Nexus Gyro Review

Nexus GyroThe Nexus Gyro is a prostate stimulator from the same people who brought you (amongst other toys) the Nexus Vibro that I have reviewed previously. Nexus obviously recognise that as with all sex toys, what works and what doesn’t is very specific to each and every one of us. They produce a range of toys each with a different character.

The Gyro is constructed from soft silicone, is entirely smooth and has no vibrating bullet. Completely different from the Vibro with its hard plastic construction, ribbing, ball bearing perineal stimulator and stainless steel bullet.

So that’s what the Gyro isn’t, here’s what it is.

Very, very intense.

For me the Gyro is at the limit of what I can accept. It’s not particularly large, but its shape means that inserting it into my rectal cavity took a little experimentation. Suze tried first with me on all fours. This simply didn’t work despite copious amounts of lube. I flipped over and let her try and insert the Gyro while I lifted my knees to my chest. Again I had to ask her to stop.

I found the best way of inserting the Gyro is by your own hand. Laying on my back with a little more lube I was able to ease the Gyro inside. When in place the Gyro is comfortable and very effective. I was sporting a very firm semi by the time it had settled into place and dribbling prostate fluid more copiously than with any other stimulator I’ve tried. Suze helped herself to the clear nectar, while squatting beside me twiddling absent mindedly with her clitoris. She raised a huge drop of it to her mouth and licked it from her finger with evident glee.

I repositioned myself into a kneeling position, the hemispherical bottom of the toy just touching the towel covering my side of the bed. Suze grasped my cock and played with it while I experimented with the Gyro.

Each movement of my hips, clenching of my buttocks and rolling of the base of the Gyro on the bed brought new sensations. At rest the toy fills you, pressing against your prostate from within your colon. Small movements allow you to stroke the prostate with the toy. Frankly it put a lump in my throat as I was pushed to the limit. As I mentioned above, not by the toy’s size, but by its shape.

If I moved in the correct way the sensation was almost overwhelming, but without being uncomfortable. This has to be due to the soft, but firm construction of the Gyro. Nexus must have worked on the shape and size of the moulding for a long time because unlike some other anal toys it never felt like it was about to fall out, despite the copious lube I had needed to use during its insertion. Even Suze suggested I screw her doggy style by presenting her upturned buttocks to me and I rose to my knees the Gyro stayed in place. Neither did the Gyro feel too large.

I managed a few strokes before the intensity of the stimulation from the Gyro made me stop. The thrusting of my hips caused sensations that sent my synaesthesia into overdrive. I had to stop.

A disappointed Suze turned round to face my cock, glistening with her juices and took matters in hand. She took the tip of my erection in her mouth and cruelly ran her lower incisors across my frenulum, sending white sparks through my groin and up my spine. She then sat up and smiled at me cruelly. “I’ll have mine later then”.

Her hand was still holding my cock. She began to give me a brisk and punishing wank. The swift pumping of her hand causing me to press the base of the Gyro into the bed, sending waves of sensation across my back and up to my neck. I felt a bright, white-blue orgasm detonate in my stomach and cover me as I came. Her hand and wrist were covered, my foreskin now glistening with my own fluids. Her hand continued pumping until she was satisfied there was no more seed to be pumped from my aching balls.

Quite an orgasm.

The Gyro is not a beginner’s toy, but despite the care needed to insert it is easy to use for someone with a little experience of anal toys. I’m determined to actually be able to fuck Suze with the toy in, but because it is so effective I think I’ll have to try it a few times before that’s practical.

If you’re a man who likes anal stimulation and wants a simple, easy to clean, quality toy then the Gyro is a toy you should seriously consider.

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Cupid’s Couch Review

I took receipt of two parcels the other day. Today we unpacked the second much larger parcel and removed a large poly covered lozenge, a piece of A4 paper and a…no, I don’t think I’m going to tell you…Oh, go on then. A foot pump. I can hear the cogs turning in your heads as you try to think of the reason for the foot pump. Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any more. The package contained a Cupids Couch, courtesy of our toy supplier an early Christmas present and what could be more apt for us than a couch for fucking on. Did I mention it’s wipe clean too?

