Rocks Off Finger Tingles Vibrator Review

Finger Tingler

I’m always on the look out for something new and interesting to try out and this toy looks really versatile and could be used by horny males as well as females. ;)

As it turned out they couldn’t have sent it to me at a better time. The weekend was set to be a wet one, in stark contrast to the glorious weather we have been enjoying recently. Which means more time indoors, which equals more time to play.

If the weather had been good my time would have been split between outdoor chores and indoor phwores! Ok, I did try. You try getting something to rhyme with chores. Lol

I opened the packaging and removed the Finger Tingles and was surprised to feel the softness of the rubber, I had expected it to be firm. Instead it reminded me of my school days and playing with Play Doh. It had that same smooth soft finish to it. It felt like a pliable rubber tongue.

The Rocks Off Finger Tingles features the famous R80 bullet which we have all grown to love but there are some interesting new features with this toy

It is constructed from IntraMed a new compound with anti-microbial properties to help keep your toy clean.
The Finger Tingles has been constructed with a hole in the middle to be worn on a finger or to encapsulate the clitoris if desired. Or nipple, that one only just occurred to me. ;)
It’s controlled via the push button on/off switch mounted in the base and comes complete with a battery so you don’t have to go looking for one.
Is completely waterproof for none stop fun, even at bathtime.

Saturday was utterly miserable and wet and we both decided to make our way to the bedroom to test out our toys. Yes, I did say our toys. Alex had something he also wanted to test. So, we both opted for some naughty mutual masturbation.

Alex didn’t bother waiting for me and started to play with himself which spurred me on. I took the FT and rather than taking it to my cit which would have been my first reaction. It was made for clit play. I slipped out of my t-shirt dress and panties and climbed under the covers, leaving Alex exposed.

I pushed the button and the powerful but quiet vibrations started to emanate from the Finger Tingler vibrator. Using the tip I gently placed it over my areola and ran it around in a circle. It felt like a bee was buzzing around my pinkish brown corona and the small nodules around it began to rise.

Next I took the tip to my right nipple and felt the vibrations resonate through my now hardening nipple. It felt so good to take the time to stimulate an erogenous zone I rarely pay attention to, least not enough.

I was beginning to loose myself in the delightful experience of caresses and stimulation without full on masturbation. Alex was taking care of that. ;) It felt like I was indulging myself in some me time, loving myself and it felt good.

My nipples were so hard by now that they pulsed and were almost painfully engorged. Well, a kind of pleasurable pressure was building in them and they stood so proudly on end. Alex was watching and becoming more avid about his testing. ;0

My body seemed to be harmonising with the vibrations now and I couldn’t wait to move my hand down over my mons to seek out my wet firm button. I placed the tip of the Finger Tingle over my clitoral hood and let the vibrations do the work, no movement was required. I became aware of my clit swelling and urging me to play with it. I pushed my middle finger through the hole, gripping the bullet in my palm and placed my finger back on to my clit. The sensation was amazing, the contrast between my warm digit and the soft encapsulating hood teasing me was spellbinding.

I was taken by surprise because I really had no idea it would be such an excellent sex toy. The digital and vibratory combination was soon wooing me in to submission. I added a slight roll with my finger, an absent minded side to side wiggle.

This did the trick, within less than a minute I was digging my heels in to the bed and arching my back, shouting out ”Fuck” the international word for orgasm coming. I started to move my finger across my clit with more vigour and felt the moisture leach from me as I came. My finger was soaked.

It’s a good job that the Finger Tingler is waterproof. ;)

I’m full of praise for this little toy, you can slip it easily in to your handbag or pants and it is so quiet you could probably get away with wearing it in the office. Just don’t shout out “Fuuuuuck!” like me when it hits the spot. ;)

Clone-A-Willy Kit Review

AlexSuzeThe thought of preserving your cock in vibrator form for posterity may or may not appeal to you, but it certainly intrigues a lot of people. There are a number of kits available, the best known being the Clone-A –Willy kit.

The hardest part of using the kit is what Suze has termed the sacrificial erection. Not being one to let one of my erections pass her by she was a little non-plussed at having to waste this one to create a Clone-A –Willy kit. She was of course consoled by the thought of having two of my cocks to use afterwards.

This is not something that we found you could do in a single evening.

The best way to use this kit is with a friend, a very special friend. Because it’s only two minutes from when you start mixing the gel powder (with which you create the mould) until it sets you have to get your timing absolutely spot on.

You have to measure the plastic tube that the kit comes in to the length of your erect penis plus one inch. If you’re like me the 12” long packing will not be long enough so you’ll have to improvise an extension.

I wish! Seriously though, cover the cut ends with duck tape, otherwise you’ll be explaining the peculiar lacerations from jagged plastic in the A & E (ER) for hours.

Take the phone off the hook.

Wash Mr Pecker thoroughly.

Get your friend to help you achieve a suitably proud state. Suze was, as always, exemplary in this respect, but sadly I cannot offer her services to anyone else using this kit. Find your own special friend ;)

Tip for the assistant; If you’re doing this in the kitchen as we did, kneel on a towel. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase housemaid’s knee.

I had pre-measured 425ml of water at 37 degrees Celsius, but had to top this up when I reached the required state and pour off the excess because of cooling. Mixing this stuff while being blown is quite surreal, and even with both hands free, a bit of a panic! Anyway, you end up with a lumpy grey mixture that I poured into the mould tube, then immersed Mr Pecker.

All I can say is that it’s like sticking your cock in tepid porridge. The gel starts setting as soon as you mix it so you feel almost immediately immobilised. My instinct at this point would normally be to thrust, not advisable as you’ll fail to get a good cast and it would prove messy. The warmth and lack of movement meant that by the time the gel had hardened I was already heading for a suitable size to withdraw.

The gel is water based so a) easy to clean up and b) does not heat up as it solidified, which was one fear I had. You don’t want a roasted cock now do you!

