Cocks On Parade

By | April 24, 2011

Men's PantsWomen have always been pampered when it comes to underwear, styles may change but there has always been a variety of styles to choose from, be you Bridgette Jones or a femme fetale.  I used to spend a small fortune on underwear when I was younger, admittedly I did have more disposable income back then but I think I have tempered my spending as I got older.

I would think nothing of going out to a luxurious underwear boutique and purchasing the whole range in a particular style, not just the panties and bra but the suspender belt and the non wired and wired version of the bra.

As the years passed I became a little more frugal opting for the mainstream shops like Marks & Spencer, who I must say do still have a wonderful range of undies to select from.

But when it came to men’s underwear, what were the options…y fronts, boxers and for the more adventurous a thong.  It must have been a sight to beholden when a woman removes her garments layer by layer until she stands before you in her sensuous, seductive lingerie.

And what did we ladies get?  A hasty unzipping of the flies and both trousers and underwear kicked off in to a far distant corner of the room.  No slow reveal.  Well, lets be honest some of the underwear I’ve seen guys in is better removed at speed.  Lol

Now there is something new and exciting for we ladies to enjoy, just like the image above.  Men’s underwear has come on leaps and bounds and I for one am pleased to see the male underwear revolution if this is what we get to look at.

You can check out the full range of kinky wear here.