Tied Up And Sexy

By | April 4, 2011

White Corset by =JonnyBalls on deviantART

We were in bed last night … no I’m not going there, well not in that sense anyway.

Try again. We were in bed one night watching TV, post and indeed pre sex as we were at it again later, I really ought to get more sleep …

OK third time lucky.

We were in bed watching TV last night when I commented on an otherwise unremarkable summer dress being worn by a woman on TV “Oooh I like that”.

“Of course you like that.” Said a grinning Suze.


“It’s a crissy-crossy laced up thingy.” She explained.

She’s right. I love anything that laces up, in the clothing department.

I mean pretty much anything in the clothing line, with lacey uppy bits, that’s for me. Dresses, blouses, corsets, stockings (yes you can get stockings with lacey uppy bits at the back. Your basic shoe doesn’t do anything for me, retifist I’m not.

They don’t have to be in any of what might be thought of as “kinky” materials, rubber, leather, PVC, what have you. It’s just the lacing.

I even like the look of corset piercings, aesthetically at least. I’m not pierced in any way, call me a wimp but it makes me wince.

I’m simple and predictable. Can I have a “Typical Male!” from all the ladies 🙂

How about you, is there something that simple guaranteed to get you going?