The instructions say to allow two hours for the mould to air-dry. After two hours and the mould was solid but still wet, so it would be later that night before I could cast the positive image of my dinkle, complete with vibrator, in the two part rubber compound. As time was getting on we left the mould to cure for 24 hours. Luckily nobody came round during that time to ask what the plastic tube with the grey stuff in it was.

The mould doesn’t quite set but it needs to be to be able to flex whilst casting takes place. Note: the mould does shrink slightly (about 5% in length), so guys don’t be upset by the finished result. LOL.

As instructed I cut a piece of card to fit over the top of the mould providing support for the vibrator insert. I removed a circle of card from the centre just large enough to insert the vibrator through, leaving the end exposed so that it can be turned and batteries inserted.

Now I combined the two part rubber compound in an old glass jar and mixed the two parts together with the stir stick provided. When blended I poured them in to the mould, leaving as instructed a 2.5cm gap to the top to allow for the vibrator. Don’t worry guys there is enough compound left over to be able to cast a cock the size of John Holmes. ;) Then I placed the card complete with vibrator inserted in to the end of the cast.

A word of advice at this point, make sure you weight down the end of the vibrator because it has a tendency to rise out of the cast as it sets. You don’t need much weight just enough to keep it submerged. Then we had to wait for the rubber compound to cure, I’m not the most patient of people but I knew it would be worth the wait.

I now had to leave the mould in the kitchen on the work surface for the next 24 hours. Again no visitors, phew. A mould would be bad enough but how would you explain a cast of a cock with a vibrator sticking out the top sitting on your work surface? Some people may cast little Beatrix Potter animals but not me. :)

Well, I made it and managed not to keep taking a poke at the mould for the curing period. The mixture does feel slightly tacky to the touch at first but it is fully set. I gently removed it from the flexible mould and out popped the most perfect Mini Alex. There was just one thing left to do in the cloning process…shave the cock. Yes, you did read that correctly. During the casting process air got trapped and created little bubbles of rubber on my willy which need to be taken off.

The whole process from start to finish is simple and straightforward, just add cock and off you go.


Wave Vibrator Review

This vibe is unlike any other in terms of action. When I first saw it I wanted it, just like a girl would desire an exquisite piece of jewellery, I wanted to have this to test drive.

And good for me, they despatched it to me with expedience complete with batteries because they are so thoughtful. Or do they know me well by now? ;)

It’s totally irrelevant but I love the colour. It comes in a lovely shade of lilac and has a very soft almost fleshy feel to it. The vibe is solid and well made with easy to operate controls.

Lets get the techie bit out of the way first:

The vibe has and shaft with an insertable length of 15cm and a very pleasureable girth of 13.5cm…OMG! Heaven.
It is constructed from Phthalate Free, smooth, soft and unscented TPR
Takes 4 x AA Batteries
3 x speed Wave Motion
And best of all Reverse Direction Wave Motion too
Also 3 x speed rabbit vibration, clit heaven ;)
It’s also waterproof which is a great idea if you tend to get as wet as I do Lol

This wave rabbit vibrator has a wonderful feel, warm, soft and almost like real flesh but it doesn’t look like real flesh, unless you are a martian of course. Lol

When I test vibes I like Alex to be part of the experience. So I asked him to come to bed with me and watch some porn whilst we both relaxed. It was the Easter break and we had all the time in the world…

It was Sunday afternoon to be precise and we had disappeared up the bedroom at 2pm. As he closed the curtains it occurred to me for just a moment “what would the neighbours think?” only for a moment then I though “so what?”. ;)

I turned on the DVD player and started up the disk that was already in the drive. It was House Of Shame and I selected the school room scene. Something about girls in short skirts and headmistresses gets me in the mood. Come on, I’m sure you feel the same…

Alicia Rodes makes a good disciplinarian, I would love her to teach me a lesson!

I cast off my t-shirt and unzipped my black jeans with my back against the bed. Alex moved across from his side and pulled my jeans slowly over my hips. I stepped out of them as they fell to the floor and kicked them over against the bedroom wall.

As I was about to sit on the edge of the bed he hooked his fingers inside my panties and pulled them down, planting a big kiss on my right butt cheek. I pulled them off over my feet and discarded them with my jeans by the wall.

I sat on the edge of the bed and Alex moved on in behind me placing a led either side of me. His body was now pressed against my back and I could feel his warm breath against my neck.

His hand unhooked the two catches on my bra and he rolled it over my shoulders and down my arms, as he did so my breasts spilled out. Nipples hardening with the exposure to the cool air. He reached his arms around me under my armpits and cupped both my breasts rolling them under his palms.

Then he pinched both nipples and I yelped with the roughness of his attentions. ;) I was already highly aroused and pleasure and pain can be so close that they merge.

Now naked I pushed back and Alex moved across the bed to his side. I lay on the pillow contemplating the phallic vibrator on my bedside drawers. Batteries were loaded and it was ready for me and I was certainly ready for it.

But this time I wanted Alex to take a more active role in my masturbatory pleasure. I wanted him to use the wave vibrator on me…

I passed him the Passion Wave vibe and asked “Will you fuck me with this?”.
“I would love to make you come”, came his reply as he accepted the vibe from me.

Alicia was now licking a girls cunt as I lay back on the desk, dirty girl! Alex then held the vibe against my pussy lips and began to push it inside me. “Can you apply some lube”, I asked as I felt that huge vibe trying to penetrate me, there was now way that was going in without some help.

He reached in to his drawer and applied some lube to the tip. It felt cold as he pushed it against my hot pussy but it was soon in and delving deep inside me. This vibe really does fill you up if you know what I mean.

Alicia was now fucking the faux schoolgirl with a strap on and Alex turned on the vibrator. I could feel the waves pulse through my pussy as he turned the vibe up to max. The sensation was like no other vibrator I have tested, I could feel the ripples of pleasure build and crash upon my shore.