Alex unfurled the couch attached the pump and began to pump away. I just love how that sounds. Meanwhile I looked at the usage diagram sheet and memorised them for later. Lol

The couch needs a reasonable amount of space to inflate and use, so we decided to blow it up in the living room. Praying that neither of our parents popped round to see us. I had my excuse at the ready, “It’s an ergonomic bed for your friends to use if they need to crash out at your house”, would be my response to the inevitable question. I’m so good, aren’t I? Almost a pro.

We did wait until nightfall to inflate the couch so that we could close the curtains or all the neighbours would be wanting one too. It didn’t take Alex long, when he first laid it out I thought by the time he had finished inflating it he would be so out of breath that he wouldn’t want to use it. Lol

One thing I do advise is that you allow it to warm to the ambient room temperature before you start. That’s me ever practical. Another thing to watch for is your cat taking a keen interest, especially with it’s claws! Mine just had a quick sniff, looked at me as if to say “Dirty Cow” and walked off.

First position, and I’m not talking ballet! Lol over the backrest, being fucked from behind. Postion was wonderfully aligned, unlike in the past when there have been differences in height to contend with. This was a perfect position with added bounce. Each stroke could be accompanied by an upward bounce from me, something which normally doesn’t occur unless you have rubber knees. It felt just like wearing air soles must feel to an athlete. Yes, I said air soles, don’t be so rude. LOL

I noticed later that the position we used was not on the diagram. ;) Do you think I could earn some commission for submitting it to their creative department?

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage another position on the first run because we were enjoying ourselves too much. Pity! We had to try again. I can just hear you all saying “ahhh”. Another thing which did cross my mind in the throws of passion is that I wanted to pee on Alex and it is possible without worry of staining on this pvc love couch providing that you have it placed on a vinyl floor or something equally water resistant. Right, I am leaving this section to jump back in bed with Alex if you will excuse me!

The following morning we picked up where we left off. We’re so dedicated to this job. I must mention at this point before I forget, that the PVC compound this couch is constructed from is not at all slippery. In fact it tends to aide your grip and therefore increase your leverage. It also smells nice, I may have to include this as my second favourite smell after leather.

I decided to take control and got Alex to lay with his back on the couch whilst I straggled him, reverse cowgirl. This position can often be a tricky one for the girl, if practiced on a chair you either find you require high heels to gain the height required for good movement or that you are squatting so low to reach your cock target that your thighs have only limited use before you collapse.

I found neither of these to be a problem, my legs quite comfortably stretched over the width of the couch allowing me to place my heels soundly on the floor. This is where the added bounce I mentioned earlier comes back in to play. For every downward thrust I gave, Alex met me with an energetic upward thrust. This made for a very deep, very satisfying fuck. I lost count of the orgasms, it was a truly mind blowing experience.

I have only good things to say about this couch. It fits both Alex and I perfectly and aids sexual stamina in some of the most demanding positions and that has to be a good thing. Don’t you agree? ;) Anything which enables me to fuck for longer gets a vote in my book.

The only criticism I do have is it’s overall stability when you are giving it your all. I found myself either leaning to one side or the other and having to straighten up but it didn’t present too much of a problem. To counteract this we added more air to the top portion of the couch and that reduced the movement.

So a top tip is, keep your couch fully inflated at all times and if you are going at it like porn stars you may need to jump off and give it a quick pump now and again. I suppose this could be called “couch fluffing”. :D

Something which made me smile whilst I was being take from behind whilst leaning over the backrest was one of the usage notes on the base, “Intended for novelty use only”. For some reason this made me chuckle. Perhaps it would have been more apt to have put “This couch is going to make you fuck like a teenager”…

Oooh, still got another 12 positions to try out and some of my own, this weekend is passing too quickly!

This couch is a revelation. It allows you to try out positions you’d never considered before. It also allows you to enjoy those awkward positions you may have tried without the risk of physical injury, and for longer, thus increasing your enjoyment.

Its design is strong, practical and because of its gently curving shape, will suit any couple’s stature.

