Playing With The Office Pussies

By | November 4, 2010

Girls Kissing, AlexSuze.comEmma was pissed off. I could hear the customer ranting at her over the phone even though I was sitting facing her across our desks. I recognised the voice, the man was an asshole, no matter how good the service was he always found fault.

Good job I knew how to cheer her up then …


A few days before we’d been shopping in our local adult store, browsing the toy section, spoilt for choice. It’s different shopping for toys with a girl rather than a guy. When Alex and I shop there everyone knows we’re a couple, you know man + woman = couple, right? But when I’m with another girl … friends, lovers, lesbian, bisexual? You can see it going through the other shopper’s minds Hehehe

So just for the record I’m bisexual and so is Emma. We’ve been working together for a few months now and went out for drinks a few weeks after I started, with the rest of the girls. We shared a taxi home, started larking about in the cab and her friendly kiss goodnight turned into something else. She didn’t go home that night.

Anyway, I digress, we emerged from the store with something we could both share.


King Asshole was still ranting on to Emma. I reached into my handbag and pulled out my keys, with their new, very special fob. I waited until Emma was speaking.

“Yes of course Mr McKenzie I sure we can … Oh!” She shrieked, her eyes wide and mouth frozen in an O’ of surprise. The voice on the other end of the phone had stopped, then “Mhhmmhhm mm?” it asked.

“Yes I’m fine.” Replied Emma, flashing me a “don’t do that again” stare, but her smile telling me she wouldn’t object too much.

Emma continued, “So if I arrange for our representative to caaaaaallllll on Monday will that be convenieeeeeent?”. Her dark hazel eyes glared at me. She was squirming in her chair. She wound the conversation up and put down the phone.

“Suze, you bitch.” She scolded.

“It works then?” I asked.

“Hell yes, my panties are soaked. I’ll change into my spare pair in a minute. I can’t wait to try it out properly later.” She finished up making the appointment she had just arranged in the diary and retrieved her emergency panties from her handbag when the phone rang. It was an internal call, the MD, could she pull a customer file and take it to him immediately.

Emma walked across the open-plan office to the MD’s door. I waited for her to step inside and close the door. 1 2 3 click, I laughed out loud.

Emma emerged, cheeks bright red “He thought I’d gone mad! I’m taking this out of my pants before you cause any more trouble.”. I stood up, “Goody my turn, you can get your own back with the remote” I said, giggling like a schoolgirl.

In the ladies room we both crammed into the same cubicle. I eyed up Emma’s ass, covered in a tight, knee-length black skirt, she hitched it up to her waist exposing white cotton panties soaked in her own moisture. It was all I could do not to spank it.

“There you go.” Said Emma, sliding the remote control bullet out of her pants and placing it and the battery pack in my hand. The bullet was wet and had the familiar perfume of her pussy. I was already turned on at the thought of the it throbbing against her sweet little clit. I raised the bullet to my mouth and sucked it inside, enjoying the taste of Emma’s snatch. That drove me mad. I placed the bullet on top of the cistern.

“What are you up to?” Asked Emma.

I pushed her against the wall of the cubicle. “Ah I see.” She said as I slipped my hand down the front of her soaking panties and into the molten wet pussy inside. My middle finger slid between her outer lips and rubbed her swollen clit.

Her face was a picture, eyes closed, chestnut hair slightly out of place, biting her bottom lip. I could feel my own pussy tingling with excitement, warm and wet, g-string now soaked in my own essence. I wanted to feel Emma’s tongue licking my slit, burrowing inside and drinking me down. That would have to wait, pity, I could imagine her sliding her tongue along my length, occasionally tickling my tight asshole with its tip.

I pushed my fingers a little further and probed her opening with middle and ring finger. They slid in easily, she has a tight hole, but she was so wet I could just reach her g-spot with my finger tips.

“No, don’t!” she whispered. I knew why, not that she didn’t want it, oh yes she wanted it, but because when she cums she can be very loud, like me. I carried on all the same, ignoring reason, throwing caution to the wind and revelling in the sound of my fingers sloshing in her cunt.

Emma’s very like me in many respects, including the fact that she gets very, very wet when stimulated like this. The fluid trickling down her legs began to reach her ankles as I massaged her g-spot and probed her mouth with my tongue.

Emma moaned, the volume mercifully reduced by our intertwined mouths. I sensed her peak was close and increased the stimulation, waiting for the sudden gushing outpouring. And she was there, my hand dripping with her, her inner thighs soaked and droplets of her ejaculate peppering the floor.

I squatted down and gently licked her clit with my tongue, deeper probing made impossible by the cramped conditions. Emma held my head in her groin, then coming to her senses said “I better get cleaned up.”

With paper towels and a swift wash she removed the majority of the evidence. I jammed my foot against the door to ensure nobody could happen upon the scene, Emma, skirt around her waist, no panties, shaven pouting pussy displayed wide open, one leg on the sink, the other on the floor.

“I wish I had my phone, that would make a great picture.” I remarked.

“What, for you to wank over?”

“Maybe, or Alex.”

“I need to repay you for that, maybe I could pop round later and Alex could watch me showing how grateful I am?”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t object …” I smiled and imagined the afternoon, with the smell of her cum wafting across the office.