Earthquake Sex – G-Quake

By | July 19, 2008

G-QuakeWhen I spotted the G-Quake by Penthouse I just had to try it, it promised g-spot stimulation coupled with clit arousal all driven from a remote control. No fiddling round between your legs to operate it.

The G-Quake offers:

10 intense variations ranging from pulse to escalation
Has a plug in remote control, very useful. 😉 Alex likes to play with them!
Jelly construction for a soft and smooth stimulation
It takes 3 x AAA batteries

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed with the size of this toy, it’s insertable length is just 7cm. Although it would be good for a first toy, soft, pliable but not too large. But it did work out to be just right for other reasons I will explain later.

Alex was already in bed by the time that I had loaded my batteries and washed my new toy in the anti-bac wash. I slipped under the covers next to him, he was totally naked and had his hand on his cock I noticed as I lifted the sheet to climb in. 😉

He likes to watch as I masturbate and pleasure myself, as I climax he sucks or tweaks a nipple, sometimes he will caress and hold me. It feels good and I feel comfortable bringing myself off in front of him.

I ran my finger between my expectant pussy lips, I was already wet, no need for lube. The vibe slipped inside me with ease and I pressed the control, turning the vibe on. Alex was slowly wanking next to me laying on his side, watching, like a kinky voyeur as I pressed the button once more increasing the speed of the vibrations being delivered to my clit.

The small size of the g-spot stimulator wasn’t quite working for me. So I decided to play around a little. I used my pc muscles to take hold of the vibe and found that I could grip it adequately enough to move it in and out of myself without the need to hold it with my hand. Fantastic! 😉

I was now pulling the vibe in and then loosening my grip to allow it to slip slightly out again. This was moving the clit vibe around on my swollen bud. It felt very good, rubbing me gently with its jelly bobbles. The vibrations were racking through my body via my sensitive swollen glans and I started to twitch with expectancy.

Another press of the button and I was now on pulse. Wow! The jelly construction of this vibe conducts the vibrations easily, resulting in a very powerful clit vibe. This toy is best used as a pc muscle operated clit vibe. Within minutes I found myself close to the edge and had to back off, turning down the vibrations whilst I regained composure.

I looked at Alex who was now free from the confines of the sheets, wanking steadily with his right hand. His cock looked hard, shiny and very engorged. I shouldn’t have looked because without warning the first orgasm ripped though my body like a bolt of lightening. My back arched and I shuddered as it worked through my body.

As I came back down to earth I became aware of a voice in my right ear, “Suze you better get on this quick before I come”. I quickly shook myself back in to consciousness and took to all fours, pointing my ripe ass at him eagerly.

Alex didn’t need to be asked, he rose to his knees and slid in to me from behind. It felt so good to have his hard cock inside me, stretching me. I wet my right middle finger and placed it between my swollen lips and located my sensitive clit as Alex pumped away at my greedy cunt.

I rolled the swollen pink bundle under my finger and I was just about to come again as Alex started to moan and judder behind me and a couple of deep long thrusts milked his cock dry. Then for a moment he collapsed over my back in a post orgasmic state.

Spent he rolled over to the side and I lay to face him. He smiled and all felt good with the world.

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