Then he turned on the rabbit assailing my clit too!

I used my PC muscles to grip the rabbit as it waved up inside my pussy, this intensified the experience and before long I was submitting to an intense orgasm. Alex could sense it coming and started to gently pinch my right nipple with his free hand. Fuck! I came with such intensity that his grip on the vibe was impaired by the ejaculate. “Bloody hell, you are wet!”, he exclaimed.

Those waves are increased in intensity and efficacy if you use your PC muscles to grip the vibe as it ripples through you. I was rendered speechless for moments after I came. Lucky Alex kept up the good work varying speed and function because I lost all control.

Alex was more than a little turned on at this point…he removed the vibe from my pussy and replaced it with his cock. As I wrapped my legs around his back he fucked me watching my boobs bounce up and down with each thrust.

Within minutes of him entering me we were both coming and he ended up with some tell tale nail marks on his back.

This toy is going in to my under the bed sex toy supplies. ;)

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The Tuyo Vibromasseur



Tuyo is a thing of beauty, so much so that when I opened the beautiful white satin box actual I gasped. Inside nestling on the blanket of black satin was the most wonderful white opalescent ball, banded with dusky pink silicone and chrome.

This is truly a toy your friends will covet, and a great gift for the lady in your life this Christmas. The shape is most unusual. It is a sphere of pleasure, which sits perfectly and discreetly on your dressing table. Right next to your bottle of DKNY Be Delicious. Did Donna Karan know about this sex toy in advance of its release?

No really, you could place this on your dressing table and nobody would guess what naughty little pleasures it could bring. Most adult toys tend to look like what they are designed for but this one hides secrets, ones I’ll reveal to you now.

So let’s have some facts before we get to the dirty stuff ;)

The sphere is 3” (75mm) in diameter
Has a silicone non-slip grip
Is splash proof (that’s good, as I don’t plan on staying dry for long ;) )
It is also free of latex, PVC and phthalates, which is good for you and the environment and for you out there with intolerances.

It has:

8 modes of vibration
3 speed settings
5 pulsations

It weighs in at just 175g (not too heavy for those handbags)
And takes 3 x AAA 1.5v batteries

Best of all because the control button is integral to the ball it is housed in a small depression at the base, which also stops the ball from rolling away. Clever indeed.

I opened the box whilst sitting at my desk and fortunately for me I was wearing a skirt. Alex was sat at the side of me and I asked him if he could pass me the batteries for the toy…just like Christmas you need batteries for those naughty presents, you can’t go looking for them on Christmas Day. So guys if you buy your lady one of these don’t forget. OK, public information bulletin over now. ;)

I’m sure Alex was pretending not to look as I lifted my skirt and placed the Tuyo Vibromasseur between my legs. The first press of the button delivered a stimulating constant vibration directly to my pussy and clit. Another press and the little sphere was showing me what it is capable of.

I wriggled in my chair for adjustment and for some reason stopped typing …aa aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

This toy has an incredible amount of vibratory power to deliver in it’s own unique way. The shape actually helped to make it easy and comfortable to grip between my thighs as I literally rubbed myself off on it. My black lycra thong was now quite sodden. Black fabric becoming darker as I stared between my legs.

Alex had now turned to face me on his office chair, just watching me with intense interest. The Tuyo vibrator was gliding between my legs and my black hold-up stockings, no rough edges to catch underwear or nylon. And I was now settling back in to my seat, against the backrest.

Another depression of the control button and my pussy was tingling. I sat bolt upright resting my clit on top of the sphere and jeesh that was good. It made my toes curl. Another press and it moved in to pulsation mode.

I was now squirming and I threw my head back against the top of the backrest. I pushed the ball in to my clit using my thighs. Without a thought I started to grind my hips and clit into the ball gripping my buttocks tight.

My orgasm was looming, I could feel my feet begin to tingle and my toes joined in just as hit me. “Agggghhhh!”, I moaned as Alex took hold of my left hand and kissed it. “Aah, agh, agh”, as I juddered with the power of my climax.

It was as if my whole body had been wired to the mains, electricity surging so powerfully through me. This sphere may look small and unobtrusive but it has hidden depths and I’m glad I had chance to explore them.

When I came down from the ceiling and opened my eyes Alex was kneeling on the floor next to my chair. I took the sphere smelling of my juices, turned it on and rolled it around his neck. It makes for a great massager with it’s easy to grip shape. You can also, unlike a lot of massaging devices, roll it across the target area for smooth transition. I won’t tell you what effect it had on Alex I’ll leave that to him perhaps.

Such a clever little idea in such a beautiful package. It will sit on my dressing table for years to cum. ;)

Anyone want a black thong?

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Fun Factory Delight Rechargeable Vibrator

Fun Factory DelightWe promised you an exclusive and here it is, Suze’s review of the Fun Factory Delight Vibrator.

This toy had me excited from the start just from seeing the catalogue images. We girls have been waiting for something this good for a long time. I couldn’t wait for Fun Factory to ship it out to me and much to my delight (no pun intended) the postman delivered it yesterday before I left for work. No time to use it before I left unfortunately. ;)

But when I arrived home I couldn’t wait to take a look. The outer box offered a glimpse of what was within on the left side and on the right a flap was held in place by two rather neat magnetic catches. Once opened the product description/functionality and rather a nice extract are revealed. The packaging is normally something I discard as a necessity for keeping the toy clean and safe. But in this case I was almost savouring it. Classy just got classier. (Is that a word?) ;)

I opened up the top and slid out the inner sleeve containing a wonderful clamshell style purple/turquoise box held firmly shut with a magnetic catch. Following through the closure method of the outer box. Nice touch!