One great feature is that the inflation takes place in two main sections and two very small side bars which run the length of the couch. From box to use it’s fifteen minutes of pumping. If you store with just the top section deflated and slid discretely under you bed it’s less than four minutes before the couch is ready for action.

The only gripe we do have is that it has to be fully inflated before use. Even a slight deflation, as we experienced overnight between uses, makes the couch unstable,. But a few stokes with the supplied pump and you’re ready to go again.


The Doc Johnson, Vac-U-Lock E-Z Rider Rocker Review

Doc Johnson E-Z Rider RockerWow! That was a mouthful. This toy is unlike any other I have seen or tried and I just couldn’t wait to well…ride it. The image on box made me smile but I could tell it had great potential. ;)

Everything is included in the neatly packaged box:

One inflatable ball, colour flesh tone
A talc dispenser (got you guessing haven’t I?)
The Vac-U-Lock plug
And finally, last but not least…a wonderful realistic fell UR3 cock to fit on to the locking system. A whole 6” of insertable orgasmic pleasure for him or her. But I’m having the first go. :P

The great thing about this toy is that the Vac-U-Lock system is interchangeable with other pleasure givers, such as their strap-on harness, so one cock fits all. And many cocks fit one. What could be better! ;) There is also a great choice of dongs in all shapes, sizes and colours, they even have one with hair at the base for that extra authentic touch. And for the connoisseur they also supply a double penetrator for that bit of DP action.

Now down to some preparation, I went off to the bathroom to give my cock a good wash before I used it. It feels slightly strange but horny at the same time, washing your cock in the bathroom. Oh, to be a man! After a good wash, which I enjoyed, just like giving a soapy cock wank the composite is so flesh like. I really lathered it up and paid a lot of attention to the area just under the head like a good girl.

When it was clean I left it to drain on the side of the sink. This freaked the cat out. He sat next to it on the vanity unit, just staring. Once drained I took it in a warm fluffy towel and dried it. One cock now ready for action.

I sat on the edge of the bed and opened out the flesh coloured ball and located the hole I needed to insert the plug in to. The best method for this is to insert the corner of the smaller end of the trapezium in to the opening in the ball and then turn the plug to fully insert the plug.

Next I used the clever little talk dispenser to coat the inside of the dong to ensure that it didn’t stick to the plastic plug insert. Then I firmly pushed the realistic dong on to the plug. I started to blow in to the valve to inflate the ball and I blew and I blew but nothing happened the ball remained the same size. Then Alex who had been laying behind me on the bed, unbeknown to me laughing. Suggested that I pinch the valve when I blow to allow the air to travel through to the ball. Bloody hell, he is such a smartie pants sometimes. :)

Once inflated I was ready to go and Alex was eager to watch me. Unlike normal dongs with a suction cup base this one can be used on any surface, including carpets, upholstered chairs and beds. I decided to try cowgirl on the bed, much easier on the knees. Lol

Alex loves to watch me bring myself off but I also feel a little guilty when I’m indulging in a little self love and find it difficult not to include him. Not hat he complains. ;) I reached over to the bedside draws and took hold of the lube I had placed there earlier. Then I applied a generous amount to the tip and worked it around the cock head.

I straddled the ball on bended knees and guided the tip inside me. It was just the right size for my pussy, enough to be able to feel it and not too much to make sex with it difficult. Alex stood at the side of the bed in his bathrobe which hung open exposing his growing member.

I lowered myself down on to the soft ball beneath, taking in the cock inch by inch and it felt very real inside me. Once I had devoured it’s length I raised myself back off the phallus slowly to ensure good coverage of the erection with the lube. It felt so close to the real thing, I even felt the underside hit my fleshy opening as I lifted my pussy off the cock.

I took hold of the ball and made my way over to Alex’s side of the bed where he was now proudly standing, stroking his cock. Still on my knees I lowered back down over that wonderful firm cock and I began to fuck the cock cowgirl. To aid my speed and g-spot stimulation a top tip is to grab the ball firmly between your calves and this secures the cock to aid optimum angling.

