Fucked To The Limit And Then Beyond

By | July 27, 2011

Fucked From BehindI don’t think I have ever thought of the phrases “fuck me” and “hurt me” as anything other than being mutually exclusive.  You see I like a bit of a spank but I don’t like pain.  For me discomfort is unpleasant and not at all arousing, pleasure and pain being just a little separate.  😉

But one night as I pointed my ass skyward, leaning in on my elbows, head buried in to the pillow I changed my religion briefly.  He was so big and so hard that he was actually bottoming out on my cervix and causing me some discomfort.

Don’t panic!  I wasn’t complaining.  Don’t ask me why.  But as he thrust deep inside me I was in seventh heaven.  My g-spot was being massaged at the same time as my cevix was being pounded and his girth was stretching me.  Fuck knows why he was so big but I wasn’t about to lodge a complaint. Far from it.

I was laughing, crying, enjoying every moment of this pleasure/pain as Alex fucked me.  I squirted and felt the hot liquid ooze from within me, down my thighs, making me wet, cooling as it went.  The relentless grinding continued and I was so fucking wet!

He pushed hard and deep again and I found my head almost making contact with the bedhead.  Then I heard him moan like an injured animal as he pushed, trembled and came inside me.  Our juices mingled together as he injected his warm sperm deep inside me.

I brushed my long hair behind my ears and rolled over on to my back as he collapsed in to the mattress.  Boy, did I feel like I had been fucked!