A Sexual Dystopia, Lemon Twist

By | May 8, 2011

Lemon TwistIn the dimly lit square outside the apartments a group of young women had gathered in a semicircle. At its centre Tam pressed Geri against the wall leaning gently onto her, their breasts were pressed between them. Their full, firm lips touched and were melted together before opening to allow their tongues to push and probe from one mouth to the other. Their breathing quickened a little, both of them conscious of the crowd of girls around them and feeding from the expectation they could feel from the assembled gang.

Tam’s hand slid down Geri’s side over her hips and down to the hem of her purple skirt. She tugged at it but it was tight over Geri’s ass and pressed between her and the hard wall. Geri swung her hips outward and with her own hands pulled up her skirt exposing a trimmed pudenda with thin landing strip of light brown hair running down the centre. Tam’s hand came to rest on it, cupping the swelling lips and feeling their heat. Geri groaned slipping her arms around Tam under her jacket.

The fingers against Geri’s pussy gently massaged the now pouting slit slowly venturing inside the moist folds. The cold air of the night contrasted with the heat inside Geri so as Tam’s probing fingers pressed deeper and deeper into the yielding valley they found a warm and slippery haven but cooled on withdrawal as the glistening juices on them were chilled by evaporation. Tam’s digits began to twist and turn inside the opening of Geri’s sex, a little finger foreplay before what Geri really wanted.

Geri moaned, loving the sensation but wanting release and knowing that Tam was teasing her. She could bring Geri to climax in a few seconds with just two fingers but knew the release would be far more intense if she kept Geri waiting a while.

The watching girls were all observing intently, some just wide-eyed in anticipating the climax of their friends’ show, others caressing their gang-mates while taking in the performance. Tam and Geri were enjoying it, their embrace and their audience it was all part of the thrill.

Deciding it was time Tam locked together her middle and ring finger then slid them into Geri. They rested naturally on Geri’s G Spot, still for a moment. Tam pulled her lips from Geri’s for the first time since she had pressed her against the wall and breathed deeply through her nose. Geri’s distinct aroma made her shudder, she would taste those sweet juices later. Tam’s fingers moved slowly and firmly to begin with then harder and harder. She stared into Geris eyes enjoying the lustful and expectant fire within them. Geri’s tight tunnel twitched, the only signal Tam needed. Her fingers curled and with a few more hard curling strokes Geri began to cum and kept cumming. She screamed out “Fuck, oh yes, aaaaaaah!.” Tam’s hand ran with ejaculate which dripped from her wrist, it ran down Geri’s thighs and soaked into her hold-ups.

Tam tugged her hand from Geri’s spasming pussy and raised it to their lips for them both to taste.


Leaning into her mirror Keisha built up her lashes with mascara into a striking forest of black hairs. Satisfied with the effect she sat back in her chair and smiled. The dark purple lipstick she had applied was rich, decadent and striking. Her lilac-rouged cheeks almost doll-like in the intensity of their colour but it was the violet hair framing her face that was the first thing that caught your attention.

Her leather skirt, purple of course was unblemished by a panty line, her secret was not to wear any. A black clingy top showed off her boobs, round, pert, but for now she covered the perfectly defined pair with her deep purple leather jacket.

She strode out to meet the girls.


They were waiting outside the apartment block in the gathering twilight chattering amongst themselves. They were all younger than her and while being the oldest didn’t automatically impart authority she was in charge. The youngest were both just 18, still learning the ropes, earning their colours, Keisha was nearly 24. She carried herself with a surety that the younger girls lacked and envied. It wasn’t just the provocative outfit that she wore which attracted attention, they all dressed to generate a reaction in the boys, it was Keisha’s posture and strong yet graceful way of moving that made her stand out even in this crowd of sexually charged females.

All conversations stopped when Keisha appeared in the brightly lit lobby, all faces turned to watch her and await her words. She walked past two of the girls who were hugging and kissing fondly. She caught a whiff of a familiar fragrance. “Tam, Geri have you been bad girls already?” she asked. They didn’t have to answer.

