Japanese Bondage Rope Review

This is quite an old review now and the product it pointed to is no longer available. However you can read more Bondage Toy Reviews over on Sex Toys Buzz.


Occasionally you feel that you need to expand the horizons of your relationship with your partner. Try something new, not always something exciting even, just an experience you haven’t shared before.

That’s where Alex and I complement each other perfectly, for you see want to keep the relationship fresh, open, honest and perhaps along the way exciting. No, it is exciting. No two days are the same in the Alex & Suze household.

And so when it was time to select something nice to play with we decided to try a length. ;) Got you! I mean a length of Doc Johnson’s Japanese Style Bondage Rope in blood red.

We have 32 feet of rope which they claim will not rub or chafe you skin. I was rather glad about that because whilst I do like a little gentle restraint I’m not in to pain of any sort. I’m also not very good at tying knots; the last time I had to do anything with string was at school in an art class, we did some macramé. I made a bottle cover. Lol

I’m guessing if you are a fisherman then you may have a head start on the rest of us novices out here. :)

I decided to be Alex’s volunteer in the absence of any other and he was more than eager to tie me up. In fact he remarked that he wished that he had ordered the ball gag too. Needless to say I gave him a good spank for that. He laughed, so I gave him another. I know I’m supposed to be the submissive one but I’m a switch at heart.

For some reason I don’t know why I had conjured up in my head that Alex without any experience whatsoever would be binding me a wonderfully intricate bodice in Shibari. I have seen so many wonderful images of this and it looks beautiful when executed correctly.

On this occasion it was far too ambitious for his first attempt, even if he had been a good boy scout. But that’s me, wanting to run before we can walk. The great thing about doing attempting something like this is that it is a shared, intimate, learning experience.

I removed my clothing, t-shirt, jeans all cast to the floor as I lay on the bed eagerly awaiting Alex’s appearance in the doorway of the bedroom. He entered the room having retrieved the rope from its hiding place. We had visitors earlier in the day and had done a sweep of the house for any incriminating evidence. That being sex toys and other related paraphernalia.

My heart was beating with anticipation as Alex settled on the side of the bed and easing out a length of rope he gently traced it over my naked form. It tickled but at the same time stroked me with its light touch. He danced the rope over my left nipple and I watched as it responded, hardening and jutting out from my breast.

I closed my eyes as he lifted my left foot and began to run lengths of rope around my raised ankle, I felt him tighten the knot. Then he took the other in his hand and repeated the binding process as I lay trying hard to control my breathing, which was becoming more obvious and quickened.

Ankles secured, he took hold of my left hand and I felt him running the rope over the back of my wrist, then underneath, wrapping me several times in the rope before securing it with a knot.

Finally he took my right hand and secured that to the other. I opened my eyes to discover that I had been lightly hogtied, I say lightly because he had allowed adequate space between hands and feet for me to move and feel comfortable.

I had the feeling that he was easing me in to this…

He moved from under my feet and then I realised that I had to lay with my legs raised in order to be able to lay on the bed. It felt slightly uncomfortable and unfamiliar but in a strange kind of way I liked the unfamiliarity of the situation I now found myself in. It gave the experience and edge, a sexual tingle if you like.

As I was getting used to my new situation Alex slipped out of his clothes and stood next to me. This had turned him on too, he was as hard as a rock. I wriggled closer to the edge of the bed and licked the tip of his cock, he tasted good.

I enclose my mouth around his erection and sucked as I ran my tongue over his frenulum. He bucked into my mouth a couple of times and then withdrew and climbed on to the bed below me.

He took hold of the rope stretching between my hands and my feet and lifted me until I was level with his cock and then he plunged my depths. I yelped, with surprise even though I had known this was coming. It felt good to be semi suspended and fucked at the same time.

My rope tethers were so soft and kind to my skin that I felt like I was being secured by hands instead of rope.

Alex had control over me and I liked the idea of relinquishing mine to him. I was awash with come, it’s the only way I can describe just how wet I was. He pulled out a little too far and skidded on my fluid trying to re-enter me, a little toilet tissue had to be used to lap up the surplus before he pushed inside my pussy again.

All my senses seemed heightened and my orgasm came quickly and quite loudly, swiftly followed by Alex.

If you haven’t given rope bondage a try I strongly suggest you do. Don’t try to be too ambitious at first, make the most of the sensual bonding you and your partner develop and go with the flow.

I now need to find a book on beginners bondage, has anyone any suggestions?

Allure Three Piece Neck And Wrist Restraint Set

It may come as no surprise to some of you readers out there, that this month’s toy review focuses on the subject of my latest HNT. And may I say what a wonderful choice our voting readers made. Go on if you didn’t see me wearing them, have a scroll down to Thursday I’ll wait for you……you’re back then. :) This month’s choice is the smaller of the two packages I took delivery of the other day. Alex and I have always enjoyed a little gentle restraint during sex. Usually using Alex’s ties to bind each other together or to the bed. To relinquish your control, your mobility and or senses to someone and allow them free reign can be very arousing.