Inside the sleeve was the charger cable with jack plug. Ahhh! You are thinking. Yes, this toy is rechargeable so no batteries to purchase. You simply place it in its designer styled case/charging unit and plug the charger cable in to the back. The Fun Factory Delight Vibrator takes up to 3 hours to charge and can deliver up to 90 minutes of pure pleasure (the downside to a reachargeable vibrator is the wait before you can use it). They even included a toy cleaning wipe, how thoughtful is that. Lol Ease of cleaning is another thing that struck me about the device. It’s smooth, has no awkward nooks and crannies to clean and is a breeze to keep hygienically clean.

I’m sure I gasped when I opened the box, this toy is beautiful…and there aren’t many toys that you can say that about! It has an organically curved shape that is enhanced with the two tone colouring. It’s a toy you could leave on the coffee table and not worry that someone may guess what it is. This toy needs to be displayed, it is pleasing to the eye and very, very sophisticated…I love it!

The Delight is constructed from premium plastic and medical-grade silicone and feels wonderfully velvety to the touch. It has a gentle curl for g-spot stimulation and a naughty nodule to play upon your clitoris. The handle has integrated controls, which escalate through several vibration settings and if the + is held down move in to the second phase, the pulsation settings and then if pushed once more delivers even faster and more intense pulsations. Wow! That is some toy. Three modes of pulsing operation, each with their own selectable levels of intensity of stimulation is something I have never come across before. :)

When I got home half an hour earlier than Alex I decided take a look at the delivery I received in the morning. I went upstairs closed the bedroom curtains and slipped out of my office wear and in to my black lace baby doll, no panties…they weren’t required. ;)

I was already wet when I lay back on the bed so lube wasn’t necessary and a spot of saliva on my clit was fine. With feet flat to the bed and knees bent I placed the Delight between my legs and eased it inside me. Once up to the hilt I could feel the bulb of the vibe pressing against my g-spot, hooking inside my pleasure zone.

The handle angled towards me for ease of operation and manoeuvrability, something I find difficult with the standard vibes. Usually you have to bend right over to be able to both control the vibe and the speed/settings, not with this because of it’s shape the controls are within easy reach and the curled tail of the vibe acts as a handle. Perfect.

With one push of the integrated controls the vibe started to vibrate and the stimulation was delivered right to the pleasure points, my clit and g-spot were being simultaneously aroused. There was also a red glow from between my legs. Lol The unit’s controls light up when in use in use, and when charging (flashing until fully charged).

I clenched my thighs together and was able to manipulate the vibe because of its shape inside me, rubbing my g-spot and my clit was swollen and pulsing in time with the beat. So “hands free” operation is no problem…leaving them free to tease or tweak the odd nipple. ;) I’m such a dirty girl. ;) Time to turn up the volume, I’m not sure how many setting I travelled through on the vibration escalation setting but there were enough for the greediest of girls.

Then came the pulsating modes and the slamming of the door downstairs. I was now arched in to the mattress, with wet hands and a pulsing pussy. “Suze…are you up there”, came Alex’s voice. “Yyyess”, came the short wobbly reply. Well, I was having an orgasm at the time, you try replying when you are shaking with rapturous pleasure. :)

I heard his quickened footfalls on the stairs, he knew I had taken delivery of my toy because I was so excited I actually phoned him at work to let him know. He was in a business meeting at the time. Ooops!

Hearing my moans he rushed in to the bedroom, threw his tie and jacket over the chair in the corner and bounced on to the bed next to me. Eager as anything, he took hold of the controls and kissed me on the lips as I twitched under the spell of this pleasure giver. I felt the pulsation of the vibe between my legs and took hold of the handle, angling it firmly against my g-spot, intensifying the feedback. This handle is so good for angling and hooking your mons firmly for incredible auto-stimulation.

Too much for me, I gave up the controls, I just couldn’t concentrate any more as multiple orgasms crashed upon the shore. I’m not sure I made it though all the settings, I was wet through and sated, I just couldn’t take any more. Yes, you read that correctly I, Suze, couldn’t take any more!

Alex was amazed how wet I had made the bedsheets, I’m not sure if I ejaculated somewhere along the way but my clit and g-spot have never had such a good workout I was thoroughly exhausted.

Today I tried it out again and realised that unlike the conventional shaped vibes this can be used and operated in a sitting position, so my journeys to work will be a lot more enjoyable in the rush hour.

This toy is the most versatile I have tried, it can be used hands free and stay in place, it increases the intensity of the vibration if you grip with your pelvic floor muscles. It also can be angled easily with the elegantly styled handle with its sweeping curl. It is a good all rounder, very enjoyable to use and don’t talk to me about the number of orgasms you can achieve. Phew!

Fun Factory Delight


Doc Johnson Squirmy G-Spot Vibrator Review

It’s quite an unassuming vibrator, the Japanese Squirmy from Doc Johnson and again the design and functionality did intrigue me.

Now for the technical rundown on this rabbit vibrator:

The Squirmy has 9cm of insertable length with a girth at its widest point of 12cm.
It takes 3 x AAA batteries
There are 3 speed settings for the clitoral rabbit but believe me you won’t need to turn it up to full ;)
And there are 3 G-Spot massaging speeds
In addition, the G-Spot function can be set to reverse action too
It’s Phthalate free and waterproof, I can see bathtime just getting better and better ;)

Squirmy VibratorI love this vibe!

This toy is ideal for a first timer, it’s not designed to be challenging size-wise and it certainly hits the spot. Further more it fits neatly in to most bags or purses as you may know them, not many vibes will do that.

After all the beauty of this vibe is not it’s size but just how well it does what it is designed to do. Let me explain…

…I decided to take the Squirmy to bed on my own to warm myself up for a good fucking. ;) I’m a multiple orgasmer, I always say why stop at one when you can have two, three, four…

It was still light outside so I drew the bedroom curtains and closed the small window, so that the neighbours didn’t get a chance to join in the fun. Lol I pulled back the duvet and slipped out of my jeans and shirt. I kicked my socks off and pulled my panties down and cast them to one side with my other clothes. No need for the bra so that went too.

