Does Your Girlfriend Jerk You Off Like Mine Does?

By | June 28, 2011

Little Book Of WankingEver happened to you? Well it just did to me.

Suze sent me a link to a book called “The Little Book Of Wanking”. I think it’s her mission in life at the moment to find naughty little books for us to read.

It looks like a fun tome from reading the first few pages. Maybe good for a stag night prezzie – while your still sober enough to read anyway.

Anyway, it got me thinking. How many people out there were surprised when their GF first offered to give them a wank?

I think your reaction depends on the circumstances. If the offered wank is in place of a shag then maybe you were disappointed, but I remember my girlfriend at the time whipping it out for me and really going for it. It was quite a revelation that a girl would want to jerk me off with such enthusiasm. She was obviously fascinated by the jets of cum that shot from the end of my cock and sprayed across my belly as I lay on my parent’s sofa.

That brings back memories.

Suze likes to do it too from time to time. Like me she enjoys the naughtiness of it. Masturbation is the forbidden sexual fruit, if you discount anal. But at least anal involves penetration, whereas wanking is totally unlike vaginal or anal sex and the result is a visual spectacle that you can both enjoy.

Well, back to the grind. I have lots of editing to do.

Oh, and the book’s author? Dick Palmer