Hand Job In The Shower

By | March 29, 2011

AlexSuze, DisturbiaPhil petulantly prodded the button on the shower. The red warning light stared back at him impassively.


He washed in the sink, not having time to run a bath, before grabbing a slice of toast and a cup of three-sugar tea.

“When’s Steve coming round to look at the shower?” he asked his wife.

“He said today.” Replied Rachael as Phil pulled on his trainers.

“OK, see you later darlin’. About eight-ish.”

Rachael kissed Phil on the cheek and watched him walk to his taxi. The sound of the tired engine receding into the distance brought a warm glow to her stomach that spread across her chest and down between her legs.

She walked back into the kitchen and sat down to watch the morning news. Her robe slid off her knee. Without thinking she Slid her hand between her legs and pressed her middle finger against her clitoris, toying with it while she imagined the news anchor’s large masculine hands on her breasts.

Her morning coffee always tasted better with a little masturbation.


An hour later Steve walked out of his front door, toolbox in hand. He crossed the road to number 8. The bell chimed in the hallway. He waited, and waited. A puzzled expression developed on his face. He pressed the bell push again. Eventually a shape appeared on the other side of the frosted glass, he recognised it as Rachael.

Rachael pause before opening the door and allowed her self a devilish smile. I’ll keep you waiting, I’ll keep you keen she thought. She adjusted her low top to display her cleavage to best effect and paused a moment longer then opened the door with a “Morning Steve”, and a friendly smile.

He walked into the hallway, stepping to one side to allow Rachael to close and lock the door. “I’ll put the kettle on, you know where the bathroom is.”

Steve watched her backside for a moment as she walked toward the kitchen, then climbed the stairs to attend to the shower.

By the time Rachael appeared with two coffees Steve was replacing the cover on the shower.

“Done.” He said.

“Big job then?”

“A bad connection on the thermostat. It’ll be fine now.”

“I’d better check it.” Rachael’s mouth curled into a lecherous smile.”

“Can I stay and watch?” Asked Steve, feeling an uncomfortable stirring in his crotch.

“I hoped you might. You can only watch though.”

Rachael crossed her arms, grasped the hem of her top and lifted it over her head. Her bra was full to bursting, red lace framing C-cups. She unfastened her trousers, wiggled slightly to ease their passing over her hips and stepped out of them. She reached into the shower, presenting her round rump to Steve. Water began cascading down the inside of the shower’s glass sides.

Steve shuffled uncomfortably. Rachael slid her arms around him, pressing herself into his crotch. His hands grasped her shoulders while they kissed.

She was a tease and that was what he loved about her. Not like his wife, she just wasn’t interested, just indulged him, Sunday mornings and birthdays, Christmas if he was lucky. No Rachael was different, she really enjoyed sex. Which was odd because Phil didn’t seem to notice, or chose not to. He often though they ought to swap partners, they seemed better matched. Then there were the kids … yes he had actually thought it through that far. Fuck! This was getting serious.

Rachael’s hand was on his groin. Her fingers gripped his cock through denim, massaging slowly and deliberately. Then she broke away and stepped into the shower, leaving the door ajar, the glass was already steaming up and a wet floor was a small price to pay for a good show.

The water streamed down, wetting her brown hair, making it adhere to her skin. Her underwear clung to her, making her acutely aware of its presence. She didn’t need to look at Steve to know he would be watching the fabric clinging to her.

Her eyes were closed as she rubbed herself up and down. She payed particular attention to her breasts. He loved that when she played with her own tits while he fucked her. Hips swaying she knew she would be hypnotising him with her gyrations. He was easy to please and knew how to please her. A fair trade and the one thing that kept her sane since Phil had lost complete interest in her.

It was then she felt his hands on her.

“You took your time.” She scolded with a giggle.

Steve unhooked her bra and slipped it down her arms. Her erect nipples pressed into his chest. Their hands slid across wet skin, aided by the shower gel that Rachael squirted liberally and repeatedly across her breasts. Their bodies foamed and were slick with the soap. Steve massaged her breasts, each one slipping from his grip only to be grasped again and again.

When the bubbles subsided he slid his hand inside her red panties and into her pussy, the smooth wetness of her hot canal contrasting with the more aqueous wetness streaming over their bodies. Two fingers hooked inside, rubbing her G-spot into a blissful high.

Her eyes bore into his, imploring him to make her come. He slowed his stimulation, he could feel her coming, pussy tightening around his fingers already. She began to cum, slowly, moaning, hot fluid streaming down her legs. He continued the relentless massaging prolonging her orgasm unto she almost collapsed in his arms.

She slid to her knees, smiling blissfully. His cock waved in front of her face, his hand grasped around it now pumping steadily. She had seen it from this position before when she had let him cum on her face. That had been for him, it did nothing for her, so as she returned to her senses she pushed his hand away and began to milk his cock herself watching his tight balls tense in one final paroxysm. She aimed for her breasts enjoying the sensation of the jets of semen as they hit her skin before being washed away.