Completely naked I slid between the duvet and mattress. It was cold but I was anticipating it wouldn’t be for long. ;) I turned on the television to help mask any outbursts I may have during my onanism.

Alex was downstairs washing up the dishes from lunch and I could periodically hear him opening cupboards and putting dishes away. This soon faded from my reality as I took hold of the vibrator.

I reached between my legs to carry out a moisture test. Conclusion, I was wet. The television had nothing interesting on so I switched to DVD. On screen came Lex Steele, my does he have a huge cock! I digress.

Lex is busy fucking Monica Sweetheart on top a glass table and I’m running the vibe up and down my slit, picking up the available moisture which had gathered there. I then push it up between my lips and press the massage button once. The vibe slipped nicely in to place without any lube, which is why it would be a good one for a first time toy user. The key to this toy is in its clever massaging properties and not it’s ability to fill your pussy.

At first the massaging tip made no impact on me as I sat with it placed between my legs. I lay back against the mattress and pulled my PC muscles tight and gave the button one more click. That’s when the action got to work on my G-Spot. I could feel the sensation I normally get from Alex’s cock or fingers as they run over my vaginal wall. I knew it was hitting the spot because I began to want to pee, which is a sure sign that my G-Spot is being stimulated.

Squirmy VibratorIt was warm, or I was, and I pushed the duvet back on to the top of my thighs. I pressed the rabbit button just once and FUCK ME! That rabbit is one of the most powerful I have had the pleasure to test on my clit.

One more press on the rabbit button and I was pulsing away, my clit was enlivened immediately. A word of caution, this vibe isn’t quiet but that is a trade I’m willing to make for the stimulation provided by this pink sensation.

Lex was ball deep in Monica as I opened my eyes briefly to get some visual stimuli to help me on my way. I was so close now. My pussy was resonating with the powerful beating of the rabbit on my clit and my G-Spot was being massaged in to submission.

I started to gently rotate the vibe from side to side, only slightly. This had the effect of rubbing over my clitoral hood and making my pussy ache. I placed my right foot over my left ankle and grasped my buttocks together as sparks climbed up my spinal column and I twitched as my climax took me over.

My whole body almost lifted off the bed as I had the most powerful orgasm. And I think I let the world know too as I moaned out loud. I felt the orgasm dissipate and I powered down the vibe, eyes still shut to enjoy the moment.

A kiss pressed upon my lips as I felt Alex leaning over me, I breathed in his aroma deeply and opened my eyes. I could make out the firmness of his cock pressing against the denim groin of his jeans.

He moved round the bed and I heard the familiar sound of his zipper being lowered as I placed the wet vibe on my bedside drawers…

Rabbit vibrators don’t have to be big to hit the spot ;)

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California Exotic’s Vibrating Panties

AlexSuzeI just had to get a pair of these from the moment that I spotted them. Imagine having a tiger thong with a pocket especially for your powerful wireless vibrator. The range on the remote is stated at approx 12ft, so your partner can control your orgasm quite literally without having to be there. ;) However we found that the range was at least twice this and the remote works even if there’s a wall between it and the pants.

I’ve tried a remote bullet in the past which required I wear a receiver and it wasn’t wire free. The Tiger Pants are, no wires to have down your panties and no receiving units to wear. Total freedom…The remote control operates using a 12V battery and the vibe unit on 2 x AA. Oh, and another good thing, they provide the batteries so you don’t have to go looking for some. One word of warning, the thong is only about a (UK) size 14 max so be aware that you may have to make some adjustments if you’re larger or smaller than this.

Reading on the box that the thong is washable made me smile because I just knew there was no way mine was going to stay dry. ;)

We decided to go shopping I needed some new underwear and Alex wanted to play. Before setting out I tried the vibe and remote, they worked perfectly well but the power of the vibrator meant that it wasn’t silent but it would be OK in a noisy environment. So, girls if you are going to use this out in public ensure that you are not going to a library or church. Lol The slightly louder than expected volume is worth it for that additional power to be worth it. That vibe is very, very good.

To help subdue the noise even further and to push that little baby up against my clit I decided to wear jeans over my panties. This worked a treat the vibe snuggled nicely between my pussy lips and against my little pink bud.

On the way over to the mall Alex kept turning the vibrator on and off and I must say that it feels wonderful when you are sat directly on it. The vibration is more focused on your clit and the seat muffles the sound. I wonder if I could get away with wearing it whilst sitting at my desk…

Each time Alex turned on the control and vibe started to buzz against my clit I couldn’t help but smile and once or twice I actually had to release a giggle. I don’t think any of the shoppers particularly noticed they were too busy. Or at least I hope they didn’t.

He really enjoyed teasing me and got as much enjoyment out of it as I did. Alex taking possession of the control made the whole experience even more arousing for me as I didn’t know when he was going to turn me on again.

By the time I had bought three new bras with matching panties I was ready to go. No correction, I was so hot that I needed to fuck. Normally I would have been much longer but I just couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. I bet Alex wants me to wear these panties every time I shop. ;)

On the way home we ventured down a well known lovers lane and we got out and sat in the back seat. I slipped out of my jeans and vibrating panties and he pulled his jeans down the dirty sod had no boxers on! He was already rock hard and ready to go. Alex sat on the seat in the middle and I kissed him briefly before turning my back towards him and slowly guiding his erect cock in to me.

I just can’t explain how good it felt to finally have him there inside my pussy and I was wet, so wet. Teasing always does that to me. I pushed down on to him until he grounded on my cervix. I took a quick look around, no cars, no people, just farmers fields and cattle.

Placing my hands on both seat backs I started to raise myself up and down on his cock. It felt good and the situation was making me even more horny, it had been so long since we had sex in a car…I can’t remember when we last did!

Being so ready for it meant within moments I was coming. I fucked through my orgasm with Alex’s help, lifting me up and down on to his cock with his hands on my hips. When I come I go all wobbly and weak. I regained my composure and helped out bobbing up and down on his lap, being careful not to hit my head on the car roof. Alex was now panting and as I glanced back over my shoulder his head was back against the headrest with eyes shut.