“Black Angel” She said and strode through the crowd of a dozen girls which parted before her and reassemble behind her striding form. The Black Angel club was a favourite for the girls, great music, fantastic atmosphere. The group had travelled just over a kilometre when a group of men dressed predominantly in mustard yellow turned a corner to face them. Its leader was a handsome young man of about twenty. He displayed his athletic physique by wearing only a vest on his upper body which allowed all the girls to enjoy the site of his firm, well developed musculature.

He swaggered up to Keisha and stood in front of her with his body almost touching hers. She could feel the heat of his flesh on her face and the exposed skin on her upper chest. “Hi Peter”, she greeted him.

“Keisha.” He said, his bravado cracking slightly, voice not as firm as his stance would have implied. “I’ve been thinking about you. About you and me. You know what I’m saying?”

“I know.” She said, smiling up at his face three inches higher than hers.

“So what do you think? Do you want to take me?”

Keisha sighed. “The answer is still the same, you’re a hot guy Peter but I don’t want to take you.” She turned slightly and waved her hand toward her girls. “There are a few here who might, just not me.”

Peter looked down, glaring at the floor for a moment then said “You know I want you …” his hand reached out and grasped Keisha’s shoulder. Instinctively her arm raised and slapped the side of his neck leaving a red mark and a small metal disk twenty, millimetres across on his skin. His hand released her shoulder and tentatively felt the disk. “No, please!” He exclaimed, eyes wide.

“We’re the ones who say yes or no, remember, not you men.” Keisha shook her head, Peter was a nice guy but he could be so stupid, in this case dangerously stupid. Rapid footsteps behind Keisha told her the police had sensed the alarm disk activation. She turned away from Peter, who was now shaking, to face the two black-clad officers.

“Evening ladies.” Said Keisha, smiling broadly.

“Is there a problem Miss?” Asked one of them.

Keisha flashed a look at the two youngest of her girls. They both took a moment to register what she was trying to signal to them as she motioned towards Peter with her eyes. When they did their faces broke into excited smiles.

“No problem, just mistaken identity. Peter thought I was Shaz.” Keisha leaned in and dropped her tone to a conspiratorial whisper. “He and Mel and Shaz here have been talking about them taking him for a while now.”

“Congratulation Peter, you’re a very lucky man.” Said the second officer getting out her handcuffs.

“Yeah, said Keisha. He came up behind me and I thought he was a Mander1 trying his luck so I slapped a disk on him but Mel and Shaz had arranged to meet him here so they could tell us all. Would you do the honours?”

“It would be a pleasure.” Replied the first officer grabbing Peter’s wrist and slapping a cuff over it. She pulled the relieved and bewildered Peter over to Shaz and let her slip her wrist into the free cuff.

The police escorted the girls and their new man home. Keisha watched them recede into the distance and couldn’t help feeling sorry for Peter. She had almost said yes to him yet she knew he wasn’t the right one for her and after all it was her choice and he knew the rules. Girls choose, always, no exceptions.

Mel and Shaz would love him. He’d grow to love them, they were a pervy little pair who loved nothing better than to …  she chuckled to herself. He would find out soon enough. Anyway, they would never have lasted long as street walkers, they seemed a bit too naïve. Within a few months they would have succumbed to some second rate guy’s advances and been content in blissful ignorance. They deserved better. Keisha knew Peter had all the right attributes, maybe they’d share him with her one day.


The police left Mel, Shaz and Peter at the door of their small house before 21:00. Peter’s resignation at his unsuccessful advances towards Keisha had turned to intrigue as to what was to come next – this was exciting and a little unnerving.

Mel released him from the cuffs and removed the alarm disk before instructing him to shower upstairs. The girls watched him climb the steps until he reached the last one and turned to look at them. “What about my clothes?”

“I’ll bring you a robe.” Replied Shaz.

