Girlfriend’s Porn

By | April 29, 2011

Red PVC FetishThings are getting increasingly surreal around here at the moment. The more I think about it the more I realise how far from most people’s reality we actually are.

Strangely bringing home the copy of the lads mag was greeted by “Is it any good then?” from Suze, rather than the “You filthy bastard, aren’t I good enough for you!” that many women might be expected to exclaim. Then was my first project this evening – write a quick application to automatically resize some images we received to make them more easily manageable.

As you can imagine the images are not landscapes, but acres of bare flesh.

Like I said, surreal.

And it’s amazing the way we’ve slipped into this way of living. We’ve made conscious decision about the sort of stuff we get up to in the adult world, yes, but we didn’t set out to be surrounded by sex toys, containers full of lube and adult DVDs.

Life, as they say, is something that happens while you’re trying to do other stuff. Though quite frankly it’s not working out too badly at the moment.