This was perfect. My g-spot was getting a good workout as I bounced up and down on the ball which acts as the perfect buffer. Better than grounding on a hard chair on the down stroke. I also added a bit of rolling between my thrusts which moved the cock around inside me to increase the intensity of the fuck. Something you can’t do with a normal dong. It even feels good to do a bit of “stirring”.

Within a few minutes I was climaxing and no further lube was necessary, that cock was all shiny and wet. ;) I hold totally forgotten about Alex who was standing before me wanking. Reaching forward I took a firm hold of his erection and began to stroke it in time with my movements on the Ezrider. He bucked his hips, fucking my hand just like a pussy.

I came again and for a moment stopped stroking his cock, lost in the orgasmic pleasure. Alex’s hand embraced mine and he moved both our hands up and down his hard shaft. This prompted me and I took over once again. The tip of his cock was now glistening with pre cum and I leaned over to lick his dick clean. Alex moaned and took hold of my hair, guiding me down to him.

Still bouncing on my cock I started to fuck his erection with my mouth. It was becoming difficult to breath and I lifted my head off his hardon enough to be able to pull in some much needed air. A couple of breaths later I started to bob up and down on him and my dong. Another orgasm hit me but I managed to keep my mind on the task in hand mouth.

I came up for air once more and began working his cock with my hand again. I felt so horny, bringing myself off and Alex at the same time. I was just about to lean over and blow him again when Alex exclaimed “Fuck! I’m coming”. No time to take him in my mouth I instinctively opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

From previous experience I closed my eyes, that bloody stuff stings if you get it in your eyes. ;) the first spurt of cum hit my left cheek, quickly followed by a globule landing squarely on my top lip. Alex was now balancing himself on the top of my head with his right hand as he quaked before me. Then a warm stream of cum landed on my tongue, it felt warm after waiting so long.

With a twitching convulsion he shot the last of his load in to my mouth.

I looked up at him and smiled as I licked my lips and swallowed him down. When I stopped rolling on the ball I realised that I had coated the top of it with my cum, all around the base of the cock and balls was wet. Good job the whole thing is fully washable.

This toy surprised me in more ways than one. When I first saw this and right up to the point of actually using it, I though the cock on a ball concept was just too outlandish to be effective, now how wrong could I have been. It is such a versatile toy, every girl should have one in their toy box. ;)

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, Vac-U-Lock

Allure Three Piece Neck And Wrist Restraint Set

It may come as no surprise to some of you readers out there, that this month’s toy review focuses on the subject of my latest HNT. And may I say what a wonderful choice our voting readers made. Go on if you didn’t see me wearing them, have a scroll down to Thursday I’ll wait for you……you’re back then. :) This month’s choice is the smaller of the two packages I took delivery of the other day. Alex and I have always enjoyed a little gentle restraint during sex. Usually using Alex’s ties to bind each other together or to the bed. To relinquish your control, your mobility and or senses to someone and allow them free reign can be very arousing.

We have never used purpose made collar and cuffs before and I was more than a little excited at the prospect of wearing them for the first time. Let me disclose a little secret here, I have a bit of a thing for leather. I love the smell, feel and look of it against my skin. So this cuff and collar set didn’t have to try too hard to impress me. If you know what I mean.

With HNT coming up and no idea what to do for this week’s, I decided to use the collar and cuff set. Genius! I hadn’t bargained on the reaction they would whip up. Alex prepared to take the picture and I disappeared in to our bedroom to slip in to my black PVC bra, panties and gloves.

I grabbed the package, still unopened and made my way to Alex who was busy setting in the lounge. He opened it and I was pleasantly surprised at the contents. Most of the sets I have looked at in the past had very flimsy restraints, I suppose you could say they were more decorative than functional.

These were made of good quality thick leather and both the chain and padlock are very robust. All the better for straining against, hey girls! Yes, I nearly forgot…and boys. Lol. Alex slipped the collar around my neck first. It felt good and…uhm…it smelt wonderful!

He then fastened the cuffs around my wrists, left then right. May I add at this point, there is plenty of adjustment to all three which means they can be worn by either sex and the cuffs can be worn around the ankles too if you like. A very versatile set.