I started to fuck him harder and he started to push his hips upwards to meet my downward thrust. The car started to rock slightly and the windows were now becoming steamed, it was quite cold out there but steam meant no onlookers. So that was a good thing.

His cock was now so slick with my juices and I was fucking him hard and fast, aided by the support of the seat backs it takes most of the work out of your legs and means you can fuck longer and harder. I didn’t need to…with a loud moan he quivered and grunted as he shot his hot seed in to my cunt.

I slowed down the rhythm and then came to a stop as he flopped back against the seat. My buttocks were sticky and moist from the combination of fluids. Carefully I lifted myself free of my impaler and sat on the seat next to him.

If anyone should ask what those white marks are on the back seat before I get chance to clean them I will have to say little nephew dropped his icecream. I’m such a bad auntie…

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Fukuoku Powerpack Review

AlexSuze.comWhen I first ordered the Fukuoku Power Pack, I thought it looked a bit gimmicky and was half expecting it to be all mouth and no trousers, as we say over here in the UK. But it surprised me and Alex in more ways than one, as I will reveal shortly. So, don’t be so impatient. Lol.

The Power Pack has three independent fingertip vibrators and is so versatile you can use just one or all three simultaneously. Giving you up to 25,000 vibrations per minute using the variable speed control.

Best of all the Fukuoku Power Pack is fully portable, with the power control unit being worn on the wrist, secured in place by an elastic wristband with Velcro fasteners. Each finger vibe is slipped on to the fingers and kept in place by an expanding plastic ring, so one size should fit all. ;)

It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted to play with first…

…I loaded the batteries supplied. Very nice touch, no fumbling around for 3 AAA cells. Then grabbed Alex by the hand and lead him upstairs to the bedroom. He lay back on the bed as I removed his t-shirt and he wriggled out of his jeans.

I was too eager to wait for him to undress me and slipped off my black woolly dress, throwing it over the other side of the room. Now wearing only my lilac panties and plunge bra with the red bow I slid over to his side of the bed.

He was looking very relaxed and had his eyes closed. His cock was laying flacid against his left groin. I offered my wrist and the Power Pack to Alex and he attached it to my wrist as I slipped the finger vibes on to each of my 3 fingers.

Each one of the finger vibes has a different pattern embossed in to the rubber, the stippled one looked particularly interesting. ;)

It felt strange as I turned the dial on and the vibrations rippled through my fingertips. Even on the lowest setting there was a phenomenal amount of power harnessed in this small device. I couldn’t wait to begin.

Alex was laying to the side of me prostrate and expectant. I placed my middle finger gently over his nipple and turned up the speed control slightly. It wasn’t long before his nipple hardened under my finger. A strange sensation actually touching him and yet not feeling him, although he was reacting to my touch. It made me slightly aroused to see the effect I was having on him and I hadn’t even started yet. Lol

I played a while with the other nipple and couldn’t contain myself any longer, I wanted to touch his genitals but not give the full sensation to him, just tease him at first. I placed my middle finger on his perineum gently and deliberately dragging it upwards from between his thighs over his balls and up his already stiffening shaft.

Alex wriggled as my fingers did the walking and he moaned his pleasure as if encouraging me. ;) I pulled back his foreskin and placed my fingers over his frenulum. This sent him wild and he started to twitch with excitement as I increased the speed again.

I was feeling more than a little turned on at this point, my lips were certainly moist. Alex placed his hand between my legs as I knelt at his side, he knows my body so well and found my swollen clit straight away. He started to gently rub me, dispersing my lubrication around my pussy.

AlexSuze.comTo show my appreciation I slid back and forth a couple of times on his fingers, rubbing myself off. His cock was now almost fully hard and I took it in my hand and turned up the control once more. The vibrations were rippling though my fingers and up in to my hand, such a strange feeling, touching yet not feeling.

Alex continued his attentions on my clit and it was now becoming extremely sensitive to his ministrations. His hand was wet and I could smell myself the heady perfume suffusing the air. I started to push back his foreskin and slowly wank his erect cock. It was now almost pulsing with the sheer rush of blood trapped within it.

His cock head was shiny and purple with engourgement. I spat on the tip to lubricate him and started to give him a hand job in earnest. We were now in perfect synchronisation as he flicked my clit and I wanked his hard-on.

He was now under my power and starting to thrust into my grip. One last turn of the dial and I had him hooked. The vibration was so powerful that my fingers were almost beating a rhythm on his erection. I continued to pump away, he was going to come and I wasn’t going to stop.

I was close to coming myself but stayed with it and had the presence of mind to hold back difficult as it was because Alex know exactly how to bring me off. Bringing him off was my objective now and I pumped faster at his cock, watching him buck me and bounce back off the bed each time he grounded.

FUCK! I was close now, he better shoot his load soon.

The vibrations, the bucking, the rubbing…it was all becoming too intense.

Then he stopped…twitched and the first spurt of semen landed on his stomach…swiftly followed by a second. I slowed down my movements and once again he ejaculated. His attentions on my clit wained as he came and shuddered to a grinding halt. I turned off the Fukuoku, as Alex released his last vestige of oral delight.

Right Suze needs to try this sex toy now it looks like the perfect clit stimulator…I’ll let you know how I get on…you do want to know don’t you? ;)

BTW ( The video is here)

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Berman Juliet Review

If you were reading here earlier in the week you will know that Suze was naughty on Wednesday and took the day off to have a bit of recuperation. Don’t tell my boss. Lol

It’s good to indulge yourself once in a while and I decided to give my new toy the Juliet by Laura Berman a test drive. The Juliet is a “Clitoral Encaser” and you know how I love clit play. Lol

Berman JulietI slipped the clit vibe out of its packaging and out it popped complete with a lovely lilac gossamer bag to keep it in.

