared for this. His tongue swirled and darted around my mouth and his groin began to rub against my leg. He still had hold of the chain and I was powerless to resist his attention.

He broke free from the embrace and loosened his grip on my chains allowing me to finally place my heels back on the carpet. “Uhm…” , he exclaimed. “This is turning you on, isn’t it?”, I enquired, already knowing the answer. “It certainly is”, he replied. He placed the camera he had been holding down on the coffee table and began to undo the button on his jeans.

His excitement was no longer contained as his jeans slid down his legs to the floor. His boxer shorts had a huge protuberance pointing outwards at a 90 degree angle. His cock was rock hard. Forget the Viagra this set induced an almost instant erection.

I watched with eager anticipation as he slipped the last foot free of his boxer’s and he headed over to me. He took the chain once again in his hands and pulled me down towards the floor. I sank to my knees, Alex still holding the chain firmly in his hands.

He waved his erect cock in front of my face. It bounced up and down before my eyes with a blood engorged turgidity. He was so hard it was almost plum coloured. “Suck it”! He demanded of me. Who was I to say no? I opened my mouth urging him to slip it inside. Pre cum coated my tongue as I flicked around the tip of his erect cock. He pulled on my chain once more forcing me to accept more of his erection in my mouth. “Take it, take it all”. By this point my panties were becoming moist and my nipples were hard but restrained in the tight PVC of my bra. Pushing up against the fabric, needing to be pinched and sucked.

Alex began to motion his hips forward and back, gently fucking my mouth as he held me right there. I drew breaths on the out stroke avoiding suffocation, as he almost filled my mouth completely with his phallus. I knew I was about to have my cervix probed when he finally got around to fucking me.

He increased his speed and depth of thrust and was now banging away at my mouth like. One hand was still on the chains the other in my hair as he fucked away. “No…I’m going to have to stop, I’m close to coming”, he declared withdrawing from my mouth.

“Stand up”, he demanded of me. I rose to my feet with aide of a little pulling on the chain. “Bend over there”, he gestured as he pushed my hips around and bent me over the back of the sofa. He hooked his fingers in to each side of my panties and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and kicked them to one side.

He pushed my legs further apart with his hand and guided himself between my pussy lips and inside my eager vagina. I was pulsing now, needing to be taken. Not gently but with full thrust and slapping of cheeks on groin. Alex could sense my need and began to fuck me hard and fast. Steadying me by holding my hips firm as he fucked away. I had placed my hands under my head as I gripped the back of the sofa, legs spread wide. The smell of my leather restraints filling my nasal passages. The shortness of the chain making me contort and strain to maintain my hold on the leather backrest cushion.

I came once, twice, three times and with a muted growl Alex stopped fucking and withdrew his cock. Allowing his seed to spurt out on to my lower back. Running his cock along the top of my buttocks as he drained the last drop of cum from his vas deferens.

The images for HNT were taken the following day and I must admit we had to keep our minds on the job this time.

In summary:

It’s difficult to find fault with this set. But if I had to make one criticism it’s that they can be undone by the wearer when attached to the neck collar. However the addition of a couple of small padlocks through the eyelets of the wrist/ankle cuffs would solve that problem. And if used to tether and spread the wearer they would be impossible to remove anyway.

These leather bondage restraints are excellent quality, thick, strong, supple leather, seamless metalwork and well finished.

The chain and padlock supplied is stronger than the one illustrated on the packaging and will take a lot of punishment.

The size of the wrist/ankle cuffs and collar are sufficiently adjustable for almost any stature of wearer.

Berman Juliet Review

If you were reading here earlier in the week you will know that Suze was naughty on Wednesday and took the day off to have a bit of recuperation. Don’t tell my boss. Lol

It’s good to indulge yourself once in a while and I decided to give my new toy the Juliet by Laura Berman a test drive. The Juliet is a “Clitoral Encaser” and you know how I love clit play. Lol

Berman JulietI slipped the clit vibe out of its packaging and out it popped complete with a lovely lilac gossamer bag to keep it in.

Here’s the techie stuff for you:

The Juliet is constructed from rose pink plastic with a satin finish so it doesn’t slip in your hand ;)
It measures approx 18.5cm from tip to base
The bottom unscrews to house 2 x AAA batteries
It is waterproof so you can use it anywhere
Is ergonomically designed
Adjustable speed control on base

The schoolgirl scene on the DVD featuring Alicia Rhodes started to play and so did I. ;) Alex was at work, the cat was asleep on his bed and now it was my time.

I reached over to my bedside drawers and took the Juliet from the top. Then I tested my moisture level by running my middle finger up between my pussy lips. Already horny I really didn’t need any lube but you can use both silicone and water based with this Clitoral Encaser.

The vibe felt good to hold and warm to the touch. I placed it on the bed as I wriggled out of my jeans and removed my red t-shirt. I slipped off my panties and cast them off on to the floor to join my other clothes discarded in a heap. Now naked I slipped between the sheets.

That dirty Alicia was guiding a guy in to the naughty brunette schoolgirl laying on the desk. She is one dirty bitch. ;) I turned the dial at the base of the vibe and guided it between my moist lips. Now, if only Alicia was here to help me out.

The vibration was good but I wanted more and turned the dial a little more. The combination of vibration and motion usually brings me off quite quickly. I located my clit with the head of the vibe and lay it over the top. Because of the length of the toy I was able to do this with ease, in fact I just laid my hand gently back on my right hip as I started to move the vibe over around my clit.

This toy is so easy to manipulate and feels very comfortable in your hand. The vibrations were now strumming around my clit, teasing it and the pulsing started. It’s not often that I stimulate any additional parts of my body but I felt like pinching my nipples.

I took hold of my pert left nipple between my thumb and index finger and squoze. Then I gently passed my palm over the top of it as it stood proud and to attention. This makes the nerve endings fire and Oooh, that felt good. ;)

I started to move the vibe around my clit, rolling it and letting the vibratory waves pulse through it. Within moments I could feel my orgasm building but I wanted to savour the moment and keep myself teetering on the edge.

This requires a fine balance between stimulation of my clit and backing off, giving chance for the pre orgasmic moment to subside. I feel the nerve endings in my feet and pelvic area, almost resonate with excitement…yes, that is exactly how it feels. Like my nerves are jangling, primed. It must be very much like a guy breaking off just before he come and then taking up his position again.

I find if I can manage to stave off my ejaculation a couple of times before I come, the intensity of the orgasm when it is finally allowed to build is so much more intense and can send you quite crazy. ;)

The tingling started in my feet and worked up through my pelvis and in to my pussy. FUCK!…I arched my back, pushing my shoulders and heels in to the mattress and held my breath as the orgasm swept over me.

I wanted to feel the intensity of orgasm again and I continued to slowly and carefully (you are quite sensitive post orgasm) stimulate my clit. One orgasm wasn’t enough. And moments later I was building for yet another and this time it was quicker arriving and just as powerful as the first.

Twitching I fell back on to the bed and drew in another post orgasmic breath…

…when I opened my eyes I was greeted by my cat, sitting on the bed next to me looking slightly bemused and interested in the buzzing sound under the covers. I don’t think mice buzz do they? How is it that cats and dogs can look at you in such an accusing way. They try to make you feel guilty so that you give them treats. Lol

I’ll remind him of that the next time he has a good clean down there.

And if you missed it you can see my video of the Juliet here.

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