As Alex was fastening the right cuff I looked down at his groin. There was something happening down there. A bulge was starting to take shape at the front of his jeans. He was enjoying this…Snap and the padlock was in place, leaving me unable to do anything except rest my chained hands upon my breasts.

With a swift tug of the chain Alex drew me to his mouth and started to kiss me with passion. He almost took my breath away, I was totally unprepared for this. His tongue swirled and darted around my mouth and his groin began to rub against my leg. He still had hold of the chain and I was powerless to resist his attention.

He broke free from the embrace and loosened his grip on my chains allowing me to finally place my heels back on the carpet. “Uhm…” , he exclaimed. “This is turning you on, isn’t it?”, I enquired, already knowing the answer. “It certainly is”, he replied. He placed the camera he had been holding down on the coffee table and began to undo the button on his jeans.

His excitement was no longer contained as his jeans slid down his legs to the floor. His boxer shorts had a huge protuberance pointing outwards at a 90 degree angle. His cock was rock hard. Forget the Viagra this set induced an almost instant erection.

I watched with eager anticipation as he slipped the last foot free of his boxer’s and he headed over to me. He took the chain once again in his hands and pulled me down towards the floor. I sank to my knees, Alex still holding the chain firmly in his hands.

He waved his erect cock in front of my face. It bounced up and down before my eyes with a blood engorged turgidity. He was so hard it was almost plum coloured. “Suck it”! He demanded of me. Who was I to say no? I opened my mouth urging him to slip it inside. Pre cum coated my tongue as I flicked around the tip of his erect cock. He pulled on my chain once more forcing me to accept more of his erection in my mouth. “Take it, take it all”. By this point my panties were becoming moist and my nipples were hard but restrained in the tight PVC of my bra. Pushing up against the fabric, needing to be pinched and sucked.

Alex began to motion his hips forward and back, gently fucking my mouth as he held me right there. I drew breaths on the out stroke avoiding suffocation, as he almost filled my mouth completely with his phallus. I knew I was about to have my cervix probed when he finally got around to fucking me.

He increased his speed and depth of thrust and was now banging away at my mouth like. One hand was still on the chains the other in my hair as he fucked away. “No…I’m going to have to stop, I’m close to coming”, he declared withdrawing from my mouth.

“Stand up”, he demanded of me. I rose to my feet with aide of a little pulling on the chain. “Bend over there”, he gestured as he pushed my hips around and bent me over the back of the sofa. He hooked his fingers in to each side of my panties and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and kicked them to one side.

He pushed my legs further apart with his hand and guided himself between my pussy lips and inside my eager vagina. I was pulsing now, needing to be taken. Not gently but with full thrust and slapping of cheeks on groin. Alex could sense my need and began to fuck me hard and fast. Steadying me by holding my hips firm as he fucked away. I had placed my hands under my head as I gripped the back of the sofa, legs spread wide. The smell of my leather restraints filling my nasal passages. The shortness of the chain making me contort and strain to maintain my hold on the leather backrest cushion.

I came once, twice, three times and with a muted growl Alex stopped fucking and withdrew his cock. Allowing his seed to spurt out on to my lower back. Running his cock along the top of my buttocks as he drained the last drop of cum from his vas deferens.

The images for HNT were taken the following day and I must admit we had to keep our minds on the job this time.

In summary:

It’s difficult to find fault with this set. But if I had to make one criticism it’s that they can be undone by the wearer when attached to the neck collar. However the addition of a couple of small padlocks through the eyelets of the wrist/ankle cuffs would solve that problem. And if used to tether and spread the wearer they would be impossible to remove anyway.

These leather bondage restraints are excellent quality, thick, strong, supple leather, seamless metalwork and well finished.

The chain and padlock supplied is stronger than the one illustrated on the packaging and will take a lot of punishment.

The size of the wrist/ankle cuffs and collar are sufficiently adjustable for almost any stature of wearer.

Berman Adonis Vibrator Review

AlezSuze, Berman AdonisThis is a beautifully and ergonomically designed g-spot and clitoral stimulator. And let me just say, Laura knows her anatomy well! I also wouldn’t mind her becoming familiar with mine, she is one hot looking lady as the image on the box revealed. There I go again. Lol

I unpacked the Adonis from its box, which is cleverly designed with the aid of Velcro fastners to reveal the instructions and technical details of the toy contained within. There is just one thing I would love for all toy manufacturers to do and that is supply the batteries for use in their products.