We have never used purpose made collar and cuffs before and I was more than a little excited at the prospect of wearing them for the first time. Let me disclose a little secret here, I have a bit of a thing for leather. I love the smell, feel and look of it against my skin. So this cuff and collar set didn’t have to try too hard to impress me. If you know what I mean.

With HNT coming up and no idea what to do for this week’s, I decided to use the collar and cuff set. Genius! I hadn’t bargained on the reaction they would whip up. Alex prepared to take the picture and I disappeared in to our bedroom to slip in to my black PVC bra, panties and gloves.

I grabbed the package, still unopened and made my way to Alex who was busy setting in the lounge. He opened it and I was pleasantly surprised at the contents. Most of the sets I have looked at in the past had very flimsy restraints, I suppose you could say they were more decorative than functional.

These were made of good quality thick leather and both the chain and padlock are very robust. All the better for straining against, hey girls! Yes, I nearly forgot…and boys. Lol. Alex slipped the collar around my neck first. It felt good and…uhm…it smelt wonderful!

He then fastened the cuffs around my wrists, left then right. May I add at this point, there is plenty of adjustment to all three which means they can be worn by either sex and the cuffs can be worn around the ankles too if you like. A very versatile set.

As Alex was fastening the right cuff I looked down at his groin. There was something happening down there. A bulge was starting to take shape at the front of his jeans. He was enjoying this…Snap and the padlock was in place, leaving me unable to do anything except rest my chained hands upon my breasts.

With a swift tug of the chain Alex drew me to his mouth and started to kiss me with passion. He almost took my breath away, I was totally unprepared for this. His tongue swirled and darted around my mouth and his groin began to rub against my leg. He still had hold of the chain and I was powerless to resist his attention.

He broke free from the embrace and loosened his grip on my chains allowing me to finally place my heels back on the carpet. “Uhm…” , he exclaimed. “This is turning you on, isn’t it?”, I enquired, already knowing the answer. “It certainly is”, he replied. He placed the camera he had been holding down on the coffee table and began to undo the button on his jeans.

His excitement was no longer contained as his jeans slid down his legs to the floor. His boxer shorts had a huge protuberance pointing outwards at a 90 degree angle. His cock was rock hard. Forget the Viagra this set induced an almost instant erection.

I watched with eager anticipation as he slipped the last foot free of his boxer’s and he headed over to me. He took the chain once again in his hands and pulled me down towards the floor. I sank to my knees, Alex still holding the chain firmly in his hands.

He waved his erect cock in front of my face. It bounced up and down before my eyes with a blood engorged turgidity. He was so hard it was almost plum coloured. “Suck it”! He demanded of me. Who was I to say no? I opened my mouth urging him to slip it inside. Pre cum coated my tongue as I flicked around the tip of his erect cock. He pulled on my chain once more forcing me to accept more of his erection in my mouth. “Take it, take it all”. By this point my panties were becoming moist and my nipples were hard but restrained in the tight PVC of my bra. Pushing up against the fabric, needing to be pinched and sucked.

Alex began to motion his hips forward and back, gently fucking my mouth as he held me right there. I drew breaths on the out stroke avoiding suffocation, as he almost filled my mouth completely with his phallus. I knew I was about to have my cervix probed when he finally got around to fucking me.

He increased his speed and depth of thrust and was now banging away at my mouth like. One hand was still on the chains the other in my hair as he fucked away. “No…I’m going to have to stop, I’m close to coming”, he declared withdrawing from my mouth.

“Stand up”, he demanded of me. I rose to my feet with aide of a little pulling on the chain. “Bend over there”, he gestured as he pushed my hips around and bent me over the back of the sofa. He hooked his fingers in to each side of my panties and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and kicked them to one side.

He pushed my legs further apart with his hand and guided himself between my pussy lips and inside my eager vagina. I was pulsing now, needing to be taken. Not gently but with full thrust and slapping of cheeks on groin. Alex could sense my need and began to fuck me hard and fast. Steadying me by holding my hips firm as he fucked away. I had placed my hands under my head as I gripped the back of the sofa, legs spread wide. The smell of my leather restraints filling my nasal passages. The shortness of the chain making me contort and strain to maintain my hold on the leather backrest cushion.

I came once, twice, three times and with a muted growl Alex stopped fucking and withdrew his cock. Allowing his seed to spurt out on to my lower back. Running his cock along the top of my buttocks as he drained the last drop of cum from his vas deferens.

The images for HNT were taken the following day and I must admit we had to keep our minds on the job this time.

In summary:

It’s difficult to find fault with this set. But if I had to make one criticism it’s that they can be undone by the wearer when attached to the neck collar. However the addition of a couple of small padlocks through the eyelets of the wrist/ankle cuffs would solve that problem. And if used to tether and spread the wearer they would be impossible to remove anyway.

These leather bondage restraints are excellent quality, thick, strong, supple leather, seamless metalwork and well finished.

The chain and padlock supplied is stronger than the one illustrated on the packaging and will take a lot of punishment.

The size of the wrist/ankle cuffs and collar are sufficiently adjustable for almost any stature of wearer.