Public Pissing

By | July 11, 2011

PissingFrom an early age, I guess about 7 or so I was told never to sit on public toilet seats by my mother.  She warned that they were usually unclean and you shouldn’t really sit on them.  Good advice which instilled a habit of a lifetime, since that day I never sit on a toilet seat with the exception of home and family.

The alternative is to squat which involves a certain amount of logistics including, proximity and position to toilet bowl of urethra, ensuring nothing dangling which can be peed on, all clothing tucked safely away, grasping waistband of trousers to stop them falling on to the cubicle floor at your feet.  Now do you guys appreciate just how difficult it is for us girls to go pee?  Lol

I haven’t finished yet.  Now lets concentrate on the squat, it has to be deep enough to get you close to the toilet bowl and horizontal enough not to encourage stray spray.  We girls have moments when our pee sprays out at odd angles to our bodies and we have to make quick adjustments as necessary.

Now take this scenario one step further and add an ample amount of alcohol consumption and you could very well have a disaster on your hands.  Wobbly positional hold due to lack of strength in the upper thighs or just plain inebriation can create some real problems.

These are the misdemeanours I’ve encountered in the past, peed right over the top of the toilet bowl wetting both the floor and my trousers, inadequate flow resulting in a trickle of urine running down my inner thigh heading swiftly for my trousers, late dribble which is something men usually encounter, this happens when you have pulled up your panties wetting your gusset which then has to be air dried next to your fanny.

So guys never complain about having to pee standing up, you’ve got it easy.  🙂