When he had entered the bathroom and closed the door Mel made them all coffee and Shaz took a robe from the spare room for Peter. She took it into the bathroom and laid it on the chair. He didn’t notice her at first allowing her a few moments of solitary voyeurism to enjoy the warm soapy water running across his strong, perfectly defined limbs and torso. She felt a tingle between her legs, a spark of excitement that exhilarated her to the point of breathlessness in an instant.

Then he spotted her through the glass door of the shower. She held his gaze for a few seconds then said, “We’ll call you when we’re ready. Until then wait here.”

Mel and Shaz took time to drink their coffee in the kitchen. They could hear Peter above them exiting the shower. There was a little shuffling while he towelled himself dry then silence. The minutes ticked by with the two girls sipping their coffee and holding hands across the kitchen table. “Do you think he’s ready yet?” Ventured Shaz. “Another five minutes.” Mel smiled and stared at the clock on the cooker.

After five minutes they call him down and took him into the lounge. They disrobed him and ordered him to sit totally naked in a large leather chair. “Keep your hands on the chair arms.” instructed Shaz.

The girls began to undress each other alternating one garment each until they were naked. Throughout they avoided looking at their new man directly but kept him in their peripheral vision to ensure his hands didn’t wander to his cock. When they did turn to face him Peter’s cock was stiff and dribbling.

Peter was laid on the floor where Mel straddled him, trapping his hard member between his stomach and her red bush. She rubbed herself up and down his length, rolling her hips forward to presse her clit against his prick. Her boobs hung down begging to be grabbed. Peter’s hands cupped them and squeezed the pale flesh with measured force, firm yet gentle. Mel lifted herself slightly her hand reaching between her legs to guide him inside her waiting cunt. She felt his glans press against her opening and allowed him to slowly slip inside her. Rocking minutely backwards and forwards she pleasured herself with the head of his cock for a while by letting it pop in and out of her pussy.

A shadow moved across Peter’s face and he realised Shaz was now standing astride his head. Mel chose this moment to sit back and take Peter fully inside her. Both Peter and Mel gasped at the sweet friction. Peter became hypnotised by Mel’s gently bobbing on his cock. Her breasts were now free of his hands and bounced up and down with a compelling rhythm. He didn’t notice as Shaz slipped a pillow under his head to raise it to the right angle…

What he couldn’t fail to notice was when she squatted over his face, pinning his arms down with her shins and placed her shaved pussy lips in front of his mouth. His tongue began to lap, it was expected of him but he would have been unable to resist the urge in any case. The smell of her was pure and lustful female, the taste was rich and delicious. The texture of puffy outer lips was succulent, irresistible. He sucked and licked at them like a starving man becoming covered in her outpourings in the process. Moving from sucking to long lapping strokes he began to part her lips to reach the soft deep pink folds within. Shaz leaned forward to present her clitoris for attention from his excitingly strong tongue and was not disappointed. Peter’s lingual muscle massaged her bud in ways that even Mel her lover had never done, so intense was the sensation that she felt herself beginning to cum.

Mel saw Shaz’s expression change and reached out to steady her as Shaz shreiked and came. Shaz raised her wet pussy from Peter’s face when she realised that in her excitement she had ground into his face and made it difficult for him to breath. Peter drew in a deep breath like a swimmer emerging from the deepest of dives.

With his cock at Mel’s mercy Peter fought to hold back his own climax. She was enjoying herself, riding him like her own rodeo bull. He tried not to watch her tits bouncing above him or let himself enjoy the sensation of her slick pussy on his hard shaft but he could feel the orgasm rising uncontrollably now. If he came before she did who knew what they would do to him … To his relief he saw her face contort and heard a deep moan rise from her chest as with one brutal, piledriving plummet she embedded herself onto him. He was gripped by her pussy and pinned down by her yet his hips tried to buck and push deeper inside her contracting snatch. He grasped at the carpet and gritted his teeth roaring with an ecstasy which bordered on pain.

Peter’s head rolled to one side, his eyes still closed. Mel lifted herself off his still hard cock letting it flop with a slap onto his belly.

“I think we got ourselves a good one here.” She said.

“We’ll see.” Replied Shaz. “Let’s show him what else we’ll be getting up to.