Here’s the techie stuff for you:

The Juliet is constructed from rose pink plastic with a satin finish so it doesn’t slip in your hand ;)
It measures approx 18.5cm from tip to base
The bottom unscrews to house 2 x AAA batteries
It is waterproof so you can use it anywhere
Is ergonomically designed
Adjustable speed control on base

The schoolgirl scene on the DVD featuring Alicia Rhodes started to play and so did I. ;) Alex was at work, the cat was asleep on his bed and now it was my time.

I reached over to my bedside drawers and took the Juliet from the top. Then I tested my moisture level by running my middle finger up between my pussy lips. Already horny I really didn’t need any lube but you can use both silicone and water based with this Clitoral Encaser.

The vibe felt good to hold and warm to the touch. I placed it on the bed as I wriggled out of my jeans and removed my red t-shirt. I slipped off my panties and cast them off on to the floor to join my other clothes discarded in a heap. Now naked I slipped between the sheets.

That dirty Alicia was guiding a guy in to the naughty brunette schoolgirl laying on the desk. She is one dirty bitch. ;) I turned the dial at the base of the vibe and guided it between my moist lips. Now, if only Alicia was here to help me out.

The vibration was good but I wanted more and turned the dial a little more. The combination of vibration and motion usually brings me off quite quickly. I located my clit with the head of the vibe and lay it over the top. Because of the length of the toy I was able to do this with ease, in fact I just laid my hand gently back on my right hip as I started to move the vibe over around my clit.

This toy is so easy to manipulate and feels very comfortable in your hand. The vibrations were now strumming around my clit, teasing it and the pulsing started. It’s not often that I stimulate any additional parts of my body but I felt like pinching my nipples.

I took hold of my pert left nipple between my thumb and index finger and squoze. Then I gently passed my palm over the top of it as it stood proud and to attention. This makes the nerve endings fire and Oooh, that felt good. ;)

I started to move the vibe around my clit, rolling it and letting the vibratory waves pulse through it. Within moments I could feel my orgasm building but I wanted to savour the moment and keep myself teetering on the edge.

This requires a fine balance between stimulation of my clit and backing off, giving chance for the pre orgasmic moment to subside. I feel the nerve endings in my feet and pelvic area, almost resonate with excitement…yes, that is exactly how it feels. Like my nerves are jangling, primed. It must be very much like a guy breaking off just before he come and then taking up his position again.

I find if I can manage to stave off my ejaculation a couple of times before I come, the intensity of the orgasm when it is finally allowed to build is so much more intense and can send you quite crazy. ;)

The tingling started in my feet and worked up through my pelvis and in to my pussy. FUCK!…I arched my back, pushing my shoulders and heels in to the mattress and held my breath as the orgasm swept over me.

I wanted to feel the intensity of orgasm again and I continued to slowly and carefully (you are quite sensitive post orgasm) stimulate my clit. One orgasm wasn’t enough. And moments later I was building for yet another and this time it was quicker arriving and just as powerful as the first.

Twitching I fell back on to the bed and drew in another post orgasmic breath…

…when I opened my eyes I was greeted by my cat, sitting on the bed next to me looking slightly bemused and interested in the buzzing sound under the covers. I don’t think mice buzz do they? How is it that cats and dogs can look at you in such an accusing way. They try to make you feel guilty so that you give them treats. Lol

I’ll remind him of that the next time he has a good clean down there.

And if you missed it you can see my video of the Juliet here.

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Berman Adonis Vibrator Review

AlezSuze, Berman AdonisThis is a beautifully and ergonomically designed g-spot and clitoral stimulator. And let me just say, Laura knows her anatomy well! I also wouldn’t mind her becoming familiar with mine, she is one hot looking lady as the image on the box revealed. There I go again. Lol

I unpacked the Adonis from its box, which is cleverly designed with the aid of Velcro fastners to reveal the instructions and technical details of the toy contained within. There is just one thing I would love for all toy manufacturers to do and that is supply the batteries for use in their products.

It’s a little like Christmas and you open your toys as a child to find they all require batteries and your parents have forgotten to buy them. :( Please toy manufacturers include batteries in your packaging so eager girls can get to work without having to look for some. Right, that said.

I was pleased that the Adonis was constructed out of a soft jelly silicone, soft and warm to the touch rather than it being constructed from a more rigid material. It looked a little like a large purple prawn as I removed it from the packaging. It even had the prawn like antenna extending out from the body. Ok, so they are actually a pad of raised rubber Pleasure Dots on the underside of the stimulator, ideally positioned for clitoral stimulation.

The shape is cleverly constructed to stimulate both the g-spot and clit at the same time with a bullet in each end and a control unit which houses 4 x AA batteries. The bullets contained within the Adonis each have a separate jack point and depending on which side of the unit you plug in to you can have 3 levels of vibration and 7 functions on the other, ranging from low vibration through to Super Speed. How versatile!

A very clever design in deed. I opted to plug the g-spot in to the 3 x vibration jack point, leaving the 7 functions to work on my clit…perfect. ;)

Alex popped over to drop in some presents at his relatives on New Years Day and I started the preparation for the evening meal which his parents were invited to. I did some preparation and then decided to have a break.

For some reason I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the Adonis and how much fun it looked. Surely Alex wouldn’t mind if I tried this one out on my own. Of course not…

Then I disappeared off to the bedroom and drew the curtains together. It was a dull day anyway, so nobody would suspect that I had gone off to bed for a bit of a wank. Lol

I removed my clothing down to my bra and panties. And I wouldn’t need those so I slipped them off and climbed on top of the duvet. After applying a small blog of water based lube to the tip of the Adonis I pushed it between my lips.

