Fuck Me Now Then Leave Me

By | January 23, 2011

Her crimson red nail slid down the page of the phone book until it stopped under one very special number. Her other hand lifted the receiver and dialled. Three rings then a voice answered. She gave her name and answered the questions the distant voice asked. She gave her name, “yes”, “no”, “Oh mid twenties to mid thirties would be fine”, “male”, “dark hair I think”. She replaced the receiver and padded into the shower.

An hour later there was a knock at the door. She answered it in her silk robe. He proffered a business card. She took it and studied the creamy-white surface with it’s simple and elegant typeface for a moment.

Her finger beckoned him in, the claw-like nail, coloured as if it had been dipped in blood caught the light.

He followed her to her bedroom where she watched him undress. She lay back on the bed, slipping the robe open, letting it fall away to reveal her soft breasts, stomach and carefully trimmed pussy. His muscles were defined but not too large, toned, but not rippling. She felt the rippling in her stomach, the yearning for satisfaction.

She spread her legs; He needed no further instruction.

He knelt at the bottom of the bed and pulled her toward him by the ankles. When her knees could bend to let her lower legs bend towards the floor he leant forward and kissed her fragrant and moistening sex. His tongue began to probe, the taste and smell of her beginning to envelope his face.

He was good, she began to squirm, robe now wrapped around her shoulders, eyes closed, mouth curled in a self-satisfied smile. He responded to her writhing by driving his tongue deeper inside her and swirling the muscular beast around her soft, warm pool of lust.

His tongue lapped at her lips, teased and massaged her clit and occasionally probed her tight anus. He let his teeth graze her, soliciting gasps of surprise then pleasure. He took her clitoral hood between his incisors and tugged at it very gently. She yelped and slapped him across the back of the head. Playful slap, both rewarding him for his impudence and putting him in his place.

Her hands now grasped his head, nails digging through his straight black hair and into his scalp. He pressed his face into her pussy, the light stubble on his chin catching her soft labia as he was smothered by her flesh.

She became suddenly wet, the aroma of her orgasm covering his face, her screams of ecstasy muffled by her soft thighs clamped around his head.

She released him and watched him stand at the foot of the bed. His cock was hard, waving at her with every movement he made.

“Come here.” She said. He made to get onto her bed. “No! Round the side.”

He stood to the side of the bed. She rolled over and gently licked his glans, tasting his precum. She released him from her lips and gently pumped his cock with her hand. He shuddered, and that pleased her that he had found his task so arousing. He was on the edge of cumming and would not need a frantic blowjob to bring him off.

She smiled devilishly, watching his knees tremble, his balls tight and high underneath his veined member. He let out a pained sigh and with it the first hot globs of cum fell across her hand and forearm. She continued stroking his cock, each movement drawing more of the thick fluid from the tip of his prick.

“You may leave now.” She instructed. Without a word, he dressed and left.
She lay back on the bed, his semen drying on the skin of her arm and drifted off to sleep.