Shower Fresh Rimming

By | December 23, 2010

Man On Woman Ass LickingShe walked into the bedroom towelling her hair and sat on the bed next to him. Her hand rubbed his crotch through the thin cotton sheet making his cock begin to swell immediately. He smiled at the sensation and her obvious carnal intent.

Her hand squeezed and rubbed his member until there was a tiny wet patch on the sheet where precum had begun to trickle out.

“Will you do something for me?” She asked.

“Of course.”

“You don’t know what I’m going to ask yet.” She cautioned.


“Lick me.”

“You don’t have to ask me to do that.” His face was puzzled.

“I want you to lick my asshole.” She said, anticipating a shocked reply.

“That’s new.” He said. “Lay down.”

She walked around the bed and began to assume the position on her hands and knees. “No.” He corrected her, “Lay on your front.”

She did and waited for him to begin. At first he kissed her back, then her buttocks, then down her thighs before licking the backs of her knees making her tingle and laugh. Back up her legs came the rows of soft kisses until he was again at her ass, his hot breath blowing over her skin. She shuddered in anticipation while he paused …

His tongue slid down the valley of her buttocks seeking out her little ring. The tip of it almost touched the spot she had fantasised about in the shower. She felt his hands guiding her to change position, rolling her slightly on to her side and pushing one knee towards her waist he exposed his objective.

This time when his tongue sought out her puckered opening it hit the mark. He began slowly, touching her gently and feeling the contractions of the muscles. She whimpered a little, obviously enjoying the sensation but maybe unsure as to if she should be enjoying this quite so much. Her hole was soon covered in his saliva as his trepidation about the act subsided and the unfamiliar taste of her ass started to become familiar.

The kinkiness of what he was doing was turning him on making him want to fuck her there and then. He resisted the temptation, she wanted this and he was going to give her what she wanted. Instead of his cock he slid two fingers into her pussy, she was already wet. She must have been thinking about this in the shower, the dirty bitch.

Penetrated and licked her hips rocked and reacted to his every stimulation. He began to lick her harder and found that rather than the tensing and tightening of her as that had accompanied his first touch she now relaxed and dilated slightly, her ass opening a little. He pointed his tongue and probed her a little deeper tasting her more intensely and feeling her reactions becoming stronger too.

His fingers were sloshing about in her pussy, his hand wet with her fluids. He felt the muscles of her pussy tense around him and with no warning she came with a spasm that locked his fingers into place for a moment.

He slid up the bed and rolled her towards him. They kissed with open mouths, letting her taste herself on his tongue. His hand, wet with the juices from her snatch slid back between her legs and found her asshole, the slippery tip of his index finger rubbing her twitching sphincter.