It curled round perfectly inside my pussy, hitting that all important g-spot. Now time to try the settings. The vibe fits perfectly between the legs with the noduled end sitting nicely against your clit. The first setting on the internal vibe was nice, a gentle rumble. I must say the separate hand controls were so easy to hold and use compared to integral controls where you have to almost be a contortionist to use them. :)

I maxed up the control to the third setting and WOW that was powerful. I could feel the waves vibrate through my vaginal wall as I rested my hand on top of my abdomen. Then I tried the clit vibe, the first setting was a very nice steady vibration which tickled my clit into life.

Quickly I moved through the settings…Medium, High, Roller Coaster and then I found the one I needed so badly…Stair Stepper. This one resonates through your clit and sends you to…I go all funny just thinking about it. I didn’t even make it through to the seventh setting. That’s something I will have to try later.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the vibratory power of this little sex toy will bounce it straight out of your pussy if left to it’s own devices. I had to keep pushing it back inside me, what it requires is gentle manipulation to help achieve your Nirvana or at least it did for me.

For hands free g-spot and clit stimulation, I found that if you gripped the Adonis between your thighs move your hips as if using a hula hoop this worked everything wonderfully whilst your hands are free to do other things…like adjusting the setting for yet another orgasm. I came quickly when I started to gyrate, having both areas stimulated simultaneously was mind blowing, almost like having two guys at the same time.

No lube was required after that. ;) To increase the clitoral stimulation and sensation of being fucked at the same time, I found that letting it vibrate out and pushing it back in again came very close to being fucked with the added bonus of fantastic clit stimulation.

If you use your pelvic floor muscles too you can give yourself both a workout and a good fuck at the same time as you pull the Adonis back in.

Whichever method works for you, this is a perfect vibe for clit orgasmers, g-spot orgasmers or penetration orgasmers. Or if you are like me all three! And a first for me was the ability to have a dual orgasm, I came with g-spot and clitoral at the same time. It was an exhilarating feeling and took me a while to come down from.

There was no disguising what I had been up to when Alex returned, my washed vibe was drying on a piece of tissue in the bathroom. We have no secrets and he wants to watch next time I use it.

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Eclipse 7 Rabbitronic Vibe Review

Well, first of all can I apologise to the friends I didn’t get around to commenting on yesterday evening. I bet you can guess that I was more than a little busy.

I’m sure you are all dieing to know if I managed to wait to open the “special delivery” until Alex got home. I did, not only that I held out until after dinner, so that we could have an uninterrupted “threesome”.

I opened the package and out popped my Eclipse Ultra 7. Not that it particularly matters but it was also in my favourite colour, purple. I removed it from its plastic casing and held it for a moment (good to get to know your equipment before getting intimate) taking in the flexing soft gel feel. Non of the traditional stiff plastic feel about this instrument of pleasure. It’s really nice to hold and looks good too. I am almost tempted to leave it out on the coffee table as an ornament. Perhaps not. LOL.

Lets do the techie stuff first:

  • It has an Ultra-soft jelly outer
  • Ultra-soft jelly rabbit
  • Insertable length 5”
  • Actual length 6.5” (9” including controls)
  • Girth 5” – that’s 1.6” in diameter girls

Now the important stuff:

  • 3 vibrating speeds
  • 3 pulsing speeds
  • 1 escalating mode

And finally if you can stand all that:

  • 6 Stage ocsilation/rotation
  • 48 rotating ball bearings hitting the spot

Powered by 4 x AA batteries (and you’ll know why when you try it)

All the controls have illuminated indicator lights so you can see what you are doing down there. Personally I had no problems working out where they were and what they did as the controls are clearly different in shape. Differentiation between the speed button and the rotation buttons is simple because they are different shapes which is really helpful when you are guided by touch.

The Run

I lubed up (it’s a fair size, don’t attempt to insert without) but forgot to warm my toy up in the process. Boy, it was cold going in. Too, eager that’s my trouble. My advice when inserting the Eclipse is to make sure that you tilt the base towards your ass as you go in, this lifts the rabbit’s prongs so that they glide over the top of your clit.

It slipped in nicely and the contours and bumps around the head could be felt as I worked it in deeper.

I tried the Pulsing mode first to get me in the mood. This setting is nice and relaxing, taking you slowly there. The start/stop action is very laid back, not like the full on vibration that most provide. The pulses of vibration could be felt resonating through my pubic bone. The three pulsing settings increase in intensity as you work through them. The final escalating pulse pattern goes something like this 1234444444, giving you the kick on the final pulse. I must confess right now that I came earlier on the escalating pulse setting, so this is my second attempt at the review.

The Vibrating sensation is very powerfull, It was then I realised exactly why you needed 4 AA batteries. I turned it up from 1 to 3 and on 3 it nearly shook my brains out, I had to turn it down for fear of having to abandon this review again. I know I’m all heart.

I can only compare the vibration mode to that of being placed on top a fast spinning, slightly off balance, washing machine during spin cycle. However, that doesn’t do it justice. Believe me I have tried the spin cycle and it’s not this good. The rabbit’s action brought me to orgasm earlier after I overcame the laughter (as you know I orgasm intensely with clit stimulation). The best simile I can give you if you have never felt a rabbit on your clit, is that it is like having a bumble bee in the crotch of your pants. I know that sounds a little crazy but just think about it for a while. So it’s a definite thumbs up for me.

I now felt comfortable using my Eclipse, we were getting to know each other well. It was time to step up the action and try the Oscillating/Rotation mode. The combination of the oscillation and rotation inside your pussy feels very much like having a cock inside you. It rubs against your inner walls and certainly lets you know there is something powerful between your legs. Whereas other vibes I have used rely on in and out hand action this one satiates on it’s own. If you don’t cum with this and the rabbit combined I would be very surprised. Alex and I had to abandon the review once again at this point, fortunately we had covered most angles, again and again.

This vibe is a winner with me and it would be quite possible to use it in your room whilst auntie Betty sleeps next door as despite its power it’s reasonably quiet. Don’t stand it on a table unattened while turned on because it will soon make it’s break for freedom.