Rocks Off Finger Tingles Vibrator Review

Finger Tingler

I’m always on the look out for something new and interesting to try out and this toy looks really versatile and could be used by horny males as well as females. ;)

As it turned out they couldn’t have sent it to me at a better time. The weekend was set to be a wet one, in stark contrast to the glorious weather we have been enjoying recently. Which means more time indoors, which equals more time to play.

If the weather had been good my time would have been split between outdoor chores and indoor phwores! Ok, I did try. You try getting something to rhyme with chores. Lol

I opened the packaging and removed the Finger Tingles and was surprised to feel the softness of the rubber, I had expected it to be firm. Instead it reminded me of my school days and playing with Play Doh. It had that same smooth soft finish to it. It felt like a pliable rubber tongue.

The Rocks Off Finger Tingles features the famous R80 bullet which we have all grown to love but there are some interesting new features with this toy

It is constructed from IntraMed a new compound with anti-microbial properties to help keep your toy clean.
The Finger Tingles has been constructed with a hole in the middle to be worn on a finger or to encapsulate the clitoris if desired. Or nipple, that one only just occurred to me. ;)
It’s controlled via the push button on/off switch mounted in the base and comes complete with a battery so you don’t have to go looking for one.
Is completely waterproof for none stop fun, even at bathtime.

Saturday was utterly miserable and wet and we both decided to make our way to the bedroom to test out our toys. Yes, I did say our toys. Alex had something he also wanted to test. So, we both opted for some naughty mutual masturbation.

Alex didn’t bother waiting for me and started to play with himself which spurred me on. I took the FT and rather than taking it to my cit which would have been my first reaction. It was made for clit play. I slipped out of my t-shirt dress and panties and climbed under the covers, leaving Alex exposed.

I pushed the button and the powerful but quiet vibrations started to emanate from the Finger Tingler vibrator. Using the tip I gently placed it over my areola and ran it around in a circle. It felt like a bee was buzzing around my pinkish brown corona and the small nodules around it began to rise.

Next I took the tip to my right nipple and felt the vibrations resonate through my now hardening nipple. It felt so good to take the time to stimulate an erogenous zone I rarely pay attention to, least not enough.

I was beginning to loose myself in the delightful experience of caresses and stimulation without full on masturbation. Alex was taking care of that. ;) It felt like I was indulging myself in some me time, loving myself and it felt good.

My nipples were so hard by now that they pulsed and were almost painfully engorged. Well, a kind of pleasurable pressure was building in them and they stood so proudly on end. Alex was watching and becoming more avid about his testing. ;0

My body seemed to be harmonising with the vibrations now and I couldn’t wait to move my hand down over my mons to seek out my wet firm button. I placed the tip of the Finger Tingle over my clitoral hood and let the vibrations do the work, no movement was required. I became aware of my clit swelling and urging me to play with it. I pushed my middle finger through the hole, gripping the bullet in my palm and placed my finger back on to my clit. The sensation was amazing, the contrast between my warm digit and the soft encapsulating hood teasing me was spellbinding.

I was taken by surprise because I really had no idea it would be such an excellent sex toy. The digital and vibratory combination was soon wooing me in to submission. I added a slight roll with my finger, an absent minded side to side wiggle.

This did the trick, within less than a minute I was digging my heels in to the bed and arching my back, shouting out ”Fuck” the international word for orgasm coming. I started to move my finger across my clit with more vigour and felt the moisture leach from me as I came. My finger was soaked.

It’s a good job that the Finger Tingler is waterproof. ;)

I’m full of praise for this little toy, you can slip it easily in to your handbag or pants and it is so quiet you could probably get away with wearing it in the office. Just don’t shout out “Fuuuuuck!” like me when it hits the spot. ;)