It’s a little like Christmas and you open your toys as a child to find they all require batteries and your parents have forgotten to buy them. :( Please toy manufacturers include batteries in your packaging so eager girls can get to work without having to look for some. Right, that said.

I was pleased that the Adonis was constructed out of a soft jelly silicone, soft and warm to the touch rather than it being constructed from a more rigid material. It looked a little like a large purple prawn as I removed it from the packaging. It even had the prawn like antenna extending out from the body. Ok, so they are actually a pad of raised rubber Pleasure Dots on the underside of the stimulator, ideally positioned for clitoral stimulation.

The shape is cleverly constructed to stimulate both the g-spot and clit at the same time with a bullet in each end and a control unit which houses 4 x AA batteries. The bullets contained within the Adonis each have a separate jack point and depending on which side of the unit you plug in to you can have 3 levels of vibration and 7 functions on the other, ranging from low vibration through to Super Speed. How versatile!

A very clever design in deed. I opted to plug the g-spot in to the 3 x vibration jack point, leaving the 7 functions to work on my clit…perfect. ;)

Alex popped over to drop in some presents at his relatives on New Years Day and I started the preparation for the evening meal which his parents were invited to. I did some preparation and then decided to have a break.

For some reason I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the Adonis and how much fun it looked. Surely Alex wouldn’t mind if I tried this one out on my own. Of course not…

Then I disappeared off to the bedroom and drew the curtains together. It was a dull day anyway, so nobody would suspect that I had gone off to bed for a bit of a wank. Lol

I removed my clothing down to my bra and panties. And I wouldn’t need those so I slipped them off and climbed on top of the duvet. After applying a small blog of water based lube to the tip of the Adonis I pushed it between my lips.

It curled round perfectly inside my pussy, hitting that all important g-spot. Now time to try the settings. The vibe fits perfectly between the legs with the noduled end sitting nicely against your clit. The first setting on the internal vibe was nice, a gentle rumble. I must say the separate hand controls were so easy to hold and use compared to integral controls where you have to almost be a contortionist to use them. :)

I maxed up the control to the third setting and WOW that was powerful. I could feel the waves vibrate through my vaginal wall as I rested my hand on top of my abdomen. Then I tried the clit vibe, the first setting was a very nice steady vibration which tickled my clit into life.

Quickly I moved through the settings…Medium, High, Roller Coaster and then I found the one I needed so badly…Stair Stepper. This one resonates through your clit and sends you to…I go all funny just thinking about it. I didn’t even make it through to the seventh setting. That’s something I will have to try later.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the vibratory power of this little sex toy will bounce it straight out of your pussy if left to it’s own devices. I had to keep pushing it back inside me, what it requires is gentle manipulation to help achieve your Nirvana or at least it did for me.

For hands free g-spot and clit stimulation, I found that if you gripped the Adonis between your thighs move your hips as if using a hula hoop this worked everything wonderfully whilst your hands are free to do other things…like adjusting the setting for yet another orgasm. I came quickly when I started to gyrate, having both areas stimulated simultaneously was mind blowing, almost like having two guys at the same time.

No lube was required after that. ;) To increase the clitoral stimulation and sensation of being fucked at the same time, I found that letting it vibrate out and pushing it back in again came very close to being fucked with the added bonus of fantastic clit stimulation.

If you use your pelvic floor muscles too you can give yourself both a workout and a good fuck at the same time as you pull the Adonis back in.

Whichever method works for you, this is a perfect vibe for clit orgasmers, g-spot orgasmers or penetration orgasmers. Or if you are like me all three! And a first for me was the ability to have a dual orgasm, I came with g-spot and clitoral at the same time. It was an exhilarating feeling and took me a while to come down from.

There was no disguising what I had been up to when Alex returned, my washed vibe was drying on a piece of tissue in the bathroom. We have no secrets and he wants to watch next time I use it.

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