Sexy Skirt, Sexy Stockings

By | November 29, 2010

The sex before work really set me up for the day. I resented having to go into the office but the memory of morning shag anaesthetised me from the worst of the morning’s stresses.

The eleven o’clock meeting changed my laid-back state of mind. She was sitting at the far end of the boardroom table toying with her pen. To a casual observer she seemed to be taking notes, but I suspected she was doodling when her pen was actually on the paper in front of her. For most of the time she played with it, resting it on her lips, rolling it across the red-painted entrance to her mouth. Occasionally her tongue would flick out and tease me a little more.

By the end of the meeting I was shuffling restlessly in my chair and hoped to hell that one of my subordinates had taken enough notice of the action points so I didn’t have to follow them up.

We dispersed across the office. I returned to my room and waited for ten minutes before calling her in. When she entered and closed the door behind her I saw her for a moment in the shirt and socks she had worn this morning when we had made love.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“As if you didn’t know.” I scolded her.

She sat on my side of the desk one hand grasping the wooden top on either side of her buttocks. I placed my hand on her knee, resting it there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her stockings before sliding it slowly up between her legs. She wriggled slightly to allow her skirt to ride up so my hand could travel all the way to the top of her thighs.

The heat up there was intense and accompanied by a humidity signalling a warm and friendly welcome. I wriggled two fingers inside her panties, sliding smoothly into her warm depths, aided by the copious lubrication.

She held my gaze as I massaged the walls of her vagina, gasping slightly when I brushed against her G-Spot. The heat of my cock on my thigh was palpable, the now stiff member attempting to burst out of my suit trousers.

“Take them off” I growled.

“Why, Mr …” she began.

“Just take them off you filthy cow.” I said, chuckling.

She stood up, her crotch next to my face, hitching up her skirt. I sniffed her pussy then placed a kiss on her mons through her panties. With two hands I pulled the waistband of her panties down to her knees. She put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself and stepped out of them.

“On the desk.” I instructed.

She obliged, laying back on the blotter. I remained seated, rolling my chair forward until I was near enough to lean forward and place my lips on her pussy. I began to lick her outer lips, near her opening to begin with, covering my face in her juices and tasting myself mixed in with them from our morning fuck. I moved upwards, seeking out her clitoris, finding it and making her squeal. I sucked on her bud, drawing it into my mouth with cruel suction and flicking it with my tongue. Her hands grasped my head, pulling it close to her, demanding the attention that I was only too willing to deliver.

I moved down again sliding into her pussy, my tongue teasing her entrance with firm thrusts, finding myself wishing I could delve deeper than my tongue would allow. Then finally I slid out of her cunt and for a moment teased her ass.

Breaking away from her snatch I stood up. I undid my trousers, letting them and my boxers fall to my ankles. I grabbed her calves pushing them backwards, lifting her buttocks up so her pussy pointed towards me but as in the morning feeling the angle was a little too steep.

It hardly mattered. Her teasing in the boardroom and the smell of her on my face had me at the edge already and the sensation of sliding into her caused me to cum almost at once.

“Oh, yes sir” she laughed as she felt my release. I pressed my cock into her, hardly moving, enjoying the shared warmth and wetness. Our mingled juices began to ooze out onto my balls and down the crease of her ass.

My phone rang, so I picked it up. “Yeah, can I call you back I’m in the middle of something …”